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Every day, people around the world generate a collective 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. To put that in perspective, one quintillion is a 1 followed by 18 zeros it's a number frequently used to quantify the mass of the Earth in tons.One aspect of my job is to make sense of sometimes staggering volumes of information. Which data sets are crucial? Which ones can we simply ignore? Where is the actionable signal amidst all of the noise?I'm far from the only business person asking these sorts of questions. In todays digital economy, every business must make use of data to outsmart its competitors and please its customers. In short, successful brands need all of their people to think like data analysts. So how do you do that?First, businesses should strive to make every employee a citizen data analyst someone who lets data drive their decision-making process. Citizen analysts are analytical thinkers not trained analysts who use data to advance specific goals and objectives of their job function, such as boosting revenue or reducing costs. These objectives need to be concrete and quantifiable. READ MORE