Boise State University ‘Boomifies’ Innovation in Higher Education With 100+ Integrations

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Boise State University is advancing its use of technology to empower students, faculty, and administrative staff to thrive in a digital campus environment. Achieving those goals requires on-demand access to information, seamless digital experiences, and productive collaboration across stakeholders.

For the IT team, speed and flexibility is paramount in delivering on those objectives. Keeping pace with a rising project workload and ongoing migration to cloud systems requires IT to deliver quickly, efficiently, and within budget. 

IT also needs agility to innovate to meet fast-changing challenges. For example, Boise State is rolling out a new contact tracing system using QR codes to help combat COVID-19. For that initiative, the university is capitalizing on the Boomi AtomSphere Platform for data and application integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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