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Altair Announces Launching Altair Unlimited Data Analytics Appliance

Altair, an American multinational information technology company providing software and cloud solutions for high-performance computing, simulation, IoT, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, announced the unveiling of an all-in-one turnkey solution, the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance, which emulates enterprise-wide data analytics and enable users to obtain greater data insights than ever before.

Built on advanced Dell PowerEdge R750 servers, the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance can stimulate data-driven strategies enterprise-wide, by providing the team with the power to use artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to drive next-level business results and gain competitive advantages.

The Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance provides companies and people with immediate access to a previously unheard-of level of data analytics capabilities. Organizations can develop and run multi-language data analytics software solutions, including the ones written in the SAS language, by making use of the novel appliance.

"Dell Technologies is a longtime partner and we are thrilled to take the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance to market with them. After the incredible success of the Altair Unlimited simulation appliance, we wanted to give customers the same type of opportunities in the data analytics and AI sphere." He mentioned, "With this technology, we will help enterprises move from expensive hardware and software solutions built around the SAS language to a modern, cost-effective turnkey solution. We are confident users and organizations will see game-changing results immediately and we look forward to seeing how users maximize this technology and get the most from their data."

Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair

The Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance will provide users with an extensive new range of data analytics capabilities, similar to the Altair Unlimited simulation appliance. Altair and Dell Technologies aim to offer customers best-in-class, cutting-edge tools by developing technology like these.



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