Data Engineering Automation Pioneer Nexla Acquires Fidap

Nexla | August 26, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Nexla , a pioneer in data engineering automation whose customers include JPMorgan, Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, Doordash, Poshmark, and Instacart, announced today the acquisition of Fidap. Fidap provides clean data for advanced analytics and machine learning.

Nexla is a pioneer in data engineering automation that simplifies the process of making data ready-to-use for enterprise data users. Fidap was started by former Google and Bloomberg product leader Ashish Singal based on the challenges he had seen in getting readily usable external data for machine learning. Fidap was backed by Google's AI-focused fund Gradient Ventures, Engineering Capital, and several key angels including Keenan Rice, Sabrina Hahn, and Ankit Jain.

The global big data and data engineering services market is expected to grow to $77.37 billion by 2023 and the Financial Data Service Providers industry is valued at $19.8 billion.

"Nexla has been helping scale data engineering at enterprises through automation. "With Fidap's acquisition, we will be solving last mile challenges in getting ready-to-use data into the hands of data users. It will also broaden the capabilities of Nexsets, our data product solution."

Saket Saurabh, Co-founder and CEO at Nexla

In addition to data engineering tools that help users make data usable, Nexla will now have pre-packaged ready-to-use data sets. These include public datasets such as US Census and Federal Reserve data, and commercial data sets such as equities market data. These datasets will be available in multiple velocities and formats and in major cloud warehouses, live streams, and files in popular cloud storage systems.

Nexla originally started with tools to simplify how companies integrate external and third-party data. This acquisition will bring in Fidap's team and technology to help Nexla go a step further with prepared datasets for data scientists and analysts.

"Despite the economic downturn, Nexla has been running a responsible cash-flow positive operation for the last fifteen months while maintaining a 300% year over year growth rate and a 400% growth rate in its team," says Saurabh.

"At a time of industry wide layoffs and venture capitalists wanting to see a revenue model from the outset, our company has benefited from disciplined execution since day one. We are now leveraging our strategic mergers and acquisitions capabilities to expand both our product portfolio and team."

About Nexla
Nexla is a pioneer in data engineering automation and makes data ready to use for enterprises. Nexla's platform helps teams create scalable, repeatable, and predictable data flows for any data use case. Nexla's customers include JPMorgan, Johnson & Johnson, LinkedIn, Instacart, and Doordash. Analysts, business users, and data engineers across any sector including e-commerce, insurance, travel, and healthcare can use Nexla to integrate, automate and monitor their incoming and outgoing data flows. The end result is predictable and reliable data access inside and outside the organization. In 2021, Nexla was voted a Gartner Cool Vendor for Data Fabric.


As software becomes increasingly important to the everyday processes of the enterprise, developers are being relied on more than ever before to create new and exciting programs. A variety of new software trends will play a key role in 2015


As software becomes increasingly important to the everyday processes of the enterprise, developers are being relied on more than ever before to create new and exciting programs. A variety of new software trends will play a key role in 2015

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Panasas Introduces Advanced Data Insight and Data Movement Suite for HPC and AI/ML Environments

