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Collibra Introduces New Innovations and Integrations to Extend the Value of Customers' Data Ecosystems

Prnewswire | June 07, 2023 | Read time : 06:00 min

Collibra Introduces New Innovations and Integrations

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today announced new innovations and integrations to help customers realize more value from their cloud migration and modernization investments. The latest release of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud provides expanded integrations with leading technology partners, new data quality capabilities, and new out-of-the-box workflows that enable customers to build on existing systems and processes while using Collibra to gain visibility and expand access to trusted data across their organization.

Currently, most organizations rely on a hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem across many cloud providers and data vendors to support the increasingly complex and large volumes of data they have. According to Gartner[1] more than 75% of organizations use more than one cloud service provider. IDC[2] notes that 95% of organizations are integrating data across hybrid clouds, and 77% of organizations are integrating up to five different types of data in pipelines that are coming from or going to up to 10 different types of data storage and management technologies.

With this complexity, organizations struggle to gain full visibility into their data estate and extract maximum value from their data. The latest release from Collibra helps organizations overcome this challenge by providing data intelligence across multiple sources and empowering teams with the visibility and insights needed to use their data more effectively.

"Organizations are looking to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and strategically leverage their resources to be better positioned in the current economic climate," said Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer, Collibra. "With these new innovations, our customers can build on their existing cloud and data modernization efforts and simultaneously do more with those investments by using Collibra. It's a game changer for organizations managing complex data ecosystems. This will help our customers improve efficiencies and empower their teams to spend more time and resources focused on innovation and growth."

Collibra is introducing several new and expanded integrations to help organizations gain deeper visibility and clarity into sprawling data ecosystems with improved discovery, understanding, and data protection across more sources. This adds to the over 100 out-of-the-box integrations Collibra already provides.

  • The Databricks Unity Catalog integration provides visibility and understanding of Databricks data by enabling the discovery and governance of assets within Collibra.
  • The Google Cloud Storage integration enables customers to take control of data, scale access, accelerate analytics, and comply with policies with the ability to retrieve, map, and ingest metadata using Collibra.
  • With the Azure Data Factory integration, customers can discover and understand their data by automatically harvesting and stitching lineage, and the Azure Data Lake Storage integration provides a complete view of containers, directories, and files within Collibra.
  • Enhanced BI integrations for Power BI, Tableau and MicroStrategy (public beta) provide users an end-to-end understanding of BI assets by making it easier to interpret technical lineage and track the transformations between objects.
  • Collibra Protect is expanding to support AWS Lake Formation so that users can easily create data access policies in Collibra and push them to AWS to safeguard sensitive data.

The release also includes the general availability of Data Quality Pushdown for Snowflake and the public beta of Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks, which help increase efficiency and reduce the cost of data quality in the cloud. With Data Quality Pushdown, organizations can securely process data directly in the cloud for faster results while using fewer costly resources. New capabilities include automatically discovering rules and detecting anomalies to downstream issues, increasing efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, and decreasing costs by securely processing data in Snowflake or Databricks directly – removing fees for data egress.

Collibra continues to focus on tailored experiences so users can act quickly with expanded workflow, lineage and data marketplace capabilities. Users can get started quickly with new out-of-the-box workflows and a workflow deploy button, available as part of the Workflow Designer public beta, that make using and deploying workflows faster than ever. A new UI-based lineage configuration capability enables quick access to lineage with streamlined deployment of out-of-the-box integrations. The Collibra Data Marketplace helps jumpstart productivity with a self-service interface that makes trusted data easy to discover and access. Now, organizations can further tailor the marketplace experience by customizing workflows for specific asset types and ensuring the appropriate workflows are available to data consumers.

As part of the focus on faster value realization, Collibra continues to introduce new Professional Services, training, and self-serve resources. A recently launched new offering is Accelerated Development, part of Coaching Services, which provides multiple hours with a dedicated Architect to complete more intensive projects. Collibra has also recently launched Start Collibra, a self-serve getting started center on the Data Citizens Community, and three new customer webinar series to help customers and partners drive adoption and skill development.

Northern Trust, a financial services company that helps guide the world's most successful families, and institutions through service and collective expertise, uses Collibra as an enterprise-wide data quality and data catalog solution to improve access to data and provide high quality data for insights.

"At Northern Trust, data is knowledge and our competitive advantage. Collibra is at the center of our data strategy, enabling our business to gain clear visibility and understanding of trusted data to support data-driven decisions that help our clients achieve their financial goals," said Adrienne Kiessel, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, Northern Trust. "We're looking forward to continuing to partner with Collibra to deliver more value from our Snowflake investment, improve data quality, and empower the business to leverage data as a strategic asset."

