Aparavi Announces Partnership with Global IT Solutions Aggregator TD SYNNEX

APARAVI‍ | July 08, 2022 | Read time : 2 min

APARAVI®, the company behind the award-winning Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform,  today announced a new partnership with TD SYNNEX, a global IT distributor and solutions aggregator formed through the merger of Tech Data and Synnex. As a trusted disrupter in unstructured data management, this partnership will help companies take control of their data.  

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with TD SYNNEX. “This partnership will deliver data management solutions that will help companies understand their unstructured data. When companies are able to identify what data they have, they can mitigate their risk of cyberattack and cut down on increased costs related to the continuous growth of unstructured data.”

Adrian Knapp, CEO and Founder of Aparavi

"TD SYNNEX is committed to providing solutions that deliver business outcomes and unlock growth for the future," says Michael Urban, President Americas at TD SYNNEX. "With Aparavi added to our vast portfolio of vendor partners, we're able to enrich the breadth and depth of our offerings and give customers the opportunity to do great things with this cutting-edge unstructured data intelligence and automation technology." 

 The benefits of this partnership include:
  • Provide customers with a data intelligence and automation platform that delivers end-to-end value
  • Introduce a simple way to identify the contents within an end-users unstructured data footprint
  • Deliver the freedom customers need for secure data mobility within a data ecosystem

The partnership between Aparavi and TD SYNNEX helps bring to market a data intelligence and automation platform that identifies security risks, cuts down on costs, and speeds up the overall data management process. Aparavi identifies and enables data movement across enterprises, whether the data be stored locally, on servers, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Aparavi is the trusted disrupter in unstructured data management, helping organizations find and unlock the value of data, no matter where it lives. Aparavi is a SaaS platform with deep intelligence that rapidly discovers, automatically classifies, and optimizes highly distributed data to mitigate risk, reduce costs and exploit data value. Aparavi ensures secure access for modern data demands of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration, connecting business and IT to transform data into a competitive asset. Aparavi is a privately funded company headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, visit, and stay informed by following Aparavi on LinkedIn and Twitter.

TD SYNNEX is a leading global distributor and solutions aggregator for the IT ecosystem. We’re an innovative partner helping more than 150,000 customers in 100+ countries to maximize the value of technology investments, demonstrate business outcomes and unlock growth opportunities. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, and Fremont, California, TD SYNNEX’s 22,000 co-workers are dedicated to uniting compelling IT products, services, and solutions from 1,500+ best-in-class technology vendors. Our edge-to-cloud portfolio is anchored in some of the highest-growth technology segments including cloud, cybersecurity, big data/analytics, IoT, mobility, and everything as a service. TD SYNNEX is committed to serving customers and communities, and we believe we can have a positive impact on our people and our planet, intentionally acting as a respected corporate citizen. We aspire to be a diverse and inclusive employer of choice for talent across the IT ecosystem.


Predictive analytics is fueling a revolution in manufacturing. While we speak of many of these techniques as being techniques of the future, the automotive industry is using the Internet of Things to create operating efficiencies and better products today. This infographic shares what the future of predictive analytics in manufacturing will look like.


Predictive analytics is fueling a revolution in manufacturing. While we speak of many of these techniques as being techniques of the future, the automotive industry is using the Internet of Things to create operating efficiencies and better products today. This infographic shares what the future of predictive analytics in manufacturing will look like.

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What’s New: Tencent has significantly enhanced the performance of its database hosting service, TencentDB for MySQL. Based on the open source relational database management system MySQL and built on Intel® Xeon® processors, TencentDB for MySQL increased its performance by using the advanced Intel® oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and Intel® VTune™ Profiler (part of the Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit). “Tencent’s results optimizing MySQL demonstrate the importance both of using up-to-date developer tools like the Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and the latest optimization techniques using the Intel VTune Profiler. The significant improvements in performance yield either faster time to results or more results for business-critical applications.” Joe Curley, Intel vice president and general manager of Software Products and Ecosystem Why It Matters: Distributed data storage serves a critical role across industries and use cases, including internet, finance and e-commerce. Solutions like TencentDB for MySQL provide developers with a service for distributed data storage that supports easy setup, operation and expansion of relational databases in the cloud. However, an ongoing rise in storage and data processing requirements and demands for higher performance makes it challenging for developers. Optimizing for higher MySQL performance can help organizations process transactions and data queries faster, helping to meet evolving business and customer needs. How It Works: Intel is leading the open ecosystem by combining its unique strengths in hardware and software tools with a commitment to building strong, open software that accelerates compute and innovation. The Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ compiler is used for parallel programming applications and delivers productivity and performance across CPUs and accelerators. Using the compiler, the teams drove link time optimization (LTO) and profile-guided optimization (PGO) methods that helped Tencent build a high-performance MySQL. With LTO, the compiler applied various forms of intraprocedural optimization (IPO) to the entire program, allowing for deeper analysis, more optimization and better program performance. PGO provides information to the compiler about areas of an application that are most frequently executed. Together, these techniques delivered up to an 85% performance improvement for TencentDB applications1. Intel® VTune™ Profiler was used to collect the performance of MySQL based on the default configuration and to identify and analyze hot spots in call stacks to find additional areas to maximize performance. About Intel Intel is an industry leader, creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives. Inspired by Moore’s Law, we continuously work to advance the design and manufacturing of semiconductors to help address our customers’ greatest challenges. By embedding intelligence in the cloud, network, edge and every kind of computing device, we unleash the potential of data to transform business and society for the better.

