Data-driven control: Access Management as a Facilitator of Business Value

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There’s a pervasive perception held by many organizations that data governance or effective access management for data somehow reduces the ability to leverage and derive insight from information. This could not be further from the truth. Full control of data is necessary for both data protection and data leverage. In this webinar, 451 Research and PlainID will explore the benefits of sophisticated access management strategies as a facilitator for business insight, examining how a data-driven – rather than identity-driven – access management approach protects sensitive informational assets while ensuring that information is still leveraged to its maximum potential, by the maximum number of people within the organization. Consistent control of data access, with automated functionality, is critical to enabling today’s broad self-service initiatives while remaining compliant with evolving data privacy and data protection regulation. Deriving business value from data requires strong governance, as data protection and data leverage are two sides of the same coin defined by strong data control capabilities.

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