About Collibra

Collibra helps our customers do more with trusted data. Our Data Intelligence Cloud brings flexible governance, continuous quality and built-in privacy to the world's leading brands. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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The only business intelligence platform with data and analytics spanning the entire forest products value chain—from wood to biofuel. With a wealth of information and global coverage, Forestat Global helps decision-makers navigate the forest products-based market with confidence.

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Privacera Unveils Governed Data Stewardship Solution to Power Data Democratization and Federate Data Governance

Prnewswire | July 19, 2023

Privacera, a leading provider of data security and governance technology, today announced the launch of its Governed Data Stewardship solution and significant ease of use improvements. This innovative offering transforms how IT organizations distribute data ownership and stewardship into lines of business to speed up self-service data sharing and access governance. By eliminating a significant IT bottleneck, Privacera reduces IT complexity and cost, reduces the volume of service desk tickets, increases business agility, and keeps data safe and well-regulated. "We have heard from our customers repeatedly that managing and provisioning secure data access is a major unsolved pain point," said Balaji Ganesan, CEO and Co-Founder. "Analytical and AI initiatives require agile data sharing and fine-grained access provisioning. We are excited to empower organizations with a more democratized experience, one that offers enhanced data governance offerings decreases IT burdens, and accelerated data access while maintaining utmost security and compliance throughout the data estate." Outdated Models Hamper Business Results Historically, business users have created IT service management tickets when they want access to data. A typical approval process might require four to five different levels of approval, and upon final approval, IT administrators are tasked to manually create the required policy controls for each back-end system. This lengthy process takes time and resources and invites complexity and unfortunate opportunity for requests to fall through the cracks. Additionally, with the volume of data request tickets across a diverse multi-cloud data estate, the above approach is costly and the last mile needs to be managed by IT. It is highly inefficient to manage access to data on an account-by-account, workspace-by-workspace, or instance-by-instance basis because it often involves different IT experts. And this problem compounds as data and datasets expand at a geometric rate. "As I look at the modern data environment, a key element is making it all work better together with the goal of accelerating the time to business and data insight," said Stewart Bond, Research Vice President, IDC. "But appropriate and timely data access has been a roadblock between data discovery and consumption; once a data consumer has discovered relevant data in a catalog or marketplace, the acquisition of data is where the process slows down. It is akin to someone shopping online, checking out, and then nothing happens, because there is no automated connection to the delivery mechanism. What Privacera is doing with Governed Data Stewardship is eliminating the complexity and time of running a data access request through a service management system. This empowers businesses' data initiatives to actually get more value from marketplaces and catalog initiatives." A Revolutionary Approach to Data Access Privacera's Governed Data Stewardship solution, built on our industry-leading Unified Data Security Platform, delegates the granting of access function to data custodians and stewards who possess a deep understanding of the data, promoting business ownership and agility while maintaining global and centralized security guardrails. Comprehensive controls can be added to ensure consistent enforcement of corporate-level data security and access integrated with third-party workflows and data catalogs such as Collibra or Alation. As these stewards are much closer to data and data risks, this methodology supports the entire data access process and ensures prompt and secure data provisioning. The solution offers best-in-class ease of use, simplifying the complex tasks of data and privacy management. The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive navigation and seamless interaction reducing the burden on data stewards and enabling them to focus on their core responsibilities. Even users with limited technical expertise can effectively implement and enforce data governance policies, fostering a culture of privacy and compliance within organizations. Companies that work to adopt this new model of Governed Data Stewardship will reap numerous benefits. They gain access to their data more quickly, costs are reduced, data products are industrialized, and faster times to insights is achieved. Data security posture is also improved by ensuring data is being used for the right purpose, eliminating data proliferation, and establishing centralized auditing. Complex Data Workflows Managed Effortlessly Organizations that need more complex data workflows with a Privacera-provided API can utilize the power of a service management ticketing system workflow. Here users discover datasets. When they request access to data, an API is invoked that shares with the service management system, the data being requested, and the relevant data steward for that data. The ticket can be automatically routed initially to the appropriate data steward and any additional predefined approvals. When final approval is given, the ticketing system connects, and data is automatically provisioned. "Governed Data Stewardship, from Privacera, is the ultimate power tool for business data authority," said Bob Seiner. President and Principal, KIK Consulting. "Say goodbye to IT or bureaucratic bottlenecks and hello to data liberation! Privacera's Governed Data Stewardship solution empowers business communities and decision-makers by uncovering insights and conquering data access obstacles with a single click." Additional solution benefits include: IT Data Bottlenecks Eliminated: Businesses receive data faster because data provisioning time is reduced. Reduction of IT Costs: The complexity and cost of managing data access is lessened. Business Agility Empowered: Data stewards who know the data and the context are enabled to manage access at the speed of business. Security Posture Improved: Data is used only for the right purposes. The management of data is transferred to data stewards who understand the data risks for their function and business area. "Governed Data Stewardship empowers data stewards to act as custodians of data access while IT teams focus on value generation. As a result, organizations experience faster data provisioning, better data security, and reduced time to insights. This is another step forward for Privacera as we support the move towards self-service business intelligence, enabling business users to access and analyze data faster," added Ganesan. Privacera Unified Data Security Platform Usability Improvements As part of this most recent update, Privacera's Unified Data Security Platform brings a range of usability and ease-of-use improvements that can be used by data stewards, governance, security, or IT team. Policy creation can be achieved using easy-to-understand English text and grammar and a few clicks of the mouse. Natural language combined with intuitive search, auto-fill recommendations greatly simplifies the creation, administration, and management of policies for both technical and non-technical users. About Privacera Founded in 2016 by the creators of Apache Ranger™–which advanced data access and security for the big data revolution, Privacera's SaaS-based data security and access governance platform enables data and security teams to simplify data access, security, and privacy for data applications and analytical workloads. The Privacera platform supports compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and HIPAA. Privacera provides a unified view and control for securing sensitive data across multiple cloud services such as AWS, Azure, Databricks, GCP, Snowflake, and Starburst. The Privacera platform is utilized by Fortune 500 customers across finance, insurance, life sciences, retail, media, and consumer industries, as well as government agencies to automate sensitive data discovery, mask sensitive data, and manage high-fidelity policies at petabyte scale on-premises and in the cloud.

