Foursquare Acquires Geospatial Analytics and Visualizations Platform Unfolded

Foursquare | May 24, 2021

Unfolded, a next-generation tool for geospatial analytics was acquired by Foursquare today. With the inclusion of Unfolded's capabilities to the Foursquare technology stack, companies and brands will soon be able to not only access Foursquare's industry-leading location data but also interact with it in an integrated platform for merging, enriching, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data - in whatever environment they want.

"Welcoming Unfolded to the team makes the Foursquare platform more powerful, robust, and accessible to our clients and partners," said Gary Little, Foursquare's President, and CEO. “With this acquisition, we are moving closer to our ambitious target of taking Foursquare Everywhere and enabling businesses to realize the full potential of the location and geospatial data and technology.”

Unfolded provides open-source geospatial databases as well as a versatile range of advanced tooling, including its main offering, Unfolded Studio, a self-service app that helps you to turn your geospatial data into insightful maps in minutes. Its expert co-founders have designed several of the leading open source geolocation innovations, including Kepler. gl, deck. gl, and H3.

"Combining Unfolded's strong geospatial technology with Foursquare's comprehensive location data is a winning combination," said Sina Kashuk, co-founder and CEO of Unfolded. "The collaboration will help us establish ourselves as an industry powerhouse, as many companies have one or the other but not both. We will provide completely new integrated solutions for companies that need good geospatial data and analytics to make use of it by joining forces. We are excited to be mapping this different path of geospatial intelligence."

This acquisition accelerates Foursquare's evolution as the single source for high-quality, easy-to-use location data and the technology needed to make sense of it. Customers can easily view and add spatial features to a wide range of first-party and third-party data sets to address important market problems ranging from location selection and competitor conquest to transaction improvement and customer loyalty, among other things.

Foursquare's financial advisor was The Raine Group, and its legal advisor was Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

About Foursquare

Foursquare is the leading independent source of location technology. Our technologies assist businesses in making more informed decisions and developers in creating more immersive experiences.


Data lakes have emerged as a primary platform on which data architects can harness Big Data and enable analytics for data scientists, analysts and decision makers. Analysis of a wide variety of data is becoming essential in nearly all industries to cost effectively address analytics use cases such as fraud detection, real-time customer offers, market trend/pricing analysis, social media monitoring and more.


Data lakes have emerged as a primary platform on which data architects can harness Big Data and enable analytics for data scientists, analysts and decision makers. Analysis of a wide variety of data is becoming essential in nearly all industries to cost effectively address analytics use cases such as fraud detection, real-time customer offers, market trend/pricing analysis, social media monitoring and more.

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TIBCO Unlocks the Power of Master Data Management Software-as-a-Service with the New TIBCO Cloud EBX

TIBCO | July 14, 2022

TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in enterprise data, empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes, solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. Today, TIBCO announced the release of TIBCO Cloud™ EBX®, an innovative, powerful Master Data Management (MDM) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. TIBCO Cloud EBX enables users to manage corporate data from anywhere, including master data, reference data, and metadata. As a SaaS offering, EBX® now delivers self-service access of cloud-native MDM capabilities to customers for faster, smarter implementation. The solution is part of TIBCO Cloud™ Passport, a new consumption-based pricing plan, which enables flexible FinOps (financial operations) and access to all TIBCO SaaS capabilities under a single model. This allows companies to quickly scale their MDM needs without operational complexity. Now part of the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence Cloud, EBX shares a single point of access to TIBCO’s innovative suite of products, accelerating the customer data management journey. This includes award-winning iPaaS capabilities for data integration, along with robust analytics that empower all users to extract key insights from any data across all domains. These services offer TIBCO Cloud EBX users centralized user management, regional availability, scalability, and robust security services from an ISO 27001-certified platform. “The growing number of enterprise applications hosted in the cloud has opened the data flood gates, and organizations are struggling to keep up with managing data. There is also a clear need for better data management and compliance across environments, especially data in the cloud. “TIBCO Cloud EBX offers our customers a holistic and trusted view of all of their data, delivering an MDM SaaS solution with embedded access to industry-leading visual analytics, data science workbench, and model operationalization capabilities through TIBCO Cloud.” Mark Palmer, senior vice president, engineering, TIBCO A centerpiece of TIBCO’s Agile Data Fabric blueprint, TIBCO Cloud EBX is a one-stop shop for managing data, delivered in an agile, low-code/no-code platform that speeds time-to-market and accelerates business outcomes, while managing risk and compliance. Core features now delivered as-a-service in TIBCO Cloud EBX include: Agility Through Model-Driven Design: Implementing an agile, model-driven process for data management enables organizations to start small and adapt over time. Active data governance helps users securely manage and track updates to their data via guided workflow, while robust data lifecycle management allows users to easily manage past, present, and future versions of master data. Ability to Manage Every Data Domain: TIBCO Cloud EBX delivers a cloud-native, multi-domain MDM solution across master, reference, and metadata in a single offering. Robust hierarchy management includes all types of hierarchies and any number of alternate hierarchies, which helps provide a critical and holistic understanding of data relationships. Smart match-and-merge functionality makes it easier than ever to configure match rules, create enhanced golden data records, simplify data stewardship, and preserve data lineage. Lastly, advanced search and query supports easy-to-use search capabilities for all users across their data, using a powerful built-in query language. Fast Integration and Access to All Data: Enhancements enable organizations to effortlessly import or export bulk data and support integration patterns with APIs for REST and SOAP. Finally, businesses can accelerate time-to-value by unlocking distributed on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud data, no matter where it resides, and delivering that data to wherever it's needed. TIBCO Cloud EBX offers an increased level of governance and compliance, democratizing data across the enterprise and unleashing the power of collaboration. MDM-as-a-service scales as the business grows and delivers the most holistic multi-domain data management capabilities businesses need to make faster, smarter decisions. “TIBCO Cloud EBX offers new, more flexible options to deploy our data anywhere and everywhere,” said Jean-Marc Viallatte, vice president, supply chain group, Arkema. “We expect to leverage this new as-a-service offering to deploy our data fabric throughout the world with more flexible cloud operations and the ability to scale our usage up and down more easily. Implementing data management as-a-service helps us better control our costs and get more people involved in working with shared data.” About TIBCO TIBCO Software Inc. unlocks the potential of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. Our Connected Intelligence Platform seamlessly connects any application or data source; intelligently unifies data for greater access, trust, and control; and confidently predicts outcomes in real time and at scale.

