Credera Achieves the AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

Credera | March 11, 2022

Credera, a boutique consulting business specializing in strategy, innovation, data, and technology, has earned the Amazon Web Services Data and Analytics Competency. Credera has been recognized for its performance in assisting clients in evaluating and implementing current technologies and best practices for gathering, storing, controlling, and analyzing data at any scale.

Credera is part of Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG), which brings together digital, analytics, and CRM technologies to offer precisely targeted and engaging customer experiences at scale, utilizing Omnicom Group Inc.'s worldwide reach. Credera is home to Omnicom's Amazon Center of Excellence, which has just been upgraded to Data and Analytics Competency.

"Achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency is a celebration of Credera teams working together with our global clients to deliver innovative data solutions powered by modern AWS engineering. We are just getting started, and we're excited to accelerate our efforts to apply the latest AWS technology to our shared customers' toughest challenges."

Ryan Gross, Credera Partner and Data & Analytics leader

James Breeze, Credera Managing Director and UK Cloud Practice leader stated that "Over the past two years, Credera has transformed the way our people and our clients think and work with data. We equip our team members with AWS' market-leading tools to explore data, uncover patterns, and infuse insights into everything we deliver with our clients."

Credera has a strong history of employing AWS technology to create high-value data platforms to solve clients' difficult issues. Credera's significant data platform knowledge is recognized in this Data and Analytics Competency, which shows the unique value Credera generates for customers by using its rigorous data approach. By creating and implementing real-time data insights, solutions like Credera's Marketing Analytics Platform promote customer engagement, conversion, and lifetime value.

Jeff Townes, Credera's Partner of Cloud Solutions and Alliances and Amazon Center of Excellence lead said that "Through our Amazon Center of Excellence, Credera blends world-class talent and proven methods for data science, AWS engineering, analytics, and precision marketing. Our Data and Analytics team continues to innovate to serve our clients together."

Credera, which is headquartered in Dallas, now employs over 3,000 outstanding consultants across the world. Fortune has named it a "Best Place to Work" in the consulting and professional services industries. Credera is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner.


Telemetry streaming through iDRAC 9 is stored and analyzed through the Dell Streaming Data Platform.


Telemetry streaming through iDRAC 9 is stored and analyzed through the Dell Streaming Data Platform.

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