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IBM Releases Watsonx AI with Generative AI Models for Data Governance

IBM | September 08, 2023

IBM announces plans to enhance its Watsonx AI and data platform, with a focus on scaling AI impact for enterprises. Key improvements include new generative AI models, integration of foundation models, and features like Tuning Studio and Synthetic Data Generator. IBM emphasizes trust, transparency, and governance in training and plans to incorporate AI into its hybrid cloud solutions, although implementation difficulty and cost may be issues. IBM reveals its plans to introduce new generative AI foundation models and enhancements to its Watsonx AI and data platform. The goal is to provide enterprises with the tools they need to scale and accelerate the impact of AI in their operations. These improvements include a technical preview for watsonx.governance, the addition of new generative AI data services to, and the integration of foundation models into select software and infrastructure products. Developers will have the opportunity to explore these capabilities and models at the IBM TechXchange Conference, scheduled to take place from September 11 to 14 in Las Vegas. The upcoming AI models and features include: 1. Granite Series Models: IBM plans to launch its Granite series models, utilizing the ‘Decoder’ architecture, is essential for large language models (LLMs). These models will support various enterprise natural language processing (NLP) tasks, including summarization, content generation, and insight extraction, with planned availability in Q3 2023. 2. Third-Party Models: IBM is currently offering Meta's Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter model and the StarCoder LLM for code generation within on IBM Cloud. IBM places a strong emphasis on trust and transparency in its training process for foundation models. They follow rigorous data collection procedures and include control points to ensure responsible deployments in terms of governance, risk assessment, privacy, bias mitigation, and compliance. IBM also intends to introduce new features across the watsonx platform: For Tuning Studio: IBM plans to release the Tuning Studio, featuring prompt tuning, allowing clients to adapt foundation models to their specific enterprise data and tasks. This is expected to be available in 3Q23. Synthetic Data Generator: IBM has launched a synthetic data generator, enabling users to create artificial tabular data sets for AI model training, reducing risk and accelerating decision-making. For Generative AI: IBM aims to incorporate generative AI capabilities into to help users discover, augment, visualize, and refine data for AI through a self-service, natural language interface. This feature is planned for technical preview in 4Q 2023. Vector Database Capability: IBM plans to integrate vector database capabilities into to support retrieval and augmented generation use cases, also expected in the technical preview in 4Q 2023. For Watsonx.governance: Model Risk Governance for Generative AI: IBM is launching a tech preview for watsonx.governance, providing automated collection and documentation of foundation model details and model risk governance capabilities. Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President, Products, IBM Software, stated that IBM is dedicated to supporting clients throughout the AI lifecycle, from establishing foundational data strategies to model tuning and governance. Additionally, IBM will offer AI assistants to help clients scale AI's impact across various enterprise use cases, such as application modernization, customer care, and HR and talent management. IBM also intends to integrate innovations into its hybrid cloud software and infrastructure products, including intelligent IT automation and developer services. IBM's upgrades to the Watsonx AI and data platform offer promise but, come with potential drawbacks. Implementation complexity and the need for additional training may create a steep learning curve. The associated costs of advanced technology could be prohibitive for smaller organizations. The introduction of generative AI and synthetic data raises data privacy and security concerns. Additionally, despite efforts for responsible AI, the risk of bias in models necessitates ongoing vigilance to avoid legal and ethical issues.

