MayStreet Launches Next Generation of Market Data Analytics Product

MayStreet | March 02, 2022

MayStreet, the industry’s leading market data technology and content provider, today announced the launch of the next generation of Analytics Workbench, the firm’s ready-to-use, cloud-based market data analytics environment. Through Analytics Workbench, data analysts can quickly and efficiently query the MayStreet Market Data Lake to drive mission-critical trading workflows without having to manage data capture, delivery or storage.

Key features of new Analytics Workbench include the ability to:

  • Query and extract data using Python or R for analysis within Workbench or in any other location, whether in the cloud or on-premise
  • Leverage pre-configured Jupyter® notebooks to support out-of-the-box query capabilities
  • Perform ad-hoc analyses or schedule batch jobs to support ongoing reporting requirements
  • Instantly parallelize and scale ad-hoc or scheduled code across the cloud with integrated support for Dask clusters
  • Upload internal order data or other third-party data to leverage in conjunction with MayStreet market data to support TCA, fill analysis and best execution reporting
  • Query results provided in normalized or raw PCAP formats and create reports using powerful visualization tools
  • Flexible deployment options, either fully managed within MayStreet’s cloud environment or integrated within a client’s cloud
  • Achieve performance objectives with optimized cluster parallelization

“The completely revamped Analytics Workbench realizes our goal of letting users bring their queries to our data, freeing them from the difficult and costly work of managing the data themselves. For the first time, our vast repository of ultra-high-quality global market data is accessible in a ready-to-use environment that leverages cloud economics. It’s also highly customizable, letting clients choose the level of performance they desire so that costs can be managed based on their needs. For capital markets data analysts, the new Analytics Workbench is a true gamechanger.”

Naftali Cohen, MayStreet’s Chief Revenue Officer

Dave Thompson, Senior Vice President, Frontend Engineering, added: “In the process of redeveloping Analytics Workbench from the ground up, we identified several tools such as Dremio, Dask and Jupyter that could elevate its performance, functionality and scalability. By integrating these and other technologies, we have been able to create a truly modern data access and analytics tool built for the cloud. We’ve had many conversations with clients over the past 18 months about their hopes for a product like this, and we’re very pleased with the end result.”

The new version of Analytics Workbench is currently being used by multiple clients, including a global investment bank, an exchange and a quantitative hedge fund. MayStreet expects additional clients to begin using the product over the coming weeks. Analytics Workbench was used by market structure researchers Robert Bartlett, Justin McCrary and Maureen O’Hara for their recent paper on the impact of odd lot quotes.

“MayStreet’s comprehensive, high-quality exchange data allowed us to document the vital importance of odd lot quotes in today’s equity markets, especially for higher-priced stocks,” said Bartlett, Faculty Director at the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and the Economy. “Without reliable access to the historical data feeds for all exchanges, such a study would simply not be possible given that these quotes are excluded from the SIP data. Additionally, leveraging MayStreet’s Analytics Workbench gave us the computational capacity we needed to process quickly the vast quantities of data.”

MayStreet’s release of Analytics Workbench is the latest in a series of enhancements to the MayStreet Market Data Lake. Other recent enhancements include access through a new High Performance Query (HPQ) API, the introduction of full-depth-of-book data for all US listed options markets and the round out of its global coverage with the addition of all major equities and futures markets in Asia-Pacific.

About MayStreet
MayStreet delivers the highest-quality, most complete global market data available. The firm’s solutions – which include the highly accessible Market Data Lake feed repository and Bellport Enterprise feed handler – help market participants generate maximum value from exchange data by delivering it when, where and how they want to receive it. With MayStreet, clients are freed from the difficult and costly work of sourcing and processing market data, leading to lower total cost of ownership, improved decision-making and better performance.


Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed over 600 business and IT leaders to understand their use of data analytics and the challenges they face in delivering the right data for faster, more accurate decisions.


Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed over 600 business and IT leaders to understand their use of data analytics and the challenges they face in delivering the right data for faster, more accurate decisions.

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Matillion Accelerates Productivity for Data Teams with Key Ecosystem Integrations

