Data Dynamics Launches Insight AnalytiX 1.4

Data Dynamics | March 03, 2022

Data Dynamics
The Unified Unstructured Data Management Leader, Data Dynamics, today announced the launch of Insight AnalytiX 1.4, which is focused on increasing the Data Protection and Security Functionalities of the product. To assist enterprises to assure higher precision in PII/sensitive data discovery and updated remediation capabilities, the upgrade provides flexible and scalable data discovery, deep analytics, and decreased data exposure.

Every year, cybersecurity practitioners confront new problems because of several variables. Attacks by threat actors and the ever-evolving architecture of IT infrastructure, including cloud migration, in addition to external impacts like the pandemic, are all considerations to be considered. As a consequence of the increase and evolution of cyber-attacks, every company is more focused on safeguarding business-critical and personal data.

Insight AnalytiX 1.4 has a number of new features that make it an outstanding tool for identifying and mitigating risks. Users may now create a Data Insight report on a dataset utilizing complex multi-level logical expressions and a mix of logical operators in the newest edition of Insight AnalytiX. It decreases the likelihood of sensitive personal data being overlooked, assuring the most significant level of data discovery accuracy. Deep analytics, both descriptive and diagnostic, are used in the report to enable businesses to gain a clear picture of the risk they face and a simple way to quantify it.

"The latest upgrade in Insight Analytix builds a strong data security shield using scalable and flexible data discovery application and deep analytics. The upgraded risk identification and remediation workflow will certainly help enterprises protect their sensitive data from growing cyber threats."

Helen Johnson, CTO of Data Dynamics

When combined with Data Dynamics' unified data management platform, Insight AnalytiX 1.4 can help businesses unleash end-to-end data management features, including Data Analytics, Data Mobility, Data Security, and Data Compliance.


Are you new to data denormalization and wondering how it can benefit your business?

In this video, we'll provide a beginner's guide to data denormalization, explaining the basics and showing you how it can improve the performance of your data pipelines and models.


Are you new to data denormalization and wondering how it can benefit your business?

In this video, we'll provide a beginner's guide to data denormalization, explaining the basics and showing you how it can improve the performance of your data pipelines and models.

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Bright Data Launches Public Web Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace

Bright Data | December 05, 2022

Bright Data announced today its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and as such, the launch of its Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace. The new solution will provide joint customers with ready-to-use, pre-made datasets to help them acquire the web data they need to make critical decisions and address challenging business questions across every aspect of their organization. Snowflake Marketplace, powered by Snowflake’s ground-breaking cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid, allows companies to get direct access to raw data products and leverage data, data services and applications quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Snowflake Marketplace simplifies discovery, access, and the commercialization of data products enabling companies to unlock entirely new revenue streams and extended insights across the Data Cloud. The new solution will forward customers a unique ability to search, discover, filter through, and obtain large and complete datasets procured by the Bright Data team — containing millions of web data points from public e-Commerce & shopping, travel & tourism, as well as business information websites, refreshed at periodic intervals — to receive comprehensive coverage of entire target websites, delivered within a structured format. Furthermore, customers from across multiple market sectors will be able to request custom-made datasets and subsets of pre-made datasets to create a focus on the specific set of information that provides value to their organizations. Customers will be able to enjoy varying possibilities for data enrichment that can produce additional information on top of the web data already collected from public websites and add further value to the requested dataset. “Both tailored and pre-made datasets are becoming significantly more attractive for organizations of all sizes. “The smartest players are using a combination of both offerings, whether it is specifically tailored public datasets or ready-made to address their most essential questions and provide the immediate answers that drive their organizations further.” Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner “Bringing Bright Data’s datasets to Snowflake Marketplace will enable our joint customers to pursue innovation within their web data collection efforts,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. “As Snowflake continues to empower organizations to mobilize their data, partners like Bright Data give our customers greater flexibility around how they acquire and collect web data at scale.” About Bright Data Bright Data is the industry-leading web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve web data in the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way so they can research, monitor, and analyze it to make better and faster decisions that directly impact their business success.

