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AnswerRocket Introduces Max, an AI Assistant for Data Analysis

AnswerRocket Introduces Max, an AI Assistant for Data Analysis

AnswerRocket, an innovator in delivering augmented analytics to the enterprise, is excited to announce the launch of Max, a revolutionary conversational AI assistant designed to help businesses explore, analyze, and uncover insights from their data.

Max combines AnswerRocket’s augmented analytics platform with OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model to deliver a simple conversational AI experience for insights discovery. With Max, users can ask natural language questions and get back accurate insights and visualizations in seconds. GPT-4’s advanced language processing capabilities allow Max to understand and respond to a wide range of queries, making it easier than ever before to get the information they need.

“The record-breaking adoption of ChatGPT is driving a paradigm shift in how business users interact with software. This shift aligns with AnswerRocket’s mission to empower business teams to quickly get answers from their data,” said Alon Goren, CEO at AnswerRocket. “Powered by GPT-4, Max makes it easy for everyone to understand and act on data, no matter their level of technical expertise.”

BI adoption may be as low as 25%, according to research by Business Application Research Center (BARC) and Eckerson Group. Interacting with BI and analytics platforms represents a key barrier to broad enterprise adoption. AnswerRocket’s patent-pending use of large language models to enable chat-based analytics addresses the user adoption challenges that have plagued business intelligence and analytics teams for decades. Max enables businesses of all sizes to easily access and analyze their data in real time with zero training. Simply type your questions, and Max will provide insightful answers and visualizations based on your data.

Some of the key features of Max include:

  • Easy data exploration: With Max, you can ask natural language questions and receive instant insights on your data. Whether you're looking for specific answers, drivers, trends, or outliers, Max can help you uncover hidden insights so you can take action.
  • Advanced analysis capabilities: In addition to answering basic questions, Max can perform advanced analysis, including statistical, diagnostic, and predictive analytics. This allows businesses to expand access to deeper insights across their teams.
  • Accelerated data setup: Users can connect, prepare, and begin analyzing their data in minutes thanks to a streamlined data configuration experience powered by GPT-4 to support automated data classification, definitions, synonyms, and suggested questions.
  • Trainable model: Users can train Max to understand their business and analysis preferences. Max continuously learns from user input to improve its insights over time.

“Anheuser-Busch InBev has long recognized the power of analytics to spur growth and innovation in a highly competitive market. It’s why we partnered with AnswerRocket to deliver faster, deeper insights to our business,” said Sabine Van den Bergh, Director Brand Strategy & Insights Europe at Anheuser-Busch InBev. “A chat-based tool like Max can help more users feel comfortable interacting with data. Having an on-demand assistant that can quickly answer the questions that pop up throughout the day would enable our team to make data-driven decisions at scale.”

Beam Suntory is currently leveraging AnswerRocket to deliver automated, interactive consumer insights across its portfolio of 50+ premium spirits. Abraham Neme, Global Head BI & Analytics at Beam Suntory said, “With Max, Beam Suntory can automate routine tasks and gain valuable insights from data, allowing us to make more informed decisions. I see the potential for Max to become a powerful tool for analyzing a combination of external, macro, and internal data.”

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW)—a joint venture between Nestlé and General Mills with over 50 brands—launched AnswerRocket’s core augmented analytics platform to their enterprise in early 2023. Regarding the new chatbot experience, Chris Potter, Global Applied Analytics at CPW said, “Max will take AnswerRocket to the next level! We need our teams to make informed, fact-based decisions. Max will enable users across all levels of CPW to quickly access data and insights through intuitive questions and responses.”

AnswerRocket is excited to bring this innovative technology to businesses in Q2 2023.

About AnswerRocket

Founded in 2013, AnswerRocket is an augmented analytics platform for data exploration, analysis, and insights discovery. It allows users to monitor key metrics, identify performance drivers, and detect critical issues within seconds. AnswerRocket’s latest release harnesses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to enable conversational analytics on proprietary data. Users can chat with Max–an AI assistant for data analysis–to get narrative answers, insights, and visualizations. Additionally, AnswerRocket empowers data science teams to operationalize their models throughout the enterprise. Companies like Anheuser-Busch InBev, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Beam Suntory, Coty, EMC Insurance, Pabst, Hi-Rez Studios, American Licorice Company, and National Beverage Corporation depend on AnswerRocket to increase their speed to insights.