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Matillion, the leader in data productivity, today announced technical and cloud ecosystem partnerships to accelerate the value of data within enterprises. Varying skill levels, competing protocols, and a mix of processes and platforms keep modern data teams from delivering what the business needs. Seventy-five percent of data teams believe that outdated migration and maintenance processes are costing their organizations time, productivity, and money — at an annual price tag of up to $43.5 million. The Data Productivity Cloud is a data integration platform that allows teams of all skill levels to deliver business-ready data through cloud-native ELT (data extract, load, and transform). "Enterprises on a cloud data modernization journey need to prioritize a data stack that works in harmony with other platforms to achieve rapid time to value and trusted insights. The Data Productivity Cloud is a stack-ready platform that integrates with the platforms we need to deliver business-ready data to improve customer experience," said Harveer Singh, chief data architect and head of data at Western Union. "We use Matillion to load, transform, synchronize and orchestrate our data to produce a single source of truth in our data warehouse and connect to various business intelligence tools." Data teams improve efficiency using Matillion Data Productivity Cloud and these integrated accelerators: Healthcare Data Integration in Snowflake: FHIR Data Loader powered by Matillion and Hakkōda is a low-code solution that makes it easier for healthcare data teams to load FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) data in Snowflake, then transform the data into a fully structured format for more accessible analytics. AWS Redshift Serverless Scale: allows customers to easily run and scale analytics without provisioning and managing data warehouse clusters. Matillion users can choose Redshift Serverless agent from the drop-down menu inside Matillion ETL to scale data analytics. AllCloud's Matillion One Click solution: accelerates customers' journey to the cloud for data analytics by automating the setup and maintenance of data pipelines, monitoring costs and performance, and managing upgrades and disaster recovery, reducing deployment time by 75%. Collibra integration for end-to-end data lineage: as Collibra's Rising Star Partner of the Year 2022, Matillion integrates with Collibra to create unified data lineage that maps inbound and outbound data flows and stitches data objects to existing assets in the Collibra data catalog. "Working with FHIR data has become necessary for healthcare data teams. This dynamic and private data needs to be integrated for analytics but proves difficult to manage for legacy or point solution data platforms," said Patrick Buell, VP of consulting and co-founder at Hakkōda. "With Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud and Hakkōda's FHIR Starter accelerator, healthcare data professionals can load and transform FHIR data into Snowflake for faster time to insights. Solutions which used to require very senior expertise are now as easy as drag and drop." "The Data Productivity Cloud enables teams to get the most out of their data infrastructure, using native integrations and low maintenance connectors to help enterprises use more of their data and put it to work. "We are proud to partner with leading cloud technology providers and system integrators that put the customer at the center of their innovations and support data teams to deliver insights quickly." Josh Lewis, VP of global channels and alliances at Matillion About Matillion Matillion is The Data Productivity Cloud Matillion helps teams get data business-ready, faster — accelerating time-to-value and increasing the impact data can have. Thousands of enterprises including Cisco, DocuSign, Pacific Life, Slack, and TUI trust Matillion to load, transform, sync, and orchestrate their data for a wide range of use cases from insights and operational analytics, to data science, machine learning, and AI.

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Precisely | December 15, 2022

Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the regional expansion of its unique location identifier, the PreciselyID, for its World Points of Interest (POI) data offering. Points of interest located in the US, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, and Singapore now benefit from accurate, standardized, and meaningful data – allowing businesses to streamline location-based decision-making across multiple regions of operation. Disruption from the pandemic and other world events has had a lasting impact on many aspects of day-to-day life, including shopping habits, work location, and travel behaviors – making it even more important for businesses to be able to access accurate and current data on points of interest. But keeping POI data fresh is no small feat, even for companies such as Google, who recently revealed that it removed seven million fake business profiles and prevented 12 million from being created throughout 2021 alone. Standardizing POI data is just as difficult; differences in address standards, language, character variations, or a lack of accurate address data, make it challenging for companies to effectively operationalize data from multiple regions. Unlike other address identifiers on the market that associate a business name to an address, the PreciselyID is appended to both the location’s coordinates and the address and will remain constant over time. If a business closes and a new one opens in the same location, Precisely processes this change so that the PreciselyID will reflect the attributes for the new point of interest. As a result, businesses that use addresses as a primary data input will always have access to the most accurate data about any given location, enabling insights without needing geospatial tools or specialized skillsets. “Businesses today need reliable answers about the world around them. If a clothing boutique closes, and the location becomes a coffee shop, it has an impact on the level of traffic, and types of shoppers, workers, and visitors to that area. “That’s why we associate the PreciselyID with an address and location, so our customers always have access to accurate, verified, and standardized data for detailed insights that matter to their business.” Dan Adams, SVP – Data and Operations, at Precisely POIs enabled with the PreciselyID have been cleansed, standardized, and verified by Precisely’s best-in-class geo addressing. As a result, organizations can quickly enrich records with accurate data while saving processing time and simplifying complex geospatial analysis. With access to a portfolio of over 400 datasets containing more than 9,000 attributes, Precisely customers can increase the accuracy, usability, and overall value of their business data and build context for faster, more confident decisions. The regional expansion unlocks new capabilities for a wide variety of industries, including: Retail – Leveraging location insights for site selection and management, locating competition and demand to identify opportunities for new stores or consolidation Financial Services - Validating merchant data and achieving a 360-degree view of the changing landscape they operate in Insurance – Helping to understand adjacent risk – including whether a property is located near to a high-risk building, such as a chemical plant Telecommunications – Obtaining a full view into the places where people congregate, supporting telcos with their goal of providing high levels of coverage and keeping customers connected Public Sector – Understanding where people work, shop, and spend their leisure time, enhancing planning for public transport networks, emergency services, and planning About Precisely Precisely is the global leader in data integrity, providing accuracy, consistency, and context in data for 12,000 customers in more than 100 countries, including 99 of the Fortune 100. Precisely’s data integration, data quality, data governance, location intelligence, and data enrichment products power better business decisions to create better outcomes.

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