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Collibra Introduces New Innovations and Integrations to Extend the Value of Customers' Data Ecosystems

Collibra Introduces New Innovations and Integrations

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today announced new innovations and integrations to help customers realize more value from their cloud migration and modernization investments. The latest release of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud provides expanded integrations with leading technology partners, new data quality capabilities, and new out-of-the-box workflows that enable customers to build on existing systems and processes while using Collibra to gain visibility and expand access to trusted data across their organization.

Currently, most organizations rely on a hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystem across many cloud providers and data vendors to support the increasingly complex and large volumes of data they have. According to Gartner[1] more than 75% of organizations use more than one cloud service provider. IDC[2] notes that 95% of organizations are integrating data across hybrid clouds, and 77% of organizations are integrating up to five different types of data in pipelines that are coming from or going to up to 10 different types of data storage and management technologies.

With this complexity, organizations struggle to gain full visibility into their data estate and extract maximum value from their data. The latest release from Collibra helps organizations overcome this challenge by providing data intelligence across multiple sources and empowering teams with the visibility and insights needed to use their data more effectively.

"Organizations are looking to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and strategically leverage their resources to be better positioned in the current economic climate," said Laura Sellers, Chief Product Officer, Collibra. "With these new innovations, our customers can build on their existing cloud and data modernization efforts and simultaneously do more with those investments by using Collibra. It's a game changer for organizations managing complex data ecosystems. This will help our customers improve efficiencies and empower their teams to spend more time and resources focused on innovation and growth."

Collibra is introducing several new and expanded integrations to help organizations gain deeper visibility and clarity into sprawling data ecosystems with improved discovery, understanding, and data protection across more sources. This adds to the over 100 out-of-the-box integrations Collibra already provides.

  • The Databricks Unity Catalog integration provides visibility and understanding of Databricks data by enabling the discovery and governance of assets within Collibra.
  • The Google Cloud Storage integration enables customers to take control of data, scale access, accelerate analytics, and comply with policies with the ability to retrieve, map, and ingest metadata using Collibra.
  • With the Azure Data Factory integration, customers can discover and understand their data by automatically harvesting and stitching lineage, and the Azure Data Lake Storage integration provides a complete view of containers, directories, and files within Collibra.
  • Enhanced BI integrations for Power BI, Tableau and MicroStrategy (public beta) provide users an end-to-end understanding of BI assets by making it easier to interpret technical lineage and track the transformations between objects.
  • Collibra Protect is expanding to support AWS Lake Formation so that users can easily create data access policies in Collibra and push them to AWS to safeguard sensitive data.

The release also includes the general availability of Data Quality Pushdown for Snowflake and the public beta of Data Quality Pushdown for Databricks, which help increase efficiency and reduce the cost of data quality in the cloud. With Data Quality Pushdown, organizations can securely process data directly in the cloud for faster results while using fewer costly resources. New capabilities include automatically discovering rules and detecting anomalies to downstream issues, increasing efficiency by scanning billions of records in seconds without a dependency on Spark, and decreasing costs by securely processing data in Snowflake or Databricks directly – removing fees for data egress.

Collibra continues to focus on tailored experiences so users can act quickly with expanded workflow, lineage and data marketplace capabilities. Users can get started quickly with new out-of-the-box workflows and a workflow deploy button, available as part of the Workflow Designer public beta, that make using and deploying workflows faster than ever. A new UI-based lineage configuration capability enables quick access to lineage with streamlined deployment of out-of-the-box integrations. The Collibra Data Marketplace helps jumpstart productivity with a self-service interface that makes trusted data easy to discover and access. Now, organizations can further tailor the marketplace experience by customizing workflows for specific asset types and ensuring the appropriate workflows are available to data consumers.

As part of the focus on faster value realization, Collibra continues to introduce new Professional Services, training, and self-serve resources. A recently launched new offering is Accelerated Development, part of Coaching Services, which provides multiple hours with a dedicated Architect to complete more intensive projects. Collibra has also recently launched Start Collibra, a self-serve getting started center on the Data Citizens Community, and three new customer webinar series to help customers and partners drive adoption and skill development.

Northern Trust, a financial services company that helps guide the world's most successful families, and institutions through service and collective expertise, uses Collibra as an enterprise-wide data quality and data catalog solution to improve access to data and provide high quality data for insights.

"At Northern Trust, data is knowledge and our competitive advantage. Collibra is at the center of our data strategy, enabling our business to gain clear visibility and understanding of trusted data to support data-driven decisions that help our clients achieve their financial goals," said Adrienne Kiessel, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, Northern Trust. "We're looking forward to continuing to partner with Collibra to deliver more value from our Snowflake investment, improve data quality, and empower the business to leverage data as a strategic asset."

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