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Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW), the Data Cloud company, today announced at its Snowday 2023 event new advancements that make it easier for developers to build machine learning (ML) models and full-stack apps in the Data Cloud. Snowflake is enhancing its Python capabilities through Snowpark to boost productivity, increase collaboration, and ultimately speed up end-to-end AI and ML workflows. In addition, with support for containerized workloads and expanded DevOps capabilities, developers can now accelerate development and run apps — all within Snowflake's secure and fully managed infrastructure. “The rise of generative AI has made organizations’ most valuable asset, their data, even more indispensable. Snowflake is making it easier for developers to put that data to work so they can build powerful end-to-end machine learning models and full-stack apps natively in the Data Cloud,” said Prasanna Krishnan, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake. “With Snowflake Marketplace as the first cross-cloud marketplace for data and apps in the industry, customers can quickly and securely productionize what they’ve built to global end users, unlocking increased monetization, discoverability, and usage.” Developers Gain Robust and Familiar Functionality for End-to-End Machine Learning Snowflake is continuing to invest in Snowpark as its secure deployment and processing of non-SQL code, with over 35% of Snowflake customers using Snowpark on a weekly basis (as of September 2023). Developers increasingly look to Snowpark for complex ML model development and deployment, and Snowflake is introducing expanded functionality that makes Snowpark even more accessible and powerful for all Python developers. New advancements include: Snowflake Notebooks (private preview): Snowflake Notebooks are a new development interface that offers an interactive, cell-based programming environment for Python and SQL users to explore, process, and experiment with data in Snowpark. Snowflake’s built-in notebooks allow developers to write and execute code, train and deploy models using Snowpark ML, visualize results with Streamlit chart elements, and much more — all within Snowflake’s unified, secure platform. Snowpark ML Modeling API (general availability soon): Snowflake’s Snowpark ML Modeling API empowers developers and data scientists to scale out feature engineering and simplify model training for faster and more intuitive model development in Snowflake. Users can implement popular AI and ML frameworks natively on data in Snowflake, without having to create stored procedures. Snowpark ML Operations Enhancements: The Snowpark Model Registry (public preview soon) now builds on a native Snowflake model entity and enables the scalable, secure deployment and management of models in Snowflake, including expanded support for deep learning models and open source large language models (LLMs) from Hugging Face. Snowflake is also providing developers with an integrated Snowflake Feature Store (private preview) that creates, stores, manages, and serves ML features for model training and inference. Endeavor, the global sports and entertainment company that includes the WME Agency, IMG & On Location, UFC, and more, relies on Snowflake’s Snowpark for Python capabilities to build and deploy ML models that create highly personalized experiences and apps for fan engagement. Snowpark serves as the driving force behind our end-to-end machine learning development, powering how we centralize and process data across our various entities, and then securely build and train models using that data to create hyper-personalized fan experiences at scale, said Saad Zaheer, VP of Data Science and Engineering, Endeavor. With Snowflake as our central data foundation bringing all of this development directly to our enterprise data, we can unlock even more ways to predict and forecast customer behavior to fuel our targeted sales and marketing engines. Snowflake Advances Developer Capabilities Across the App Lifecycle The Snowflake Native App Framework (general availability soon on AWS, public preview soon on Azure) now provides every organization with the necessary building blocks for app development, including distribution, operation, and monetization within Snowflake’s platform. Leading organizations are monetizing their Snowflake Native Apps through Snowflake Marketplace, with app listings more than doubling since Snowflake Summit 2023. This number is only growing as Snowflake continues to advance its developer capabilities across the app lifecycle so more organizations can unlock business impact. For example, Cybersyn, a data-service provider, is developing Snowflake Native Apps exclusively for Snowflake Marketplace, with more than 40 customers running over 5,000 queries with its Financial & Economic Essentials Native App since June 2022. In addition, LiveRamp, a data collaboration platform, has seen the number of customers deploying its Identity Resolution and Transcoding Snowflake Native App through Snowflake Marketplace increase by more than 80% since June 2022. Lastly, SNP has been able to provide its customers with a 10x cost reduction in Snowflake data processing associated with SAP data ingestion, empowering them to drastically reduce data latency while improving SAP data availability in Snowflake through SNP’s Data Streaming for SAP - Snowflake Native App. With Snowpark Container Services (public preview soon in select AWS regions), developers can run any component of their app — from ML training, to LLMs, to an API, and more — without needing to move data or manage complex container-based infrastructure. Snowflake Automates DevOps for Apps, Data Pipelines, and Other Development Snowflake is giving developers new ways to automate key DevOps and observability capabilities across testing, deploying, monitoring, and operating their apps and data pipelines — so they can take them from idea to production faster. With Snowflake’s new Database Change Management (private preview soon) features, developers can code declaratively and easily templatize their work to manage Snowflake objects across multiple environments. The Database Change Management features serve as a single source of truth for object creation across various environments, using the common “configuration as code” pattern in DevOps to automatically provision and update Snowflake objects. Snowflake also unveiled a new Powered by Snowflake Funding Program, innovations that enable all users to securely tap into the power of generative AI with their enterprise data, enhancements to further eliminate data silos and strengthen Snowflake’s leading compliance and governance capabilities through Snowflake Horizon, and more at Snowday 2023.

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