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Data Governance Leader Privacera Receives Digital Innovator Award

Privacera | May 26, 2022

Privacera, the unified data access governance leader founded by the Apache Ranger founders, announced today that it has been named to Intellyx's 2022 Digital Innovator Awards. Intellyx is an industry analyst company that focuses on enterprise digital transformation and the disruptive vendors that support it. The Digital Innovator Awards are in their second year. Intellyx recognizes suppliers that have passed the company's rigorous briefing selection procedure. Privacera was acknowledged for its security and management advancements, particularly its capacity to build need-to-know access restrictions. The explosion of data and continued digitization across all industries makes it an exciting time to be deeply involved in data access governance. Privacera continues to assert itself as a coveted leader in the space and recognitions like this latest award from Intellyx are validation that we're making a difference. We set out to assist enterprises in ensuring responsible use of data, and have helped some of the world's largest companies along their data journeys." Privacera CEO Balaji Ganesan Privacera has had a busy start to 2022, having just published Privacera Platform 6.3 and PrivaceraCloud 4.3, both of which enable comprehensive data governance automation and extended support throughout the cloud partner ecosystem. Privacera is quickly expanding, having quadrupled its staff size since the beginning of 2021. The company was just given "Data Management Innovation of the Year" at the 2022 Data Breakthrough Awards for PrivaceraCloud, and in 2021, Wing Ventures called it one of an exclusive group of startups with "the most potential to tectonically transform how enterprises run for the better." Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx said that "At Intellyx, we get dozens of PR pitches each day from a wide range of technology vendors. We will only set up briefings with the most disruptive and innovative firms of the lot. That's why it made sense for us to call out the companies that made the cut."

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CloudFabrix Announces Robotic Data Automation Fabric Availability

CloudFabrix | June 13, 2022

CloudFabrix, the developer of the Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF), which unifies Observability, AIOps, and Automation, has announced its launch on self-service cfxCloud, an AWS-hosted SaaS platform. RDAF's patent-pending method uses Bots and a low-code approach to simplify and automate AIOps and Observability processes. Enterprises have struggled to communicate effectively around their data, limiting their capacity to adapt and thrive with Digital Transformation, gain meaningful insights, and innovate. There is a growing recognition that every AI challenge begins with a data problem. This is causing what Accenture refers to as the "Data Value Gap," in which 80% of effort is spent on data preparation. According to Forrester, 60-70% of gathered data is useless owing to data quality, and 55 percent employ a manual technique, with a skill gap of 50%. Data is siloed, and just 16% report having agile data supply chains. These difficulties are addressed front on by Robotic Data Automation Fabric. Gartner as the No. 1 trend for I/O leaders in 2022 and the No. 3 trend has highlighted data Fabric in 2021. Data Integration and Data Automation address the problem of data preparation and data quality by transforming, enriching, and contextualizing data. Low code 1000+ data and AI Bots Marketplace are used to fill skill gaps. Customers and partners can create new Bots and pipelines or leverage existing pipelines. Low latency, streams-based Data Fabric, capable of ingesting billions of real-time events and messages, addresses data silos at the edge, data center, and multi-cloud. As a result, RDAF provides integrated and enhanced real-time data to operational and analytical workloads and use cases. The RDAF platform provides several real-time data management use cases across sectors, including OSS / BSS for Telcos, MSPs, BFSI, and Healthcare Enterprises. Customer 360, machine data/IoT/Industrial IoT management, operational intelligence to accurately predict customer churn, detect fraud, and deliver customized service, multi-tenant data privacy management, test data management, unifying observability, AIOps, and automation across business and IT systems are a few examples. The RDAF platform used in the form of cfxCloud and cfxEdge, which operate as microservices in AWS cloud or hybrid data centers. The Log Intelligence service, which increases TCO and productivity by 50% and MTTR by 60% for Splunk and SIEM customers, is one of the latest services released utilizing RDAF. Log Intelligence service performs log reduction and correlation while routing full fidelity copies and persisting to either an S3 bucket with timestamps or SnowFlake, enriches log with CVE, MITRE feeds, or geo IP looks-up using Infoblox, performs log replay to your preferred stream, and facilitates EdgeAI and anomaly detection. For end users and consulting channel partners, the Log Intelligence service is accessible on AWS Marketplace as a consumption and contract listing.

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