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Cloudera and AWS Enhance Cloud Data Management and Analytics

Cloudera and AWS Enhance
  • Cloudera and AWS have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to boost cloud-native data management and analytics.
  • Cloudera, AWS ISV WMP Partner, will use AWS services to innovate and reduce costs with its open data lakehouse.
  • Its Data Platform is engineered to integrate directly with AWS services, providing a cost-effective and innovative platform for customers. 

Cloudera and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) aimed at bolstering cloud-native data management and analytics. Under this agreement, Cloudera will harness AWS services to provide ongoing innovation and cost reduction to customers using the Cloudera open data lakehouse on AWS for enterprise generative AI.
As part of this collaboration, Cloudera, already an AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Workload Migration Program (WMP) Partner, will further simplify workload migration to the cloud and the purchase of Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) on AWS, leveraging AWS Marketplace credits.
Cloudera has opted to run key elements of CDP on AWS, including data management, data lakes, data warehouses, operational databases, AI and machine learning, master data management, and security components. This allows customers to transition to CDP in the cloud without the need to refactor their applications, facilitating hybrid deployments. Moreover, Cloudera has designed CDP for seamless integration with various AWS services such as Amazon S3, Amazon EKS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EC2, delivering a tightly integrated platform that reduces costs and capitalizes on AWS innovations. Customers can access AWS native services without the burden of managing integrations themselves.
"Deepening our collaboration with AWS gives customers even more reasons to choose to run the Cloudera Data Platform on AWS. With tighter hardware and AWS service integration, customers get the best possible experience with strong security and governance, along with new cost reduction options to support their most critical analytical workloads,
 said Paul Codding, Executive Vice President of Product Management, Cloudera. He stated that Cloudera and AWS, when combined, provide organizations with the necessary tools to construct and operate data applications in a manner that can optimally cater to the unique and evolving requirements of their business.
[Source: PR Newswire]
Beyond technology integration, AWS and Cloudera are set to collaborate on marketing and co-selling programs for customers. The partnership solidifies Cloudera's position as a trusted AWS partner in cloud-native data management and data analytics.
"Cloudera has strengthened their collaboration with AWS for shared customers to leverage their existing investments in CDP and accelerate their modernization to the cloud,
said Chris Grusz, General Manager, Technology Partnerships and Marketplace at AWS. He mentioned that Cloudera is persistently innovating on AWS throughout its data management platform to deliver authentic data analytics and insights for its customers.
[Source: PR Newswire]
Cloudera's open data lakehouse approach enables secure data management and portable cloud-native data analytics across various cloud environments, aligning with their mission to make data transformation feasible for the future.



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Oracle's New Next-generation Platform Transforms Business Insights

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Oracle introduces a data, analytics, and AI platform for Fusion Cloud Applications to enhance business outcomes. The platform offers 360-degree Data Models, Prescriptive AI/ML Models, Rich Interactive Analytics, and Intelligent Applications. Oracle plans to extend the platform to NetSuite and other industry applications, enriching analytics offerings. Oracle has recently unveiled the Fusion Data Intelligence Platform, a cutting-edge data, analytics, and AI solution designed to empower Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications users to enhance their business outcomes through the fusion of data-driven insights and intelligent decision-making. This groundbreaking platform, which builds upon the foundations of the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse product, offers business data-as-a-service with automated data pipelines, comprehensive 360-degree data models for critical business entities, interactive analytics, AI/ML models, and intelligent applications. These ready-to-use capabilities run on top of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Lakehouse services, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud, thereby facilitating complete extensibility across data, analytics, AI/ML, and application layers. The Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence Platform presents the following suite of pre-built capabilities that are designed to empower Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications users to unlock the full potential of their data: 360-Degree Data Models: This will equip business users with a cohesive and comprehensible representation of their organizational data, allowing them to discern the intricate relationships between data and business processes. By providing a range of conformed data models based on Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications data and other data sources, this platform offers a 360-degree view of various facets of a business, including customers, accounts, products, suppliers, and employees. Prescriptive AI/ML Models: Leveraging pre-configured AI/ML models, such as workforce skills assessment and customer payment forecasting, organizations can solve specific business problems by automating labor-intensive tasks, freeing up resources for strategic endeavors. Furthermore, it empowers organizations to rapidly analyze substantial datasets, uncovering invaluable insights and patterns that can drive business growth and efficiency. Rich Interactive Analytics: Business users can seamlessly explore and visualize their data using pre-built dashboards, reports, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, Analytics Cloud features like natural language query, auto insights, and mobile applications allow quick access to data and insights. Intelligent Applications: These applications go beyond providing insights offering intelligent recommendations based on pre-existing data models, AI/ML models, and analytics content. They enable organizations to make informed decisions swiftly, ultimately improving business outcomes. The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform is a pivotal step in a long-term vision to transition from data and analytics to actionable decisions that drive business success. Importantly, this platform will extend its reach beyond Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, with plans to offer the same foundational platform for NetSuite and across various Oracle industry applications, such as healthcare, financial services, and utilities, to facilitate cross-domain insights. The Fusion Data Intelligence Platform includes an extensive portfolio of ready-to-use analytics for Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM), and Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). These analytics offerings have been further enriched with the following additions: Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics: The introduction of Accounting Hub analytics empowers finance teams to create a system of insights for accounting data sourced from Oracle Accounting Hub sub-ledger applications. Oracle Fusion SCM Analytics: New Manufacturing analytics provide manufacturers with timely insights into work order performance, enhancing shop floor efficiency by rapidly identifying anomalies and continually optimizing plan-to-produce processes by connecting insights across supply chain data. Oracle Fusion HCM Analytics: The addition of Inferred Skills, Payroll Costing, and Continuous Listening analytics equips organizational leaders with integrated workforce insights, covering employee skills, payroll trends and anomalies, and the efficacy of a continuous listening strategy at any given point in time. Oracle Fusion CX Analytics: The new Quote-to-Cash analytics extend the analysis beyond the lead-to-opportunity pipeline by offering insights into how the price, contract, and quote process influences the overall customer experience.

