Equalum Launches Continuous Data Integration Platform 3.0

Equalum | February 23, 2022

Data Integration
Equalum, a leading provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, has unveiled its most powerful data integration platform since its inception. Equalum's Continuous Data Integration Platform Version 3.0 is the first to natively handle all data integration use cases, including all needed Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Targets, under a single, unified platform with minimal coding. Equalum can be used for real-time streaming, batch ETL, replication, and Tier One Change Data Capture.

Equalum CDIP provides next-generation capabilities and simplicity with a drag-and-drop interface for real-time and batches data pipeline development. In multi-use case settings, the solution provides equivalent or higher performance than single-use case solutions, like CDC or Streaming ETL tools without CDC. Equalum allows data teams to move from having no knowledge of the platform to having a basic understanding in only a few days of onboarding and then go live with their first use case completed in under an hour.

Kevin Petrie, VP of Research, Eckerson Group, stated that "Equalum helps enterprises address the compelling growth opportunity that is created by digital transformation and hyper-cloud adoption. To survive and compete, enterprises need to synchronize operations and analyze opportunities on a real-time basis. This requires automatically integrating live data across hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments."

Equalum has added hundreds of new features to Version 3.0. And other new offers and refinements, to make complicated transformations and data manipulations easier.

Support for All Required Cloud Targets
Equalum has added support for a variety of Azure, Google Cloud targets, and AWS, involving Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and other databases, as well as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google DataProc, Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud Database. Oracle Databases on SQL Server, Google, and Azure are also supported.

Equalum's Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP)
OBLP has been enhanced to provide an even better performance, making it a perfect replacement for Oracle's deprecated Logminer. Equalum provides 10x throughput increases, an optimized CDC strategy, and current pricing based on flows and endpoints.

SQL Replication Binary Parser (SRBP)
This CDC duplication is based on its SQL Server transactional comparative and requires no installation on the database server. When comComparedSQL Server CDC Solution, Equalum minimizes the effect on SQL Server by 90%, providing improved performance, throughput, and less pressure on production databases.

Cloud Target Expansion
3.0 adds support for Google, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure Cloud Targets. If you decide to switch to one of these main cloud targets in the future, Equalum completely supports and future-proofs data integration.

Replication Group Enhancements
Enhancements to Replication Groups – Replication groups, built right into the overall Continuous Data Integration Platform, make extensive data migrations and cross-platform data warehousing (replicating to a data lake or data warehouse) and maintaining tens of thousands of items a breeze (UI). Equalum synchronizes Initial Acquisition and Change Data Capture (CDC) to assure "once-and-for-all" data capture.

Automatic Schema Evolution (enhanced)
When column changes or the schema is changed in other integration solutions, data pipelines frequently fail. All changes are caught and suitably propagated in real-time using Equalum's schema evolution, which is automated and straightforward.

Industry-First Native Support for all Data Integration Utilizes Cases with no-code
This is the industry's first native support for all data integration use cases. Equalum is the first in the industry to offer Streaming ETL and ELT and Batch ETL and contemporary, multi-modal Change Data Capture, all on a single, unified platform with a no-code user interface.

From simple pipeline building to huge operationalization, Equalum enables the complete data intake development cycle. For all data pipelines in the system, the platform provides full moncompleteing and execution metrics. Equalum's architecture also offers high availability and failover protection, ensuring data is protected as volume and velocity increase.

Equalum is enhanced for real-time streaming data, IoT streaming, improved batch data intake, data file transformation for real-time analytics, real-time ERP/CRM data access, MemSQL data replication, and enterprise-wide data consolidation to data lakes. Real-time streaming (ETL/ELT), real-time Change Data Capture (CDC), and data warehouse ETL performance enhancements are among the enterprise efforts supported.


Hear why SQL on Hadoop is the future of analytics. Mike Xu, Looker Data Architect and Evangelist will share how recent updates to SQL query engines like Spark and Presto are finally allowing companies to harness Hadoop’s processing power for analytics. Looker Data Analyst Eric Feinstein shares how a top 10 health insurance company built an in-cluster data platform using Looker to make all their data in Hadoop accessible to thousands of analysts and business users across the company every day.


Hear why SQL on Hadoop is the future of analytics. Mike Xu, Looker Data Architect and Evangelist will share how recent updates to SQL query engines like Spark and Presto are finally allowing companies to harness Hadoop’s processing power for analytics. Looker Data Analyst Eric Feinstein shares how a top 10 health insurance company built an in-cluster data platform using Looker to make all their data in Hadoop accessible to thousands of analysts and business users across the company every day.

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2600Hz is a telecom services provider delivering cloud communications solutions to MSPs, ISPs, and telecom resellers. 2600Hz's platform KAZOO modernizes how businesses provide communications services to their customers. Whether it be voice, mobile, video, fax or SMS, 2600Hz simplifies and opens the cryptic black box of telecom. 2600Hz is privately held and is based in the San Francisco Bay area, with international offices. 2600Hz had standardized on Edgecore equipment with Cumulus Linux before NVIDIA acquired Cumulus and stopped supporting Broadcom. 2600Hz wanted to stay on an open networking platform to avoid lock-in. Upgrading to a Pica8 solution allowed 2600Hz to retain their hardware system of choice, and enabled a logical path to upgrade for future expansion. Products Used After a short evaluation, 2600Hz initially upgraded a small cluster from Cumulus to PicOS, and over time have transitioned 3 sites to PicOS. Pica8 spine/leaf software switches are deployed using Edgecore Open Network Platform in three Data Centers: New Jersey, Chicago and Sunnyvale Deployment Notes 2600Hz uses PicOS in both Top-of-Rack (TOR) and aggregation switches. The use cases are standard Data Center Networks where the TOR uses an MLAG configuration for high availability and the aggregation layer requires L3 routing. For the TOR layer, the MLAG must provide maximum LACP flexibility, including LACP fallback and fast mode, to enable PXE boot and fast fail over handling for various servers. "When asked about the decision process of choosing Pica8 during the evaluation stage, pointed out that support of open networking standards was crucial. PicOS is a Linux based NOS running on an unmodified Debian Linux. Orchestration with Ansible was the decisive factor in choosing Pica8. It is very similar to Juniper Junos. Anyone with Junos experience will easily make the transition to PicOS with minimal training The migration itself was done easily, and usability was intuitive. He highlighted the role of Pica8 Support in the transition process Pica8 Support has been extremely helpful to introduce features that the network depends on. LACP Fall Back is an example. This made the transition from Cumulus to Pica8 easier. PicOS integrates with 2600Hz's product offerings such as Self Sign-up; PicOS is very easy to use." -Tyler Kiziah, DevOps Manager2600Hz. About Pica8- Pica8 is the industry's open networking software alternative to Cisco, Juniper and Arista for the enterprise. Pica8's AmpCon™ Network Controller for centralized management and automation and PicOS® Software Switches for networking and security have successfully replaced Cisco DNA Center and Catalyst Switches and competing Juniper and Arista solutions for campus, data center and distributed site networks within Fortune 500 enterprises. Pica8 software is deployed at over 1,000 customers in over 40 countries.

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