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Voltron Data Gains Recognition as One of the Ten Hottest Big Data Startups in 2022

Voltron Data | January 09, 2023

Voltron Data, the company advancing data analytics standards and the most significant corporate contributor to Apache Arrow, recently announced that CRN had named it one of the ten hottest big data startups of 2022. Rick Whiting, the editor at CRN, said, "Businesses and organizations continue to be overwhelmed with big data, struggling to effectively manage data that's growing in volume, expanding in variety, and accelerating in speed—never mind efforts to organize and analyze all of it to gain valuable insight that can lead to competitive advantages." Voltron Data is dedicated to developing open-source data standards to uncover the untapped potential of the data analytics industry. Also, customers can utilize these standards to exchange and process massive datasets amongst the applications and tools they are already familiar with. Using popular open-source projects, Voltron Data is building cross-language open standards and creating interchangeable software components to minimize system complexity and increase system performance and efficiency. Apache Arrow: Arrow is a multilingual set of tools for faster data transfer and in-memory computing Ibis: The Ibis framework gives scientists, engineers, and data analysts, the power to access their data via an engine-agnostic Python library Substrait: Substrait aims to establish a cross-language, interoperable standard for data computing operations, connecting analysis tools with computing engines and hardware. 2022 Voltron Data Milestones: February: Voltron Data introduced with $110 million in seed and Series A funding March: The company announced free and paid support offerings for Apache Arrow June: It announced free and paid support offerings for Ibis August: The company further solidified its commitment and contributions to Velox "As exciting as 2022 was, we expect to see even greater adoption of open source standards in 2023." -Josh Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Voltron Data Source-GlobeNewswire About Voltron Data Voltron Data is an emerging organization with its headquarters in California that works to improve the Apache Arrow Ecosystem. The organization believes that building additional bridges throughout the ecosystem will accelerate the development of data tools. Voltron Data is committed to bridging greater gaps in the data science and analytics industries in order to speed up the efficient creation of data products.

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Panasas Tools Available for Data Visibility and Mobility for HPC and AL/ML Workloads

Panasas | February 06, 2023

Panasas®, the data engine for innovation, recently announced the release of PanView™ and PanMove™, the company's software products designed to enhance data visibility and mobility at enterprises deploying high-performance data analytics (HPDA), high-performance computing (HPC), and AI/ML workloads at scale. Panasas PanMove tools enable end users to copy, transfer, and sync data seamlessly between all Panasas ActiveStor® platforms and Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud object storage. In contrast, its PanView tools deliver comprehensive visualization reports for more competent data management practices. The new PanMove and PanView data movement and analytics tools, as additions to the Panasas PanFS® parallel file system software package, cement Panasas' position as a standout storage platform in the fast-growing AI/ML and HPC marketplace. PanView and PanMove's general availability coincides with the recent PanFS 9.3.1 release, which delivers upgrades and performance improvements to Panasas storage environments. Panasas and Atempo, a major data management and protection software maker, collaborated to create the new software tools. The Panasas PanMove software suite enables enterprises to move data across multiple data sites quickly and securely. It includes PanMove Sync, an advanced parallel version of rsync for Posix-to-Posix data movement, and PanMove Advanced by Atempo, a data movement and protection tool with a simple GUI for copying, moving, and syncing data between PanFS-based systems that also support cloud and local S3-compatible object targets. The PanMove package enables a complete data lifecycle for all HPC and AI settings when paired with the Panasas PanMove Backup and Archive licenses. By analyzing data consumption, footprint, and utilization, the Panasas PanView software suite assists enterprises in controlling infrastructure access and expenses. It includes PanView Essentials for native Panasas quick scan technology that enables storage profiling and forecasting. In addition, it incorporates PanView Analytics, powered by Atempo, which provides a consolidated global view of data and extensive insights into activities from a single dashboard for a comprehensive view of the storage environment. About Panasas Founded in 1999, Panasas, the data engine for innovation, offers purpose-built data solutions for high-performance and artificial intelligence (AI) applications in medical sciences, manufacturing, energy, financial services, media, and government. The company's flagship PanFS® parallel file system and ActiveStor® technologies combine exceptional performance, security, scalability, and reliability with the simplicity of management for modern workloads. The Panasas data engine addresses some of the world's most complex challenges, such as treating diseases, developing the next jetliner, producing mind-blowing visual effects, and predicting new possibilities using AI. Its data solutions have been deployed by Fortune 500 companies as well as leading government and research agencies in over 50 countries, including P&G, Boeing, NIO electric vehicles, National Institute of Health, TGS energy exploration, Siemens, Harvard Medical School and NASA.

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