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Foundry for AI by Rackspace Partners with Straits Interactive to Launch AI Data Protection Officer on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

GlobeNewswire | October 20, 2023

Rackspace Technology (NASDAQ: RXT)— a leading end-to-end, hybrid multicloud technology solutions company, has partnered with Straits Interactive, a leader in data protection and governance as-a-service, to create an AI Data Protection Officer (DPO) Assistant with Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™) on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. The driving force behind the collaboration is to promote the responsible use of AI by leveraging Rackspace Technology's multicloud solutions integrated with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Generative Service. Straits Interactive and Rackspace Technology will offer joint solutions that include AI-enabled multicloud solutions integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Purview for data governance as part of its Capabara Capability-as-a-Service platform services. These solutions will enable organizations to harness generative AI for business transformation. The AI DPO Assistant, one of the first in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, is a chatbot powered by generative AI as part of Straits Interactive's suite of services within Capabara, The Capabara platform is a proprietary Capability-as-a-Service that offers a comprehensive solution for organizations to develop, govern, and manage digital transformation goals while ensuring the safe and responsible use of generative AI. Straits Interactive is proud to partner with Rackspace and Microsoft in our aim to accelerate the adoption of generative AI for small and medium enterprise subject matter experts. The Capabara platform and the AI Assistant chatbot transform and optimize Straits' efficiency and productivity, and we are excited to share this technology, said Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive. Rackspace Technology's secure multicloud solutions and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service align with our goal to empower organizations of all sizes to create value with generative AI while balancing it with managing risks and constraints, safeguarding their data, and maintaining compliance. The AI DPO Assistant chatbot guides organizations, especially SMEs, in data governance and navigating data protection requirements. Built on the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service, the chatbot securely stores data in a multicloud environment by Rackspace Technology. The AI DPO Assistant will: Enable clients and service providers to efficiently query industry best practices and procedures in multiple jurisdictions. It will also allow governance teams to securely upload their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRMC) documents and provide self-help assistance to employees across the organization. Collaborate with consultants from Straits Interactive to operationally comply with data protection requirements, which consider bespoke company policies, associated risks, and recommended operational controls. Leverage generative AI capabilities to create customized in-house Generative AI apps using Straits Interactive AI Capability tools, including tabletop exercises for breach scenarios, self-learning compliance modules, assessment questions, and more. "Straits Interactive required an AI solution that could understand queries in natural language and provide concise, accurate responses, allowing employees to access data privacy information instantly," said Srini Koushik, President of Technology and Sustainability, Rackspace Technology. "From understanding region-specific privacy laws to the differences between regulations in different countries, this shift from manual processes to an AI-driven solution led to a significant leap in efficiency. Developing the new AI DPO Assistant on Microsoft's OpenAI Service with FAIR will improve sustainable data governance." "Utilizing Rackspace's IP in the generative AI and FAIR offering, Rackspace gathered specific requirements from Straits Interactive to propose a multi-phase approach that facilitated a prompt demo for stakeholders, satisfying short-term needs and a productized solution for long-term customer needs," said Kevin Shepherdson, CEO of Straits Interactive. "By implementing a responsible OpenAI framework alongside IaC and CI/CD frameworks, Rackspace ensured faster iterations of the productized solution, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness."

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