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MayStreet Launches Next Generation of Market Data Analytics Product

MayStreet, the industry’s leading market data technology and content provider, today announced the launch of the next generation of Analytics Workbench, the firm’s ready-to-use, cloud-based market data analytics environment. Through Analytics Workbench, data analysts can quickly and efficiently query the MayStreet Market Data Lake to drive mission-critical trading workflows without having to manage data capture, delivery or storage.

Key features of new Analytics Workbench include the ability to:

  • Query and extract data using Python or R for analysis within Workbench or in any other location, whether in the cloud or on-premise
  • Leverage pre-configured Jupyter® notebooks to support out-of-the-box query capabilities
  • Perform ad-hoc analyses or schedule batch jobs to support ongoing reporting requirements
  • Instantly parallelize and scale ad-hoc or scheduled code across the cloud with integrated support for Dask clusters
  • Upload internal order data or other third-party data to leverage in conjunction with MayStreet market data to support TCA, fill analysis and best execution reporting
  • Query results provided in normalized or raw PCAP formats and create reports using powerful visualization tools
  • Flexible deployment options, either fully managed within MayStreet’s cloud environment or integrated within a client’s cloud
  • Achieve performance objectives with optimized cluster parallelization

“The completely revamped Analytics Workbench realizes our goal of letting users bring their queries to our data, freeing them from the difficult and costly work of managing the data themselves. For the first time, our vast repository of ultra-high-quality global market data is accessible in a ready-to-use environment that leverages cloud economics. It’s also highly customizable, letting clients choose the level of performance they desire so that costs can be managed based on their needs. For capital markets data analysts, the new Analytics Workbench is a true gamechanger.”

Naftali Cohen, MayStreet’s Chief Revenue Officer

Dave Thompson, Senior Vice President, Frontend Engineering, added: “In the process of redeveloping Analytics Workbench from the ground up, we identified several tools such as Dremio, Dask and Jupyter that could elevate its performance, functionality and scalability. By integrating these and other technologies, we have been able to create a truly modern data access and analytics tool built for the cloud. We’ve had many conversations with clients over the past 18 months about their hopes for a product like this, and we’re very pleased with the end result.”

The new version of Analytics Workbench is currently being used by multiple clients, including a global investment bank, an exchange and a quantitative hedge fund. MayStreet expects additional clients to begin using the product over the coming weeks. Analytics Workbench was used by market structure researchers Robert Bartlett, Justin McCrary and Maureen O’Hara for their recent paper on the impact of odd lot quotes.

“MayStreet’s comprehensive, high-quality exchange data allowed us to document the vital importance of odd lot quotes in today’s equity markets, especially for higher-priced stocks,” said Bartlett, Faculty Director at the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy. “Without reliable access to the historical data feeds for all exchanges, such a study would simply not be possible given that these quotes are excluded from the SIP data. Additionally, leveraging MayStreet’s Analytics Workbench gave us the computational capacity we needed to process quickly the vast quantities of data.”

MayStreet’s release of Analytics Workbench is the latest in a series of enhancements to the MayStreet Market Data Lake. Other recent enhancements include access through a new High Performance Query (HPQ) API, the introduction of full-depth-of-book data for all US listed options markets and the round out of its global coverage with the addition of all major equities and futures markets in Asia-Pacific.

About MayStreet
MayStreet delivers the highest-quality, most complete global market data available. The firm’s solutions – which include the highly accessible Market Data Lake feed repository and Bellport Enterprise feed handler – help market participants generate maximum value from exchange data by delivering it when, where and how they want to receive it. With MayStreet, clients are freed from the difficult and costly work of sourcing and processing market data, leading to lower total cost of ownership, improved decision-making and better performance.



