Altair to Acquire RapidMiner, Continuing Expansion of Broad Data Analytics Portfolio

Altair | September 14, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Altair , a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), signed a definitive agreement to acquire RapidMiner, a leader in advanced data analytics and machine learning (ML) software.

RapidMiner's low-code platform is used by more than one million people of all skill levels to develop production-scale data pipelines and ML models, putting advanced data analytics into the hands of those who know the domain problems best. It provides hundreds of powerful, drag-and-drop building blocks to transform and augment data – greatly accelerating work for coders and non-coders alike – and its flexible delivery models provide users and enterprises with the scale they need, from a user's desktop to on-premises servers to secure, multi-tenant cloud.

"This acquisition significantly strengthens Altair's end-to-end data analytics (DA) portfolio, which already offers customers the power to understand, transform, act on, and automate their data. "Machine learning is becoming an essential part of business, but often the barriers to building ML models are too high to get started. Too much data, not enough data science expertise, and insecure or unscalable production environments can all keep a business from executing on their data analytics vision. That's where RapidMiner can be transformative."

James R. Scapa, founder and chief executive officer, Altair

RapidMiner's cloud platform takes the best of RapidMiner desktop and adds the strength of the cloud, bringing additional scale and governance to the low-code platform. This multi-tenant, SaaS-ready version enables organizations to ramp up their data science workloads easily and safely.

RapidMiner resonates with users in the data analytics community due to its talented, hands-on technical team with decades of experience, led by founder and chief technology officer Dr. Ingo Mierswa, who will join Altair. Under Mierswa's leadership, RapidMiner pioneered the entire concept of visual, explainable data science, and was the first platform to introduce automatic data science, text analytics, automated feature engineering, deep learning, and more.

"Altair and RapidMiner share the same vision to make data analytics simple enough for all users, but scalable, governed, and safe enough for all enterprises," said Mierswa. "We see this as an incredibly exciting opportunity to watch our solutions grow across the globe and expand into a larger, more powerful ecosystem."

RapidMiner reinforces Altair's DA market position in several verticals – especially manufacturing and financial services – through industry expertise and industry-specific ML techniques and data source connections. Sitting next to dozens of existing Altair products already in these verticals, RapidMiner presents an exciting new offering for new and existing customers who will be able to access existing Altair and RapidMiner products easily through Altair's unique units licensing model.

RapidMiner will be integrated with existing tools, such as Altair Knowledge Studio, Altair SmartWorks, and Altair SLC, to provide a comprehensive, code-optional, multi-language, SaaS-ready, cloud-scale platform for enterprise data analytics and data science.

About Altair
Altair is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and AI. Altair enables organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.


Turn to the Power of Intelligent Cloud Data Lake Management Nearly 60% of organizations have gained a competitive advantage from data lake initiatives and nearly half have realized improved customer experience.1 In addition, best-in-class organizations with data lakes in place are seeing improvements in their bottom line, with 7


Turn to the Power of Intelligent Cloud Data Lake Management Nearly 60% of organizations have gained a competitive advantage from data lake initiatives and nearly half have realized improved customer experience.1 In addition, best-in-class organizations with data lakes in place are seeing improvements in their bottom line, with 7

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AtScale Introduces Code-First Data Modeling Capabilities for Its Semantic Layer Platform

