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AtScale Named Snowflake Premier Partner

AtScale, a leader in providing semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, has been named a Snowflake Premier Partner. While using the full flexibility and potential of the Snowflake Data Cloud, AtScale can help Snowflake users construct a semantic layer for data and analytics that streamlines and accelerates business intelligence (BI) and data science initiatives.

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake said that “We are thrilled for AtScale to become a Premier Partner for Snowflake. AtScale’s semantic layer provides a single location for defining business metrics and model features that can be consumed across popular BI and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) applications.”

Companies may use AtScale to provide a single source of managed enterprise metrics and analytical dimensions that can be accessed from any BI tool. A semantic layer built on AtScale is a highly scalable method of linking cloud data to data consumers. The combination of AtScale and Snowflake provides a strong platform for teams to build up sophisticated business insight programs, increasing analyst productivity, shortening time to insight, and generating business results from AI/ML and analytics investments.

“By working with AtScale and Snowflake, teams can spend more time discovering insights and less time cleansing and preparing data for use. Most organizations these days utilize multiple data consumption tools, which makes the establishment of a common, consistent source of data even more critical.”

David Mariani, CTO and Founder of AtScale

As a Premier Partner, AtScale has been tested and verified to work seamlessly with Snowflake, providing clients with high-performance access to the company's live cloud data. The two businesses started collaborating in 2019 and have since helped hundreds of joint clients across many industries upgrade their data and analytics programs, simplifying and boosting the process of using data to better decision making and performance. In fact, in 2021, the businesses' combined consumer base grew by more than 200%.

Nick Amabile, CEO of DAS42, a leading provider of cloud-based data analytics consulting and professional services said that “Teaming AtScale’s semantic layer with Snowflake’s Data Cloud creates a powerful platform for customers looking to rapidly drive data-driven decision-making within their organization. A consistent, easy-to-use and scalable data source is critical for today’s fast-moving enterprises.”



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