Compass UOL and Furious Technologies announce partnership to provide data-driven pricing solutions

Compass UOL | December 24, 2021

Data-Driven Pricing Solutions
Compass UOL, a global digital transformation company, and Furious Technologies, a North American revenue management and pricing optimization solutions provider, announced a strategic collaboration to provide online sellers in Latin America and USA with an integrated digital commerce solution.

The partnership will combine advanced cloud-based data science and Compass UOL's digital next-generation platforms services portfolio with Furious Technologies' artificial intelligence models for data-driven pricing. It will enable organizations to innovate, make better data-driven decisions, solve business challenges, and increase business value. The objective is to seize insights and use data generated by customer digital interactions to help sellers optimize price and increase average value per customer by dynamically recommending relevant products and purchase incentives.

Data-driven pricing, revenue management and higher margins

While typical IT departments deal with an overload of demands and daily problems, which makes it difficult to meet business's innovation and expansion goals, Compass UOL and Furious Technologies believe that end-to-end customer journeys must be created in the cloud and optimized to ensure continuous growth.

According to Alexis Rockenbach, CEO at Compass UOL, many companies are burdened by the need to increasingly use data to drive business decisions, solve supply chain issues and deal with the increasing material costs. As a result, they lack time and attention to customer touchpoints, or to sales and marketing overall.

"Compass UOL and Furious Technologies combine experience, data science and proven methodologies to maximize revenue, deploy state-of-the-art technology, and mentor customer-oriented teams on business acceleration", concludes Rockenbach.

Combining diverse US-based business teams, companies will be able to drive significant business development acceleration, having the potential to serve hundreds of B2B and B2C sellers in Latin America and the United States in the short term, and expand to other regions in the future.

"Compass UOL and Furious' cloud and virtual structure offer customers a scalable solution to meet their immediate needs to both manage risk and combat disruption. This combination of flexibility and experience provides an optimal environment to perform and deliver business transformation solutions. This effort enables businesses to ensure that the entire online journey is set to improve service, revenue and exponentially expand customer reach."

Ashley J. Swartz, CEO at Furious Technologies.


Kuldat is a user-friendly web platform which helps B2B companies find relevant prospective clients, send outbound sales emails and monitor results.


Kuldat is a user-friendly web platform which helps B2B companies find relevant prospective clients, send outbound sales emails and monitor results.

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