Businesswire | April 28, 2023

AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today announced new capabilities within its semantic layer platform to support code-first data modelers including developers, analytics engineers, and data scientists. These new capabilities tightly integrate with AtScale’s existing no-code visual modeling framework and provide flexibility to build and manage data models and metric definitions within the semantic layer using code-based modeling frameworks. “Analytics engineers and other code-first data modelers need the flexibility of a markup language and automation scripts to build and maintain the sophisticated data models underlying a robust semantic layer,” said Dave Mariani, founder and CTO for AtScale. “AtScale’s modeling language is built on best practices of dimensional analytics and seamlessly integrates with our metrics serving engine, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency of analytics queries, while maintaining tight integration with analytics layer tools.” AtScale is announcing three new capabilities to support code-first data modeling: AtScale Modeling Language (AML) Delivers Flexibility to Analytics Engineers: AML allows analytics engineers to design dimensional models that logically represent views of raw data, optimized for business intelligence (BI) and data science. AtScale models include table joins, dimensional hierarchies, and metrics definitions, as well as rich metadata to support user interaction from analytics tools. Models built in AML can be also accessed and modified from AtScale’s visual modeling canvas. Likewise, models built in the canvas can be accessed and edited within code. This new option also brings CI/CD support with Git integration for all AtScale models. AML is in private preview for AtScale customers. This blog explores code-first data modeling in more detail. dbt Metrics Serving Brings Open Source Modeling Alternative: AtScale can now “read” dbt Metric definitions directly from Git project files, establish the connections to dbt Models implemented on cloud data platforms, and serve dbt Metrics to AtScale-supported analytics tools including Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and Looker, as well as through Python and REST APIs. This approach lets analytics engineers work within a familiar, open source modeling environment while leveraging AtScale’s proven, enterprise-class analytics layer integration, push-down query execution, and automated aggregate orchestration. dbt Metrics serving is in private preview for AtScale customers. Python-based Metrics Engineering for Flexible and Efficient Management of Metrics Stores: AtScale’s AI-Link now includes Python utilities, enabling programmatic interaction with metric definitions built in AtScale. This allows organizations to create, read, update, and delete a range of AtScale objects using a Python API. This includes the capability to define and update definitions for large sets of metrics, including calculated, time-relative, and categorical metrics using automation. This provides a simple and efficient approach for analytics engineers and data scientists to manage large metrics stores, avoiding time-intensive, manual updates. Python-based metrics engineering is generally available within AtScale AI-Link. This blog explores the topic of metrics engineering in more detail. The AtScale semantic layer platform delivers a comprehensive data modeling solution that empowers organizations to achieve greater efficiency and productivity for their resource-constrained data teams. With support for both visual and code-based modeling, AtScale enables collaboration among analytics engineers, BI teams, and data scientists in the data modeling process. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the best approach for their teams, bringing the broadest set of personas into the data modeling process, maximizing resource efficiency and accelerating analytics innovation. AtScale is a universal semantic layer platform built to support enterprise data teams in optimizing analytics experience and delivering self-service analytics to their users. Data models defined within AtScale are served on demand, to common business intelligence platforms, including Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, and Looker, with no client-side add-ins or intermediate caching of data. End-user queries are dynamically optimized and orchestrated on modern cloud data platforms, such as Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Microsoft Azure Synapse. To learn more, register for an exclusive preview session, including demonstrations of new capabilities, hosted by the AtScale product team. About AtScale AtScale enables smarter decision-making by accelerating the flow of data-driven insights. The company’s semantic layer platform simplifies, accelerates, and extends business intelligence and data science capabilities for enterprise customers across all industries. With AtScale, customers are empowered to democratize data, implement self-service BI and build a more agile analytics infrastructure for better, more impactful decision making. For more information, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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Tredence attains Databricks Elite Partner status, reinforcing commitment to cutting-edge industry Data and AI solutions on Lakehouse