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RudderStack today announced HIPAA compliance, giving healthcare companies an easier way to manage and protect customer data. As a compliant solution provider, RudderStack can sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with healthcare customers. RudderStack enables teams to collect, transform, and activate customer data across their stack, leveraging their own cloud data warehouse as the central source of truth. The company's foundational product design decisions, focused on data security and privacy, align with HIPAA’s purpose of protecting patients’ private healthcare information (PHI). How RudderStack makes security and compliance easy for healthcare teams: Does not store data: RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach means you store your data in your own data warehouse, where you control the security and privacy protocols, not a vendor black box. SOC2 compliance: SOC2 Type 2 attestation provides assurance on implemented security safeguards. In-flight data masking, blocking, and hashing: RudderStack Transformations allow you to enforce data privacy policies, such as data masking, attribute removal, and event filtering on the event stream before the event data are delivered to destinations that require HL7 FHIR compliance. Permissions controls: Permissions management features in RudderStack give admins granular control over who has access to different pipelines. “We founded RudderStack based on the fundamental belief that you should maintain complete control of your data. In many ways HIPAA compliance is an extension of this belief. "With HIPAA compliance, we’re excited to bring modern customer data tooling to the healthcare industry.” Soumyadeb Mitra, CEO of RudderStack About RudderStack RudderStack is the warehouse-first, customer data platform (CDP) built for developers. The company takes a new approach to building and operating customer data infrastructure, making it easy to collect, unify, transform, and store customer data as well as securely route it to a wide range of common, popular tools.

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Denodo, a leader in data management, today announced two new subscriptions of its award-winning Denodo Platform that are designed to help mid-market businesses to start with a small departmental use case and then expand to multiple use cases within the company. Available on leading cloud marketplaces, the new subscriptions align with Denodo customers' cloud migration and adoption initiatives by allowing organizations to purchase them directly from their cloud marketplace of choice (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and are available with hourly, monthly, or annual pricing. These new subscriptions enable medium-sized organizations to harness better value through rapid deployment and data utilization while fitting their budgetary and project needs without requiring extensive time and resources to support real-time analytics and data services. Denodo’s new subscriptions include: Denodo Professional: leverages the same high performance, modern data virtualization technology and no-code/low-code web-based design studio to speed time-to-insight and accelerate data services for mid-market customers who have limited budget and needs. Denodo Professional is best suited for getting started with small departmental projects with a limited number of 5 data sources. Denodo Standard: enables mid-market customers to expand to multiple operational and analytical use cases by allowing access to unlimited number of data sources. Also includes integrated version control to easily keep track of changes. With these two new offerings, Denodo’s mid-market customers can easily enable popular use cases such as customer 360, BI reporting for Smart Analytics, Data-as-a-Service, and Marketing Analytics. Many of Denodo’s existing medium sized customers such as Ultra Mobile, GetSmarter, and Seacoast Bank, have realized immense value from their investments in the Denodo Platform. Denodo offers a 30-day free trial of the Denodo Professional subscription on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces, to enable organizations to try the Denodo Platform, before they invest in it. Once customers realize the initial value of rapid data integration and delivery, they can easily add on data management and automation with Denodo Enterprise and Enterprise Plus subscriptions, which offer data catalog, AI/ML, and advanced semantics capabilities. “For fast-moving medium-sized businesses, gaining a unified view of their data for real-time actionable insights is imperative,” said Angel Viña, CEO and Founder of Denodo. “We have been helping many mid-market businesses with their departmental or organization-wide data integration and data management needs. We introduced the two new subscriptions to ensure our customers pay only for the functionalities they need. I am personally very pleased to see our customers’ excitement about these new subscriptions and am looking forward to seeing Denodo being an integral part of even more companies’ data-driven journey.” About Denodo Denodo is a leader in data management. The award-winning Denodo Platform is the leading data integration, management, and delivery platform using a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services. Realizing more than 400% ROI and millions of dollars in benefits, Denodo’s customers across large enterprises and mid-market companies in 30+ industries have received payback in less than 6 months.

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