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McLaren Applied's ATLAS software adds powerful new analytics capabilities with KX partnership

McLaren Applied's ATLAS software adds powerful new analytics

Engineering and technology pioneer McLaren Applied has announced a new data and analytics partnership with leading technology company KX, maker of kdb+ the industry's most trusted Data Timehouse™ and the KDB.AI vector database. The integration will see McLaren Applied's already industry-leading ATLAS platform benefit from integration with KX's advanced kdb+ vector native, time series database, giving motorsport teams the ability to monitor race data, run complex AI and ML queries, and make real-time decisions in the garage for maximum benefit.

McLaren Applied's ATLAS (Advanced Telemetry Linked Acquisition System) software package captures, distributes, displays and analyses data from control and data logging systems. Typically used in Motorsport and Automotive applications to date, the addition of KX's third-party software brings the power of ATLAS to other industries and use cases, such as Condition Monitoring, offering better prediction and detection of anomalies, and enabling operators to take preventative action before problems arise.

ATLAS users can now leverage cutting-edge data analysis and visualisation enhanced by KX's extreme scalability and market-leading performance. Both powerful and efficient, with a memory footprint of only 800kb, kdb+ can process workloads up to one hundred times faster than traditional stores and at a fraction of the cost. Using this power to augment the insights provided by ATLAS, complex analyses of large datasets in real-time become simpler and easier than ever.

Conversely, existing KX customers can also now leverage ATLAS's capability to better understand the behaviour of multiple systems and subsystems via forensic data examination of high frequency data. This not only offers a better way of visualising higher rate data, but allows users to manipulate and process data for more in-depth analysis.

Speaking of the announcement, Richard Saxby, Director, Motorsport at McLaren Applied said: "The integration of KX's kdb+ software with our already industry-leading ATLAS platform is fantastic news for both McLaren Applied and our customers. This partnership demonstrates our continued determination to deliver ever greater power, speed and agility to race teams on the pit wall, enabling them to do the same on track. It also opens opportunities for us to bring the power of ATLAS to customers in new markets.

"We look forward to seeing how kdb+ compatibility enhances our customers' capability and experience, demonstrating the full potential of ATLAS that can be realised through further in-house and third-party development."

Ashok Reddy, CEO at KX, added: "KDB.AI, the industry's number one vector database, handles both structured time series and unstructured data with unparalleled proficiency - a critical function in the fast-paced world of automotive racing. With McLaren Applied, an industry pace-setter renowned for its cutting-edge technology and high-performance solutions, we can bolster the capabilities of the ATLAS platform, already one of the fastest data management and analytics platforms. We are thrilled to further fortify ATLAS's leading position in the industry, while supporting its expansion into new sectors"

About McLaren Applied
More than three decades in F1 and other cutting-edge global motorsport has given McLaren Applied world-leading expertise in electrification, connectivity, control and sensing. This expertise is also applied to automotive, transport and mining sectors, delivering technologies at scale with a performance advantage. Our peoples' expertise, coupled with our technology and agility, is pioneering a more sustainable, intelligent and connected future. Learn more at

About KX

KX is a leading provider of vector database technology for time-series, real-time, and embedded data that provides context and insights at the speed of thought. Its mission is to accelerate the speed of data and AI-driven business innovation enabling customers to transform into real-time, intelligent enterprises. Built for the most demanding data environments, our Data Timehouse™ platform is trusted by the world's top investment banks and hedge funds, and leading companies in the life and health sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries.

At the heart of our technology is the kdb+ time series and vector database, independently benchmarked as the fastest on the market. It can process and analyze time series, historical and vector data at unmatched speed and scale, empowering developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build high-performance data-driven applications and turbo-charge their favorite analytics tools in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge.

Ultimately, our technology enables the discovery of richer, actionable insights for faster decision making which drives competitive advantage and transformative growth for our customers. KX operates from more than 15 offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.



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