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Pyramid Analytics and Smollan forge international partnership

Business Wire | August 24, 2023

Global retail specialists Smollan have formalised an international reseller and implementation partnership agreement with next-generation decision and business intelligence (BI) software provider Pyramid Analytics. The agreement will see Smollan, via its data and technology business, DataOrbis, expanding its current service offering to include the ability to both sell Pyramid Analytics licenses and implement Pyramid Analytics software. “Our clients operate in incredibly competitive industries, where the ability to make the best decision, quickly is the key to strong performance. Our hunt for a BI solution that delivers superior functionality, excellent value, and next-generation capability led us to Pyramid Analytics. We migrated the majority of our DataOrbis solutions onto their software last year, and already our clients are noticing a step-change in how we can help them capitalise on the explosive amount of data they have at their fingertips,” said James Collett, Smollan’s Chief Executive: Data & Technology. The Pyramid Analytics partnership also provides DataOrbis with a growth opportunity geared at expanding DataOrbis’ services and footprint into verticals outside of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) space where they have traditionally played. This is further supported by DataOrbis and Smollan’s global footprint, which includes operations in all major gateways. “DataOrbis has an excellent understanding of what it takes to implement a successful data strategy across an organisation, regardless of industry. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with them internationally. By leveraging their global presence throughout their client and partner networks, I believe DataOrbis, together with Pyramid Analytics, can streamline and optimise their data analytics ecosystems to prepare them for what’s next. We are thrilled to have them on board,” said Omri Kohl, Pyramid Analytics CEO. The Pyramid Platform consistently receives top ratings among leading analyst firms that evaluate business intelligence and analytics technologies. Most recently, Pyramid earned top rankings from Gartner in the 2023 Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms report, including #1 for Business Analyst Use Case, #1 for Augmented Consumer Use Case, #2 for Data Scientist Use Case, and #4 for Analytics Developer Use Case. The Pyramid Platform consolidates data preparation, business analytics, and data science into a single, integrated, self-service platform that can be accessed by all levels of data users. Implementation is key to success As the need to unlock the power of data has accelerated, businesses are realising the benefit of having one enterprise BI platform across the organisation, ensuring a single source of truth that can be safely, securely, and ethically managed. As an early adopter, DataOrbis has invested in creating and upskilling several Pyramid Analytics’ implementation teams working out of South Africa, India, and Slovenia to assist clients in creating and implementing their own unique global views. These teams, with over 50 certified Pyramid Analytics specialists, include senior resources with expertise across industries and geographies. “The choice of BI platform is one part of the insights puzzle. The skill and time needed to implement the software is the next piece. In our experience, most companies don’t have these two vital resources readily available. By partnering with DataOrbis we can ensure the Pyramid Analytics software is expertly implemented and used to its fullest potential—all based on global best-practises. I am excited by the opportunities the Pyramid Analytics partnership will unlock for us and our clients,” said Collett. About Pyramid Analytics Pyramid Analytics is the next generation of business analytics. The award-winning Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform empowers people with augmented, automated, and collaborative insights that simplify and guide the use of data in decision-making. Critically, the Pyramid Analytics Platform operates directly on any data, enabling governed self-service for any person, and meeting analytical needs in a no-code environment without data extraction. It combines data prep, business analytics, and data science into one frictionless platform to empower anyone with intelligent decision-making. This enables a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to business intelligence and analytics, from the simple to the sophisticated. Schedule a demo. To find out more about Pyramid Analytics contact About Smollan Founded in 1931, Smollan is a global commerce business, delivering growth for retailers and brand owners across five continents. Influencing what, when, where and shoppers browse and buy across multiple touchpoints, through Sales & Merchandising, Activation & Experience, Data & Technology and Digital Commerce. Internationally recognised for our exceptional human platform of over 75 000 people and our sophisticated systems, we drive sales and create brilliant shopper experiences for some of the world’s most loved brands. We are a global business that helps retailers and brands win at the point of purchase. Contact us at About DataOrbis A leading data and technology company, DataOrbis uses its SMART ecosystem of services, solutions and technology to expertly help companies transform into businesses driven by data. With over 50 blue-chip clients, DataOrbis currently processes over 300 sources of data across 60+ countries in multiple languages. In 2020, DataOrbis joined forces with global retail specialist Smollan, increasing its ability to scale, expand and network globally.

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