Prnewswire | May 22, 2023

Tredence, the Data Science and AI Solutions company, has achieved Elite Partner status from Databricks. The recognition acknowledges Tredence's Data & AI Industry expertise and success leveraging innovative Brickbuilder solutions like ATOM.AI on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, further establishing the company's commitment to driving data and AI transformation for clients. The partnership has delivered 5 industry-specific Brickbuilder Data and AI solutions that accelerate time to value for shared enterprise customers. "Tredence and Databricks' strategic partnership will fulfill the new enterprise mandate towards accelerated transformation, efficiency and optimization. Our industry accelerators built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform equips enterprises with speed to scale and speed to value, unlocking the true potential of data," said Shashank Dubey, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Tredence. "With a keen focus on understanding the intricacies of a changing customer business and their day-to-day operations, our collaboration will bring unprecedented value in an uncertain economy." As an Elite Partner, Tredence gains exclusive access to additional resources and support from Databricks. This better enables the delivery of industry-leading solutions, which leverage the power of Databricks to provide clients with real-time insights and drive a sustained competitive advantage. It also amplifies Tredence's data science and analytics capabilities, enabling enterprises to dominate with Data and AI. "We are thrilled to be recognized as a Databricks Elite Partner," said Hari Natarajan, Executive Vice President, and Chief Alliance Officer Tredence. "Our partnership fosters Data and AI innovation at a faster pace to fulfill enterprise value realization within weeks. Tredence has successfully leveraged the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to solve the most complex transformation challenges for Fortune 100 clients, like Coca Cola & Casey's. Together with Databricks, we aim to raise the bar on lakehouse-powered Data and AI solutions to accelerate transformation and optimization for all our customers." Tredence, a 2022 Databricks Retail & CPG Partner of the Year, combines the advanced capabilities of the Databricks Lakehouse platform with industry AI/ML expertise to help enterprises accelerate their data and analytics modernization journey. Over the last two years, Tredence has deepened its partnership with Databricks and built a host of industry-specific solutions on the lakehouse including, Data Migration, Edge-AI, Predictive Supply Risk Management, On Shelf Availability and Sancus: Data Quality Management, adding to Databricks' coveted list of Brickbuilder Solutions. "Together with Tredence, we continue to enable the full potential of data for businesses and pave the way for revolutionary advancements in AI," said Jason McIntyre, Senior Director, Scale Ecosystem at Databricks. "Tredence has demonstrated incredible agility, speed to market and time to value with strategic enterprise customers, leveraging the power of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, helping clients solve critical pain points and uncover actionable insights from their data." With the achievement of Databricks Elite Partner status, Tredence reinforces its authority as a leader in the Data and AI industry. Last December, Tredence announced its Series B funding round of $175 million from Advent International. The fresh capital will help Tredence strengthen its vertical and domain expertise, IP and accelerator repository, channel partner development and operational excellence. About Tredence Tredence is a global data science and AI solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI. The 'last mile' is the gap between insight creation and value realization. Tredence is a Great Place to Work-Certified and Winner of 2022 Databricks Retail & CPG Partner of the Year. Tredence is 2,000-plus employees strong with offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto and Bangalore, with the largest companies in retail, CPG, hi-tech, telecom, healthcare, travel, and industrials as clients.

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Time is Ltd. Launches Analytics 2.0 & Data Platform to improve Employee Engagement

Businesswire | April 27, 2023

Time is Ltd., a top employee engagement and productivity company, has introduced Collaboration Analytics 2.0, allowing users to access and analyze a wide range of metrics with ease. Featuring world-first metrics such as advanced focus time and network metrics, Time is Ltd. holds a leading position in analyzing data from calendars, emails, Slack, and video conferencing tools to understand the pulse of teams - both from the Microsoft 365 Office and Google Workspace eco-systems. "We're committed to eliminating barriers for employees at work, and that begins with identifying obstacles – whether it's a full day of ineffective meetings with an excessive amount of participants," says Jan Rezab, CEO & Founder of Time is Ltd. As AI makes its way into the workplace, Time is Ltd. recognizes that measuring the impact of incorporating additional AI tools within collaboration and communication processes is essential, as it can significantly influence productivity. With the release of 200+ metrics, Time is Ltd. also introduces its Collaboration Data Platform and API, allowing companies to integrate its clean and enriched data into their own systems, such as Google BigQuery or Tableau. This enables each organization to seamlessly blend it with their existing data sets. Time is Ltd.’s Collaboration Analytics 2.0 key features include: Meeting Efficiency: Evaluate and optimize meeting practices in your global organization. Cross-Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration to reduce silos, enhance decision-making, and boost efficiency. Hybrid Team Dynamics: Investigate communication differences between remote and in-office work. Onboarding & Engagement: Assess onboarding effectiveness, support new joiners, and improve talent retention. Customizable Data Views: Integrate processed data with your BI solution for additional insights. To learn more about how Time is Ltd. can increase employee engagement, contact Time is Ltd.’s industry experts. About Time is Ltd. Founded in 2016, Time is Ltd. empowers companies to drive an engaged, focused, and thriving workforce, powered by collaboration data and insights. As the world’s leading employee experience and productivity SaaS platform, Time is Ltd. offers an interactive interface that enables companies and teams to analyze collaboration, meetings, instant messaging, emails, focus time, and more — allowing the companies to create ideal working environments for teams and employees.

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