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Google Cloud and Bloomberg Unite to Accelerate Customers Data Strategies

Bloomberg | November 06, 2023

Bloomberg and Google Cloud integrate Data License Plus (DL+) with BigQuery for efficient data access and analytics. Customers can access fully modeled data within BigQuery, eliminating data preparation time. Mackenzie Investments adopts DL+ ESG Manager to host the acquisition, management, and publishing of Multi-vendor ESG data. Bloomberg has unveiled a new offering designed to accelerate the data strategies of Google Cloud customers by integrating Bloomberg's cloud-based data management solution, Data License Plus (DL+), with Google Cloud's fully managed, serverless data warehouse, BigQuery. Now, with access to Bloomberg's extensive experience modeling, managing, and delivering vast quantities of complex content, mutual customers can receive their Bloomberg Data License (DL) data, entirely modeled and seamlessly combined within BigQuery. As a result, organizations can leverage the advanced analytics capabilities of Google Cloud to extract more value from critical business information quickly and efficiently with minimal data wrangling. Through this extended collaboration, customers can harness the powerful analytics features of BigQuery and tap into Bloomberg's extensive collection of datasets available through Data License to power their most essential workloads. Bloomberg's Data License content offers a wide variety, including reference, pricing, ESG, regulatory, estimates, fundamentals, and historical data, supporting operational, quantitative, and investment research workflows, covering over 70 million securities and 40,000 data fields. Key benefits include: Direct Access to Bloomberg Data in BigQuery: Bloomberg customers can seamlessly access Bloomberg Data License content within BigQuery, allowing for scalable use across their organization. This eliminates the time-consuming tasks of ingesting and structuring third-party datasets, thereby accelerating the time-to-value for analytics projects. Elimination of Data Barriers: Google Cloud and Bloomberg will make Bloomberg's DL+ solution available to mutual customers via BigQuery. This allows for the delivery of fully modeled Bloomberg data and multi-vendor ESG content within their analytics workloads. In a recent announcement, Bloomberg revealed that Mackenzie Investments has selected DL+ ESG Manager to host the acquisition, management, and publishing of multi-vendor ESG data. This move positions Mackenzie Investments to implement ESG investing strategies more efficiently and develop sophisticated ESG-focused insights and investment products, with BigQuery playing a central role in powering these analytics workloads moving forward. Don Huff, the Global Head of Client Services and Operations at Bloomberg Data Management Services, stated that as capital markets firms are in the process of migrating their workloads to the Cloud, their customers require efficient access to high-quality data in a preferred environment. He expressed excitement about extending their partnership with Google Cloud, aiming to stay at the forefront of innovation in financial data management and to enhance their customers' enterprise analytics capabilities. Stephen Orban, the VP of Migrations, ISVs, and Marketplace at Google Cloud, stated that Google Cloud and Bloomberg share a common commitment to empowering customers making data-driven decisions to power their businesses. He mentioned that the expanded alliance between the two companies would allow customers to effortlessly integrate Bloomberg's leading datasets with their own data within BigQuery. This would simplify the process of conducting analytics with valuable insights related to financial markets, regulations, ESG, and other critical business information.

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SAS Introduces SAS Health Transforming Healthcare Data Management