Panasas | November 11, 2022

Panasas®, the data engine for innovation, today announced new data insight and mobility products joining the company’s PanFS software suite. The PanView™ and PanMove™ software solutions bring enhanced data management and analytics tools to Panasas storage that improve visibility and portability of precious data assets at organizations deploying high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads at scale. “Volumes of unstructured data are growing rapidly today, driven by the increasing convergence of traditional HPC and AI workloads. Our customers need integrated, easy-to-use tools that help them predict and optimize data management. “The PanView and PanMove suite continues the Panasas new product trajectory and gives our customers the control they need over their data – across platforms and in the cloud – to turn data insights into mission-critical actions.” Tom Shea, Panasas President and CEO Two products resulted from a new strategic relationship between Panasas and Atempo, a leading software manufacturer for data protection and data management. Panasas PanView™ Analytics by Atempo is a data management and analytics tool that provides end-users with a simple, consolidated global view of their data across Panasas storage systems as well as comprehensive reporting on storage activity from a single dashboard. Panasas PanMove™ Advanced by Atempo is a data movement and protection tool that expands Panasas’ class-leading reliability to reach beyond a single storage cluster. PanMove enables end-users to move large volumes of data easily and reliably between different Panasas ActiveStor® systems, locally and across geographic distances. Data can also be moved between PanFS storage environments and S3 object stores, whether in public or private clouds, or on-prem solutions. When paired with Atempo’s Miria products, end-users can extend this protection, synchronization, and replication even further to backup and archive targets such as tape and tape robotics as well as Azure and Google cloud object storage. Miria's centralized admin interface tracks the status and provenance of data across all those locations, taking a significant step toward a multi-cloud strategy. "We are excited by this close collaboration between our teams to provide a joint scalable and performant storage solution that is reliable, efficient, and easily managed,” stated Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo. “Miria is an innovative all-in-one data portability solution designed to protect, move, and archive large volumes of data. Miria meets the growing needs of today’s customers and partners who require high performance and scalability. Our combined technologies create a very intelligent and validated data management solution.” “We’re delighted to be working with Atempo to provide our customers with the data mobility and insights they need,” said Jeff Whitaker, VP of Marketing and Product at Panasas. “These new offerings are key additions to our PanFS software suite, and they underscore our continued transformation into a multiplatform, software-first company. With an expanding family of software products and our ActiveStor® platforms – all focused squarely on reliability and high performance at scale – we are better addressing the needs of the converging HPC, HPDA, and AI/ML market. We’re excited to deliver our leading high-performance storage solutions to a broader audience.” Panasas will be demonstrating its diversified software solutions at booth #713 at SuperComputing ‘22 in Dallas, Texas on November 14th – 17th, 2022. PanView and PanMove solutions will be available to customers in Q1 2023. About Panasas Panasas builds a portfolio of data solutions that deliver exceptional performance, unlimited scalability, and unparalleled reliability – all at the best total cost of ownership and lowest administrative overhead. The Panasas data engine accelerates AI and high-performance applications in manufacturing, life sciences, energy, media, financial services, and government. The company’s flagship PanFS® data engine and ActiveStor® storage solutions uniquely combine extreme performance, scalability, and security with the reliability and simplicity of a self-managed, self-healing architecture. The Panasas data engine solves the world’s most challenging problems: curing diseases, designing the next jetliner, creating mind-blowing visual effects, and using AI to predict new possibilities. About Atempo Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence that includes thousands of prestigious customers worldwide. Atempo provides solutions to protect, store, move and recover all mission-critical data sets. With over 30 years of data protection and data management, Atempo offers a complete portfolio of solutions from physical and virtual server backup to global data management across heterogenous storage.

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Plotly Releases the Next Generation of Its Low-Code Data App Platform

Plotly | October 18, 2022

Plotly has released Dash Enterprise 5.0, the leading low-code platform for building, scaling, and deploying Python data apps. Version 5.0 grants customers a sophisticated, fully scalable architecture and features that greatly improve the user experience of both IT administrators and app authors. The platform is built on Kubernetes architecture and is compatible across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure cloud service providers. Dash Enterprise 5.0 equips IT platform administrators with new tools for user management, resource management, and security compliance: Multi-server architecture can run hundreds of apps on the same platform. App services scale redundantly across servers, which can easily be added as usage expands. Scripted installation enables customers to easily install Dash Enterprise within their private cloud. It requires little Kubernetes management experience, addressing common pain points around infrastructure provisioning while keeping customers' information behind their firewall. The identity access integration wizard accommodates 10 identity providers, plus custom connections via SAML, OpenID Connect (OIDC) or LDAP, bypassing hours of configuration in seconds and ensuring single sign-on (SSO) and access management for all apps. Platform observability from cluster to app level empowers administrators to view app logs, delete stale apps, rank when apps were recently viewed, or remotely terminate unauthorized user activity. Dash Enterprise 5.0 grants app authors secure collaboration and powerful, low-code data science workflows: Easily scale apps across multiple nodes in the cluster, enabling apps to handle more users and most apps to run two to eight times faster. Co-owner and group permissions enable app authors to collaborate on, manage, and deploy the same app. A modern UI reduces app deployment time by 50% with a built-in Workspace IDE, drag-and-drop data uploads, one-click app templates, and a simple deploy button. Upload, read, update, and cache datasets up to 25 GB per app in a fast, secure, isolated filesystem attached to the app and Workspace, overcoming storage limitations of deployment images and Git repositories without introducing network costs or delays. Visualize 120 million rows of data in less than four seconds. "The Dash framework is downloaded over 1 million times monthly, and data apps are becoming essential to every company's analytics strategy. Dash Enterprise 5.0 combines industry-standard, cloud-native Kubernetes architecture with cutting-edge product design that removes common IT barriers to bringing data apps into production," said Chris Parmer, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Plotly.

