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“The world is changed,” said Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings. What the even queen could not foresee is the way the world could change. In her times magic was the only means to communicate and get information across the distance, now almost everyone has a smartphone equipped with sound wave recorders, cameras, acceleration gauges, gyroscopes, magnetometers, Wi-Fi internet and whatever manufacturers find attractive enough. We think that these technologies make our lives more comfortable and effective, and in this belief a new — Internet of Things — paradigm is born. What is the IoT paradigm? In IoT, the whole world is turned into a global computer, which gets data from everywhere. The processor works on big data in some form, while the output is considered to be crucial for the mankind to survive: to use energy more efficiently, to evolve as a civilization, to protect health, welfare, and offsprings. Such a shift in understanding the IoT not as a technology but as a philosophical category explains why it has penetrated all spheres so quickly: from households and corporations to schools and hospitals READ MORE