Kyligence Expands Its AI-Augmented Intelligent Data Cloud to Identify, Manage and Accelerate Insights for the Most Valuable Enterprise Data Assets

Kyligence | August 11, 2021

Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the AI-augmented data services and management platform Kyligence Cloud, today announced Kyligence Cloud 4.5, a self-tuning analytics platform that powers interactive data applications, dashboards, ad-hoc analytics, and real-time streaming data.

“We started 2021 with the release of the first ever intelligent data cloud,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO, Kyligence. “With Kyligence Cloud 4.5, we have expanded our scope to include faster ad hoc and streaming analytics. This will enable data teams to provide optimal performance across three distinct analytics approaches with a single product. All this is accomplished using the same AI-augmented engine and governed by the same semantic layer.”

Kyligence Cloud 4.5, the only intelligent data cloud for petabyte-scale analytics, extends performance improvements beyond the distributed OLAP capabilities of Apache Kylin. With the addition of
Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage and the integrated Clickhouse database, Kyligence is now the only solution on the market capable of accelerating analytical queries and ad-hoc analysis in a single platform. Additionally, with new Kyligence Real-Time, Kyligence nowsupports a hybrid analytics model that can analyze both historical data and real-time data  sources.

“The Kyligence vision of the Intelligent Data Cloud helps to solve the problems of data failure between the original application systems, chaotic data management processes, and the growing breadth and variety of KPIs," said Alex Yang, Portfolio Lead for Costa Coffee. "The native architecture design of the cloud can take advantage of the characteristics of flexible scaling on the cloud and requesting resources on demand to help us effectively control costs. Complete monitoring makes it very convenient for IT personnel to operate and maintain and know the real usage of business users.”

“Analytics processes can be challenging and complex for organizations,” said Dave Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “We expect by 2023, more than three-quarters of analytics processes will be enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline operations and increase the value that can be derived from data. Kyligence 4.5 does just that with AI to help organizations optimize the use of its new features such as storage tiers and a unified semantic model.”

Smart Tiered Storage
Kyligence Tiered Storage provides a cloud-native way to deploy, maintain and accelerate different types of queries with a single, multimodal AI-augmented analytics engine. This negates the need to deploy several different analytics engines to customer data pipelines and therefore greatly reduces the cost of analytics operations and maintenance.

The integration of Clickhouse - the high-performance open source OLAP database - significantly improves the performance of both ad-hoc and detailed queries. With cloud object storage/HDFS and Clickhouse serving as two available storage tiers, Kyligence covers queries of all kinds - controlled and optimized by the same AI-augmented engine. With Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage, business users can still rely on the Unified Semantic Layer using their preferred visualization tool without the need to know the underlying computation and storage mechanism.

Kyligence Real-time
Kyligence Real-Time helps provide maximum data freshness for businesses who wish to conduct data monitoring and hybrid analysis of historical data and current data by offering a low latency, real-time query engine. Separate products are no longer required for batch and real time analytics. Instead, customers can run a hybrid architecture that reduces the complexity of analytics pipelines, shortens development cycles, and lowers operation and maintenance costs for IT.

Sync Semantic Layer to Power BI
Creating different data models to use with each BI tool leads to unnecessary complexity and inconsistency across reports and groups. The Kyligence Unified Semantic Layer reduces confusion and human error by providing all users and tools with consistent definitions and business views of their most valuable data assets. Kyligence 4.5 extends our semantic layer to support Power BI. Organizations that use Power BI can now leverage the same consistent business definition and views as the other users.

Kyligence Cloud 4.5 will be generally available at the end of August 2021 on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, with support for Google Cloud Platform to follow.

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  • View the Kyligence Cloud Test Drive

About Kyligence
Founded by the creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligence Cloud provides an intelligent analytics performance layer that sits between data sources and BI tools. Kyligence features an AI-augmented learning engine to ensure peak performance and vastly simplified data modeling. The result is sub-second query response time for BI, SQL, OLAP, and Excel users againstpetabytes of data.


Big Data Analytics helps decision makers to identify the problem areas in various business practices, eliminating the risks and improving business productivity. Big Data Analytics is also based on analyzing succinct patterns for identifying credible and reusable processes to retune business efficiency…


Big Data Analytics helps decision makers to identify the problem areas in various business practices, eliminating the risks and improving business productivity. Big Data Analytics is also based on analyzing succinct patterns for identifying credible and reusable processes to retune business efficiency…