SAS | September 15, 2023

SAS has launched SAS Health, an end-to-end enterprise solution focused on healthcare analytics and data automation. SAS Health is powered by a common health data model with predefined mappings to industry standards. SAS' introduction of SAS Health is part of its $1 billion commitment to invest in AI-powered industry solutions over the next three years. SAS, a globally renowned leader in AI and analytics, has recently unveiled SAS Health, an innovative end-to-end enterprise solution designed for analytics and data automation in the healthcare sector. This innovative platform streamlines health data management, enhances data governance and expedites the generation of valuable patient insights. Within the healthcare industry, the cumbersome process of consolidating data from various systems and formats has been a significant impediment in the development and deployment of scalable healthcare analytic solutions that can benefit both individuals and communities. The patient insights generated through these analytics, ranging from the proactive identification of gaps in clinical staffing to the visualization of screening center distribution relative to the patient population, enable healthcare systems to gauge the quality of each patient interaction and make positive contributions to the care of individuals with complex chronic conditions. In pursuit of a solution to the challenge of providing healthcare providers and payers with centralized, secure, and analytics-optimized data, SAS Health is powered by a common health data model with predefined mappings to widely recognized industry standards. With just a few secure connection details entered, customers can rapidly embark on addressing the most critical aspects of enhancing patient care. Leveraging the capabilities of the analytics and AI platform SAS Viya, SAS Health facilitates the swift extraction of actionable insights, all while ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations. Gail Stephens, VP of Health Care and Life Sciences at SAS, commented, "Having one consistent, common data model built on a powerful advanced analytics platform is pivotal for hospital systems and the future of health care delivery. SAS Health offers an extraordinary opportunity to advance patient care and treatment through improved efficiencies in data and analytics frameworks, which ultimately will allow health care payers and providers to deliver better outcomes, more quickly." [Source: Cision PR Newswire] SAS Health's common health data model on SingleStore will serve as a central hub for integrating diverse health data with financial, clinical, and operational information, offering an efficient and adaptable approach that reduces costs and simplifies data accessibility. The cloud-native solution will streamline the ingestion of data from multiple industry standards, commencing with the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), all in a no-code/low-code format. The global adoption of the FHIR industry data standard, which delineates how healthcare information can be exchanged among various computer systems, continues to grow. Prominent electronic health record (EHR) companies are swiftly embracing FHIR, and in the United States, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have mandated its use. The introduction of SAS Health is one of the outcomes of SAS' recent commitment to invest $1 billion in AI-powered industry solutions over the next three years. This investment, announced in May 2023, builds upon SAS' decades-long dedication to providing tailored solutions for various industries, including government, banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, telecommunications, media, and more, to address their unique challenges effectively.

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SAS accelerates delivery of novel medicines using AI and analytics

WebWire | September 29, 2023

SAS, a leader in AI and analytics, is helping to revolutionize the use of clinical trial data so new medicines can be delivered to patients faster than before. After a thorough evaluation, SAS has been chosen by global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to help increase efficiency and drive automation in the delivery of statistical analyses for clinical and post-approval submissions to regulatory authorities, via SAS’s cloud-based software and technologies. SAS will support the redesign of clinical and patient data flow by delivering industry-leading analytics and AI, manage changing trial designs in a fast-evolving regulatory environment, enable data re-use, and help accelerate reporting and submission timelines. It will also deliver increased capacity, automation, interoperability, and flexibility to bring in and analyze diverse and novel patient data sources – such as those coming from wearables, sensors and precision medicine – as part of the submissions process. This will be achieved by supporting the analysis and reporting phases with SAS® Life Science Analytics Framework and SAS® Viya®, a scalable and powerful cloud-based industry platform enabling swift decision-making regardless of data volumes or complexity using modern cloud technologies. This has the potential to provide significant productivity gains by driving faster time to market and reduced IT costs. The SAS and AstraZeneca partnership will enable teams across the organization to collaborate and increase clinical research innovation. Christopher J Miller, VP Biometrics at AstraZeneca, said, This partnership with SAS supports the transformation of how we use clinical data to support our patient-centric approach and focus on getting medicines to patients faster than ever before. It will also allow us to introduce new ways of working and embrace new technologies and trial models to accelerate our portfolio. Bryan Harris, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said, “I’m delighted that SAS is building on the strong relationship it has had with AstraZeneca over many years by being part of this transformation program. The work they do positively impacts the lives of millions of people around the world. “This is exciting because we have solidified a great foundation between our companies, but we also recognize we are just scratching the surface. We pay attention to technology and the advancements in AI, and we thrive on thinking through how our technology blended with AstraZeneca’s expertise and insight can create new medical solutions for their customers.” About SAS SAS is a global leader in AI and analytics software, including industry-specific solutions. SAS helps organizations transform data into trusted decisions faster by providing knowledge in the moments that matter. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®.

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