Kyligence Expands Its AI-Augmented Intelligent Data Cloud to Identify, Manage and Accelerate Insights for the Most Valuable Enterprise Data Assets

Kyligence | August 11, 2021

Kyligence Expands Its AI-Augmented Intelligent Data Cloud to Identify, Manage and Accelerate Insights for the Most Valuable Enterprise Data Assets
Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and developer of the AI-augmented data services and management platform Kyligence Cloud, today announced Kyligence Cloud 4.5, a self-tuning analytics platform that powers interactive data applications, dashboards, ad-hoc analytics, and real-time streaming data.

“We started 2021 with the release of the first ever intelligent data cloud,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO, Kyligence. “With Kyligence Cloud 4.5, we have expanded our scope to include faster ad hoc and streaming analytics. This will enable data teams to provide optimal performance across three distinct analytics approaches with a single product. All this is accomplished using the same AI-augmented engine and governed by the same semantic layer.”

Kyligence Cloud 4.5, the only intelligent data cloud for petabyte-scale analytics, extends performance improvements beyond the distributed OLAP capabilities of Apache Kylin. With the addition of
Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage and the integrated Clickhouse database, Kyligence is now the only solution on the market capable of accelerating analytical queries and ad-hoc analysis in a single platform. Additionally, with new Kyligence Real-Time, Kyligence nowsupports a hybrid analytics model that can analyze both historical data and real-time data  sources.

“The Kyligence vision of the Intelligent Data Cloud helps to solve the problems of data failure between the original application systems, chaotic data management processes, and the growing breadth and variety of KPIs," said Alex Yang, Portfolio Lead for Costa Coffee. "The native architecture design of the cloud can take advantage of the characteristics of flexible scaling on the cloud and requesting resources on demand to help us effectively control costs. Complete monitoring makes it very convenient for IT personnel to operate and maintain and know the real usage of business users.”

“Analytics processes can be challenging and complex for organizations,” said Dave Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “We expect by 2023, more than three-quarters of analytics processes will be enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline operations and increase the value that can be derived from data. Kyligence 4.5 does just that with AI to help organizations optimize the use of its new features such as storage tiers and a unified semantic model.”

Smart Tiered Storage
Kyligence Tiered Storage provides a cloud-native way to deploy, maintain and accelerate different types of queries with a single, multimodal AI-augmented analytics engine. This negates the need to deploy several different analytics engines to customer data pipelines and therefore greatly reduces the cost of analytics operations and maintenance.

The integration of Clickhouse - the high-performance open source OLAP database - significantly improves the performance of both ad-hoc and detailed queries. With cloud object storage/HDFS and Clickhouse serving as two available storage tiers, Kyligence covers queries of all kinds - controlled and optimized by the same AI-augmented engine. With Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage, business users can still rely on the Unified Semantic Layer using their preferred visualization tool without the need to know the underlying computation and storage mechanism.

Kyligence Real-time
Kyligence Real-Time helps provide maximum data freshness for businesses who wish to conduct data monitoring and hybrid analysis of historical data and current data by offering a low latency, real-time query engine. Separate products are no longer required for batch and real time analytics. Instead, customers can run a hybrid architecture that reduces the complexity of analytics pipelines, shortens development cycles, and lowers operation and maintenance costs for IT.

Sync Semantic Layer to Power BI
Creating different data models to use with each BI tool leads to unnecessary complexity and inconsistency across reports and groups. The Kyligence Unified Semantic Layer reduces confusion and human error by providing all users and tools with consistent definitions and business views of their most valuable data assets. Kyligence 4.5 extends our semantic layer to support Power BI. Organizations that use Power BI can now leverage the same consistent business definition and views as the other users.

Kyligence Cloud 4.5 will be generally available at the end of August 2021 on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, with support for Google Cloud Platform to follow.

