Master These 5 Data Engineering Trends to Beat
Your Competition


Cloud and Hybrid Modernization Are Key

Are you incorporating data mesh and data fabric into your IT strategy and enterprise architecture? If not, you’re already behind two popular data engineering trends.

Stay more than one step ahead of your competitors with our top list of data engineering trends. Data engineering is always evolving and staying in front of the wave of change is one of the biggest requirements for successful data leaders.

In our eBook, “5 Data Engineering Trends You Must Master To Stay Competitive,” you’ll learn:

  • The most critical trends every data leader should know to drive true data-driven business transformation
  • The value of cloud and hybrid modernization
  • How Asia’s largest pharmaceutical company built an enterprise cloud data platform that enables quick, easy access to analytics tools and reduced cost
  • How Informatica can help your business stay on top of modern data engineering trends

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