GigaDevice Selects PDF Solutions Exensio Analytics Platform to Support Rapid Semiconductor Growth

GigaDevice | February 15, 2022

PDF Solutions, Inc. , a global provider of differentiated data and analytics solutions to the semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced that GigaDevice (Stock code: 603986), a global provider of semiconductors for memory, microcontrollers, and sensors has selected Exensio® Fabless from PDF Solutions for advanced analytics, production monitoring, and reporting across all of its semiconductor products.

As a market leader in NOR flash memory, MCUs and sensors, GigaDevice has a significant product portfolio of semiconductor devices. In addition, as a fabless semiconductor company, GigaDevice also operates a complex supply chain comprised of foundry, assembly and test subcontractor partners. Over the past several years, the company has accelerated product development to meet the needs of its customers. As a result, there has also been a corresponding increase in product data volume and analytic challenges. One of the strategic initiatives of GigaDevice during this time was to implement a comprehensive approach to product data analytics and reporting that could be applied on an enterprise level.

To meet the big data challenges brought about by the company’s rapid growth, GigaDevice selected the PDF Solutions Exensio analytics platform. The powerful combination of robust data management and flexible product setup and configuration made Exensio Fabless an ideal fit for its supply chain environment. Since deploying Exensio Fabless, GigaDevice engineers routinely improved their analytics throughput and efficiency by 50-80% due to the powerful data analytics and advanced reporting capabilities that are built into the Exensio platform.

"The Exensio analytics platform is a well-known solution in the semiconductor industry and PDF Solutions has an excellent local support team to meet the data analysis needs of GigaDevice. With the continuous growth of GigaDevice product lines and the increasing manufacturing product volume, I believe that Exensio Fabless can provide our engineers with the most efficient and accurate data analysis capabilities.”

Feng Jun, Director of the Product Integration Department of GigaDevice

"We are very proud of our strong business relationship with GigaDevice," said Jia Jun, Head of China Business Development at PDF Solutions. "Starting from a focused evaluation, to the formation of a commercial cooperation plan that included optimized analysis and reporting templates for the GigaDevice engineering team, PDF Solutions helped GigaDevice establish a comprehensive big data analytics platform that is intended to help them increase the success of their world-class fabless operations.”

About the Exensio Platform
The PDF Solutions’ Exensio analytics platform is an enterprise-level, end-to-end analytics environment that architected to empower engineers and data scientists across the semiconductor ecosystem to rapidly improve the yield, quality, and profitability of their devices. Combined with PDF Solutions’ professional services, the Exensio analytics platform is designed to enable its customers to realize the benefits of Industry 4.0 by transforming how the ecosystem collects, analyzes, and shares data.

About PDF Solutions
PDF Solutions provides comprehensive data solutions designed to empower organizations across the semiconductor ecosystem to improve the yield and quality of their products and operational efficiency for increased profitability. The Company’s products and services are used by Fortune 500 companies across the semiconductor ecosystem to achieve smart manufacturing goals by connecting and controlling equipment, collecting data generated during manufacturing and test operations, and performing advanced analytics and machine learning to enable profitable, high-volume manufacturing.

Founded in 1991, PDF Solutions is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. The Company (directly or through one or more subsidiaries) is an active member of SEMI, INEMI, TPCA, IPC, the OPC Foundation, and DMDII.

PDF Solutions, the PDF Solutions logo, and Exensio are trademarks or registered trademarks of PDF Solutions, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

About GigaDevice
GigaDevice Semiconductor (stock number 603986), founded in Silicon Valley in 2005, is a global fabless semiconductor company engaged in advanced memory technology and IC solutions. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high-performance Flash Memory products. It is one of the companies that pioneered SPI NOR Flash Memory and have powered up more than 10 billion electronic devices in the world since 2010. The company is committed to the design and development of various high-speed and low-power memory and microcontroller products.


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In our digital world, bad actors have a bigger terrain than ever before to wreak data security havoc. Which strategies are CIOs and CISOs using to stay resilient in the face of ongoing attacks? And how do they foresee the threat landscape ahead? Pulse and Salesforce surveyed 300 InfoSec and IT executives to find out. Get the lat

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Alation | February 27, 2023

Alation Inc., a leading enterprise data intelligence solutions provider, has recently introduced Alation Marketplaces. This new product offers third-party datasets to supplement existing data in Alation Data Catalog, allowing for more comprehensive analysis. Furthermore, Alation has expanded its Anywhere platform to include Microsoft Teams and Connected Sheets to Microsoft Excel, providing data users with direct access to contextual information from the catalog within their preferred tools. The use of third-party data can reveal opportunities and risks that enterprises may miss with their proprietary data. For example, while industries like air travel rely on internally produced data on customers, fuel, and predictive maintenance to operate, external data, such as weather patterns, is also crucial to optimize customer experience and streamline operations. However, as third-party data providers proliferate, sourcing reliable data can be time-consuming and challenging. With Alation Marketplaces, users can easily explore third-party external data from vendors like Snowflake, Amazon Web Services, and to complement existing data in Alation Data Catalog. In addition, the product offers easy-to-scan sample data and a single, well-organized environment that allows everyone in an organization to conveniently find and integrate external data that would otherwise be difficult to locate. Alation Anywhere for Microsoft Teams will be available soon, allowing data teams and business users to preview metadata from Alation Data Catalog directly within Microsoft Teams and collaborate with others seamlessly. This builds on the existing Alation Anywhere integration for Tableau and Slack. Additionally, Alation Connected Sheets now supports Microsoft Excel, enabling business users to import trusted data from various source databases in real time into the most commonly used spreadsheet tool. About Alation Alation is a leading enterprise data intelligence solutions provider for data search and discovery, data stewardship, data governance, analytics, and digital transformation. Its products include a powerful Behavioral Analysis Engine, open interfaces and collaboration tools, combining machine learning with human insight to manage data and metadata effectively. Over 450 companies, including American Family Insurance, AbbVie, Autozone, Cisco, Fifth Third Bank, Draft Kings, Munich Re, Exelon, Finnair, NASDAQ, Parexel, Virgin Australia, Pfizer, Salesforce and Vistaprint, use its offerings to improve decision-making and realize business outcomes. Alation's solutions dominate the data catalog market, helping organizations to drive a data culture and overcome the most demanding challenges in data management.