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InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, today announced the launch of Platform Sigma, the next evolution in first-party data collaboration and privacy protection. These enhancements, the most significant update in InfoSum’s history, provide organizations with the safest, most secure, and most interoperable infrastructure to build and manage their own data clean rooms. Platform Sigma is the next-generation data collaboration platform, enabling full-scale transformation, application, and analysis of first-party data without sharing or movement. Platform Sigma provides a featherweight software layer that can sit on top of any existing technology stack to power private and secure collaboration between multiple first-party datasets. These enhancements solve the advertising ecosystem's interoperability challenges and allow for faster and more seamless marketing use cases including deep consumer insights, cross-channel activation, and measurement, with end-to-end protection and security. “InfoSum has been the driving force behind the rapid adoption of data clean rooms and privacy-enhancing technology. Platform Sigma takes InfoSum’s lead in the industry even further,” said Brian Lesser, InfoSum Chairman and CEO. “Platform Sigma represents the next stage in data collaboration, eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data – safely and securely – with no risk and no limits.” Included in the Platform Sigma release: Cloud Vault A file streaming solution that lives within our client’s cloud infrastructure to fully operationalize first-party data without movement, enabling organizations to select, join, and publish data for collaboration with complete control. Transformation Enables enterprise organizations to easily manage, prepare, process, query, and activate first-party data. Transform complex, multi-dimensional datasets as well as log-level files, saving both time and money for users. App Exchange Create deeper connections with data and analytics partners through an integrated development framework that enables third parties to build web applications directly on our secure infrastructure to provide advanced insights and functionality. Query Engine Seamlessly build and execute advanced analytical models, data visualizations, and more with direct access to a robust library of pre-canned and bespoke queries to optimize planning, segmentation, and measurement strategies. Open API Accelerate the adoption and use of privacy-enhancing technology across the enterprise tech stack with full API access to the InfoSum platform for greater ease of use within your own environment. “As our clients continue to scale their first-party data strategies - privacy protection is top of mind. Tools like Platform Sigma allow us to focus on driving strategy and delivering better customer experiences, while allowing our clients to maintain full control of their data. “As InfoSum continues to innovate, Platform Sigma will provide the security, flexibility and speed necessary to enable full-scale use of our clients first-party data.” Slavi Samardzija, Global CEO of Annalect “InfoSum has been an integral partner in our first-party data strategy and has played a fundamental role in both the evolution of Planet V and advancements in our marketing sophistication. With the launch of Platform Sigma, InfoSum enables us to deliver even more advanced and granular analytics that will unlock new opportunities for ITV and our partners,” said Lara Izlan, Director of Data Strategy at ITV. “As an early adopter of data clean room technology, we understand the complexities of privacy-safe data collaboration, and Platform Sigma provides the necessary advancements in our mission to maintain end-to-end security and privacy protection for our partners.” As part of the Platform Sigma launch and the next phase for InfoSum will be the launch of Safe Audience Transfer, an open-source project that leverages the company’s patented privacy-enhancing technology in order to create interoperability between all data silos and systems including clean room-to-clean room operations. Safe Audience Transfer currently powers InfoSum Bunker-to-Bunker interoperability ensuring complete non-movement of data when executing multi-party computation and collaboration within a data clean room, and will be a crucial piece in the democratization of data security and privacy protection for all. About InfoSum InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform and the only secure data clean room infrastructure, empowering global businesses to safely use their first-party data at scale to deliver better customer experiences. InfoSum is the only solution that enables true multi-party computation and analysis across unlimited data sets to unlock the full potential of customer data without risk of exposure or misuse. InfoSum’s patented Safe Audience Transfer ensures the complete non-movement of data to create the most protected, most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network.

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Hightouch | June 14, 2022

Hightouch, the premier data activation provider, has extended its relationship with Snowflake, the Data Cloud business, to give joint clients seamless access to data activation in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Hightouch's platform is natively accessible inside Snowflake, allowing clients to launch Hightouch directly from their Snowflake account. Hightouch is a Snowflake Partner Connect-enabled Data Activation partner. Moreover, Hightouch has been designated as a Snowflake-ready and Premier Partner, indicating that it is a verified partner that follows the Data Cloud's best practices for product integrations. "Hightouch is ushering in the last-mile of analytics, enabling customers to leverage Snowflake as an end-to-end data platform. Through Snowflake Partner Connect, using Hightouch with the Data Cloud is secure, easy, and nearly instant." Tarik Diwek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake Hightouch's reverse ETL capabilities combine with Snowflake to develop platforms in a matter of hours, as opposed to classic data platforms, which may take up to 12 months to install. This activates data across destinations such as marketing and advertising platforms, resulting in a shorter time-to-value and more insights. Organizations can achieve higher efficiency in governance, resources, and security by centralizing customer data workloads in Snowflake, all while increasing the pace of innovation. Tejas Manohar, CEO and co-Founder at Hightouch said that "With Snowflake Partner Connect, Hightouch continues to advance the data activation category. Our extended partnership with Snowflake makes it seamless for organizations to create activation workloads that immediately impact revenue, from improving ad spend to increasing marketing conversions to reducing customer churn."

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Yext | June 17, 2022

Yext, Inc., the Answers business, announced today a collaboration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to enhance the analytics capability of its award-winning platform. Customers can enhance their digital experiences with extremely specific insights from search queries, reviews, and other kinds of online interaction with Yext analytics, powered by Snowflake. Yext leverages the Snowflake Data Cloud via the Powered by Snowflake initiative to create safe data sharing capabilities and a single source of truth for search analytics. Customers of Yext can now securely access and act on key insights by using Snowflake's platform's speed, size, and performance. "Analytics has always been a key focus of ours, and that's only become more important now that Yext answers questions across websites, search engines, apps, and chatbots. Snowflake allows us to turn data into insights — it's that simple. We've continuously innovated to deliver exceptional value to our customers, and Snowflake provides us with the edge we need to take our platform to the next level." Maxwell Shaw, SVP of Product Management at Yext Yext's partnership with Snowflake is on full display at this year's Snowflake Summit, which takes place June 13–16 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and brings together thousands of Snowflake's partners, customers, and industry peers to network, collaborate, and learn about Snowflake and emerging trends in data and analytics. Yext powers search on the conference app and website, providing participants with quick access to information on sessions, presenters, logistics, and more. Scott Schilling, Senior Director, Global Partner Development at Snowflake said that, "With Snowflake's powerful engine purpose-built for modern data applications, Yext is positioned to deliver faster time-to-value for end users. Snowflake's partnership with Yext enables joint customers to unlock data-driven insights with advanced analytics, driving better experiences wherever users look for answers."

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