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About Kyligence
Founded by the creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligence Cloud provides an intelligent analytics performance layer that sits between data sources and BI tools. Kyligence features an AI-augmented learning engine to ensure peak performance and vastly simplified data modeling. The result is sub-second query response time for BI, SQL, OLAP, and Excel users againstpetabytes of data.


While some experts say data lakes are turning into "data swamps," new research from Eckerson Group shows otherwise. A survey of 400+ professionals reveals 55% have data lakes in production. Dive in to see how users of all types are finding valuable insights in data lakes, and what gaps remain.

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C3 AI Reinvents Enterprise Software UX With C3 AI Data Vision

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C3 AI, the Enterprise AI application software company, today announced the launch of C3 AI® Data Vision, an AI-powered knowledge graph and insight capability that enables near real-time investigation and collaborative data analysis using interactive, intuitive graph network visualizations. Today’s enterprise software is inadequate in representing and delivering insights from the massive volume of data available inside and outside of the enterprise. Enterprise software often consists of static lists and forms, and antiquated workflows fail to properly capture the insights from the data at every point in the user workflow to make it insightful and actionable. Redefining enterprise software with the addition of C3 AI Data Vision, C3 AI adds to its strong portfolio of products including the C3 AI Suite, C3 AI Applications, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina. C3 AI Data Vision is an AI-powered knowledge and insight product enabling the future of enterprise software. C3 AI Data Vision enables advanced network and temporal analytics through a rich visual and interactive workflow-enabled interface. C3 AI Data Vision allows organizations to extract valuable insights from their data by interrelating disparate data, machine learning (ML) models, and associated processes to provide graphic visualization and analysis, allowing analysts to conduct deep investigations powered by enterprise AI. Using C3 AI Data Vision, organizations can: Readily visualize and understand the interdependencies of data, application processes, ML models, and user personas as modeled in the C3 AI Suite. Run more effective analyses through a unified graphical representation of all entities and interactions across time and space. Accelerate investigations with enterprise AI that automatically surfaces relevant entities, relationships, and patterns, while locating supporting evidence through a comprehensive metadata catalog and data lineage. Attain new insights more quickly and effectively through secure and scalable data ingest pipelines that parse information in near real-time and immediately expose the most recent insights to all users with alerts and collaborative workflows. "C3 AI Data Vision changes the game in enterprise AI. This represents a step function in intuitive user-interface design for enterprise application software. After three decades, we have finally moved beyond clunky tables and forms." C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel With C3 AI Data Vision, data analysts and developers can easily: Visualize data from multiple sources, including both structured and unstructured data. Use predictive relationship management (e.g., people, organizations, locations, things, and events) in a time-varying graph network visualization while capturing and maintaining all temporal and spatial relationships. Review all interactions across entities and visualize the interaction density across time, discovering patterns and temporal shifts to reveal next best actions and explore new hypotheticals. Uncover potential targets, anomalies, complex patterns, and entity relationships via AI-based insights. Visualize all metadata relationships for data, analytics, and ML models, including the rich reusability and inheritance structure. Trace all data and analytic outputs back to their source. C3 AI Data Vision is available for all C3 AI applications and is available as a stand-alone data visualization product. About, Inc., Inc. (NYSE:AI) is the Enterprise AI application software company that accelerates digital transformation for organizations globally. C3 AI delivers a family of fully integrated products: C3 AI® Suite, an end-to-end platform for developing, deploying, and operating large-scale AI applications; C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS AI applications; C3 AI CRM, a suite of industry-specific CRM applications designed for AI and machine learning; and C3 AI Ex Machina, a no-code AI solution to apply data science to everyday business problems. The core of the C3 AI offering is an open, model-driven AI architecture that dramatically simplifies data science and application development.

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While some experts say data lakes are turning into "data swamps," new research from Eckerson Group shows otherwise. A survey of 400+ professionals reveals 55% have data lakes in production. Dive in to see how users of all types are finding valuable insights in data lakes, and what gaps remain.