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Altair Announces Altair RapidMiner: One Converged Platform for Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Altair | March 17, 2023

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced the rebrand of its entire data analytics and AI suite as Altair RapidMiner, uniting all data analytics technology into one platform. Following the acquisitions of RapidMiner and World Programming, the Altair RapidMiner platform offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions from data ingestion and modeling to operationalization and visualization. Additionally, the platform is now available via Altair Units, delivering a new generation of Frictionless AI capabilities to customers. "Altair RapidMiner removes barriers to effectively connect three of an organization's most important assets: data, people, and processes. With an unrivaled and complete set of tools to transform organizations, we are paving the way to a frictionless future," said Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair. "The platform enables users of all skill levels to accelerate projects from idea to production, modernizes legacy environments, and caters to enterprise needs with desktop and cloud offerings. We meet you where you are and evolve with your company, wherever you go in the future." The Altair RapidMiner platform delivers breadth and depth across the analytics lifecycle with unique capabilities that overcome the most challenging obstacles organizations face along their digital transformation journey. Most notably, Altair RapidMiner: Scales AI initiatives without requiring a big team of data scientists or expensive services engagements. Organizations can upskill their workforce so users from novice to expert can leverage the tools needed to provide data-driven insights. Empowers users to extract and prep data easily from any source, working with reports and PDFs that are core to the business. Alleviates the pressure of modernizing expensive legacy environments. Teams can create, maintain, and run SAS language programs, models, and workflows directly in a multi-language environment (e.g. Python, R, SQL). Gets more models into production. Teams can operationalize models faster and monitor them continuously across one shared MLOps environment. Processes and displays massive amounts of fast-changing data. Users can build sub-second streaming, batch, and business intelligence (BI) data applications. Whether an organization requires end-to-end or composable analytics, Altair RapidMiner enables customers to deliver the right tool at the right time to their diverse teams. Upskill Your Organization In addition to the Altair RapidMiner platform, Altair helps organizations shape their data analytics programs and upskill their employees with the Center of Excellence (CoE) methodology. The CoE identifies the highest priority use cases and helps tackle those first, upskills the business line teams so they can address data analytics problems themselves, and trains everyone – from business analysts to data scientists – to use the right tools for the problem. Training is available through the Altair RapidMiner Academy, which provides self-paced, persona-based learning for users of all skill levels and industries. These programs offer bite-sized learning alongside curated courses and pathways, designed to match roles, knowledge domains, and skill levels. Altair Units: Freedom, Flexibility, and Value Historically, the data analytics sector has revolved around named-user pricing that drives up costs and limits access. Altair Units – Altair's gold standard software licensing system – democratizes access to data analytics solutions while simultaneously making it more affordable than ever to access these tools. The ability to access all of Altair's data analytics and AI products via Altair Units gives users the flexibility to run software anywhere, the freedom to choose what software tools they need when they need them, and unparalleled value that maximizes use and minimizes cost. About Altair Altair is a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI) that provides software and cloud solutions in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), data analytics, and AI. Altair enables organizations across all industries to compete more effectively and drive smarter decisions in an increasingly connected world – all while creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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Astera 2022 Recap: From Bagging Award to Launch of Astera Data Stack Version 10.0

Astera Software | December 28, 2022

Astera Software, headquartered in California, is a fast-expanding enterprise-ready data management solutions provider to help businesses bridge the gap between data and insight. The company has had an eventful year in 2022, from offering new solutions to participating as official sponsors at events and earning accolades. Here is a quick look at all of Astera's accomplishments in 2022. Milestones Achieved Astera Data Stack bagged one of the most prestigious award programs in the world at the 19th Annual International Business Awards, the Silver Stevie Award. The award honored Astera Data Stack as the finest solution designed to simplify and automate an organization's data management process by integrating disparate data from several sources. The company was also named "Best Support Software 2022" at the Software Suggest Recognition Summer Awards 2022. This was due to the outstanding performance and unmatched dedication of the support personnel, along with the positive reviews by customers. Events Early in September, Astera attended the AIRI IT Summit 2022 as one of the event's official sponsors. The Senior Director of MIS at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology, John Stillwage, showed how Astera Data Warehouse Builder could help companies strengthen an enterprise-grade data warehouse with a no-code interface. The team also showcased Astera Data Stack, an end-to-end, unified data management platform, and received a favorable reaction from attendees at this event. New Product Launch Astera released Astera Data Stack version 10.0 in September with some interesting new capabilities and enhancements for more streamlined data management. The latest version comes with a new feature called AI Capture. This AI-powered feature automatically identifies key values and tables in a document and creates templates that can quickly and accurately capture all the information. About Astera Astera is the leading provider of enterprise-level data management solutions. Based in California, US, the company offers robust, code-free, end-to-end data management solutions. These solutions include data warehousing, data integration, data extraction, electronic data exchange, and API lifecycle management. Astera is trusted by top government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations, including the USDA, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Novartis, Xerox, HP, and Raymond James.

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