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As communications service providers (CSPs) rise to the challenge of generating value from their big data analytics, Philipp Grone, a senior delivery expert at Unitymedia, explains how the German service provider has uncovered real cash from its deployment of Guavus big data analytics an estimated seven-digit euro sum annually in opex savings and a nearly one point increase in overall net promoter score (NPS).At Unitymedia, we started off by looking at our software and assessing how we can have an impact on our books. We wanted to derive actionable value for our company and, of course, our customers.We started by considering what customers think when they think of service providers, what is the thing they’re most worried about? If you ask the customers, very often, the first thing they say is they can’t live without their internet. So to be able to differentiate on the customer experience side is very important for us. If we look at the issues we have as an ISP, we need to manage our opex. Therefore we want to make sure we have our technical service cost at a low level. To achieve this we want to avoid calls, truck rolls and tickets. READ MORE