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Amazon Unveils Additional Analytics and Data to Empower Seller Success

Amazon | September 19, 2022

Today at Accelerate, Amazon’s annual seller conference, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced new features to Manage Your Experiments, a tool that helps sellers optimize content on product detail pages to drive higher rates of conversion, increasing their sales by up to 25%. Amazon also enhanced the Product Opportunity Explorer and Search Analytics Dashboard with new capabilities that help brands analyze marketing campaigns and identify areas to acquire new customers and drive repeat purchases. This new set of industry-leading tools makes it easier for sellers to tap into customer insights and analytics data to launch new products and increase sales. “We’re focused on supporting sellers as they work to build and grow their business. “The tools we’re announcing today are a direct result of seller feedback and target every step of their Amazon sales funnel, from new customer acquisition to increased lifetime value. We’re committed to continuing to develop tools and features that deliver actionable insights for sellers.” Benjamin Hartman, vice president of Amazon North America Selling Partner Services “We have been working with Amazon since the beginning, leveraging data to build our business into one of the largest jewelry sellers on Amazon,” said Tal Masica, founder of PAVOI Jewelry. “Thanks to enhancements to the Search Analytics Dashboard and Product Opportunity Explorer, we now have the ability to analyze search trends at a granular level, giving us actionable insights to improve both trend forecasting and design for future collections – so we can continue delivering quality sustainable jewelry that our customers love to wear every day.” Amazon offers a range of industry-leading tools that empower sellers to optimize their listings, better understand customers, differentiate their brands, and grow their business. The following new tools were announced at Accelerate 2022: Manage Your Experiments is designed to increase the quality of product detail pages and drive higher conversion. With Manage Your Experiments, brands are able to run A/B tests on their titles, main images, and A+ content to see what performs best. Now, brands can also A/B test bullet points and descriptions, and review machine learning-based recommendations for product images and titles to drive better conversion. Additionally, brands can now opt-in to auto-publish winning experiments to the product detail page, automating their A/B tests. Sellers benefit from traffic from hundreds of millions of Amazon customers, and the new Manage Your Experiments features make it easier to test more content, faster. Search Analytics Dashboard has expanded since its launch in early 2022 to offer a new insights dashboard that provides sellers with anonymized data to better understand customers’ interests and shopping habits. For the first time, brands can download Search Query and Catalog Performance data and new ASIN-level details. This new capability enables brands to easily assess marketing campaigns to identify areas to drive repeat purchases and acquire new customers—either directly from within Amazon’s tools or by combining Amazon data with the seller’s own business data. The enhanced Search Analytics Dashboard is launching worldwide in September. Product Opportunity Explorer builds on its successful beta introduction in 2021, continuing to offer rich, accurate data that helps sellers understand, gauge, and evaluate product opportunities in the Amazon store. Sellers can assess the likelihood of a new product gaining traction with customers and forecast sales potential. For the first time, Amazon has now introduced an enhanced Product Opportunity Explorer with a new feature, Customer Reviews Insight. This feature helps sellers work backward from the customer, using customer feedback from product review insights and product star ratings, to help brands determine what features they should build and prioritize as they launch new products or modify existing ones. Marketplace Product Guidance, initially announced in 2021, has been enhanced to provide Selection Recommendations—products in high demand—for U.S. sellers looking to expand to France, Italy, and Spain. Selection Recommendations give sellers insight as to products not currently offered that fit a seller’s portfolio, surfacing new growth opportunities. The tool takes the guesswork out of which products should be considered in those stores, based on customer demand. These recommendations are personalized and ranked based on their opportunity score as calculated by machine learning models that are designed to predict the best opportunities for new selection. Every year, Amazon invests billions of dollars to improve the infrastructure, tools, services, fulfillment solutions, and resources dedicated to helping sellers succeed. Sellers are responsible for more than half of Amazon’s physical product sales; sellers in our store employed and provided jobs for more than 1.5 million people in the United States. About Amazon Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Amazon strives to be Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company, Earth’s Best Employer, and Earth’s Safest Place to Work. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Career Choice, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Just Walk Out technology, Amazon Studios, and The Climate Pledge are some of the things pioneered by Amazon.

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