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mParticle Acquires Indicative to Help Teams Accelerate their Customer Data Strategy

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The leader in customer data infrastructure, mParticle, recently announced that it has acquired a customer journey analytics platform, Indicative.

Customers will readily view and better understand essential moments in the customer experience and take prompt action to boost conversion, engagement, and retention, thanks to mParticle’s first acquisition. In addition, customers’ data from other sources, such as data warehouses like Snowflake, will be easily ingested into mParticle thanks to the unified offering. mParticle will integrate Indicative’s personnel, managed by Indicative’s CEO and Co-founder, Jeremy Levy, in addition to integrating Indicative's product skills. At this point, the deal's terms are being kept under wraps.

"Solving the challenges around data quality, governance, and connectivity has allowed our customers to build a strong foundation for delivering world-class digital experiences. This acquisition is about looking at where article can help our customers create more leverage and accelerate their customer data strategy even further," mParticle CEO Michael Katz said. "The acquisition of Indicative is a natural extension of our core offering, and should help teams seamlessly compress time to data value."

Teams will accelerate their customer data strategy by expanding the product offering to include new data sources and out-of-the-box investigation capabilities. For many years, the Indicative team has been assisting industry-leading companies in optimizing their customer journeys by delivering easy-to-concrete dashboards and streamlined access to customer data via direct linkages to the data warehouse ecosystem.

"The opportunity to combine customer journey exploration capabilities with best in class customer data infrastructure will help teams compound the value of their data stacks," Indicative CEO and cofounder Jeremy Levy said. "This is a really exciting moment for the Indicative team. Not only are the company visions completely aligned, we have strong cultural alignment focusing on customers first and creating value through customer data."



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Business Wire | October 23, 2023

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced that NEVA Discover, its process analytics and task mining offering, has been recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Everest Group's Task Mining Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 out of 19 task mining providers evaluated. NEVA Discover utilizes its rich desktop data collection and desktop analytics to pinpoint areas for employee improvement and optimize performance. Leaders were recognized for strong growth momentum in the task mining market and the ability to continue to differentiate by offering innovative features. NEVA Discover offers a scientific approach to scaling task mining capabilities, allowing CX organizations to take employees’ performances to a new level and ground business decisions on rich processes and interaction data. Utilizing NEVA Discover’s desktop analytics, organizations can drive employee performance improvements by developing and engaging employees with proactive, personalized coaching using actionable data. The report noted that NEVA Discover “helps users to discover best practices by combining the captured data with additional metrics, such as interaction data, employee data, and interaction outcomes, leveraging the power of the CXone Platform.” The report also noted that clients appreciated NEVA Discover’s ease of use as well as key areas of strength including the power of its task discovery and handling capabilities as well as quick adaptation to the product. “NICE has reinforced its position as a Leader on Everest Group’s Task Mining Products PEAK Matrix 2023, underpinned by its strong vision, depth and breadth of product functionalities, focus on product support, and integration with its automation capabilities,” said Amardeep Modi, Vice President at Everest Group. “Discovery capabilities, ease of maintenance, and data security are some of the key strengths indicated by its clients.” Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, said, We are pleased to be recognized as a Leader in this assessment, demonstrating NICE’s excellence in Task Mining. As CX organizations continue to struggle with employee retention, NICE’s NEVA Discover enables organizations to provide objective, targeted coaching to empower employees and make them even more effective. With our ongoing investments in Enlighten AI, NICE will continue its momentum as a market leader in Task Mining. This recognition adds to NICE’s past accomplishments in this space. NICE was recognized as a ‘Leader’ in Everest Group's Task Mining Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022. NICE was also named a ‘Leader’ in Everest Group’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022.

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Google Unveils BigQuery Studio: A Data-Driven Revolution

Google | September 05, 2023

Google has recently unveiled BigQuery Studio, a new service within BigQuery, its fully managed serverless data warehouse, that offers a unified platform for editing various programming languages, including SQL, Python, and Spark, facilitating the execution of analytics and machine learning tasks on a massive 'petabyte scale.' BigQuery Studio has been meticulously crafted to empower users in their data journey, enabling them to seamlessly discover, explore, analyze, and forecast data. Users can begin with a programming notebook to validate and prepare data, then open that notebook in other services such as Vertex AI, Google's managed machine learning platform. This transition enables users to continue their work with more specialized AI infrastructure and tooling. Organizations increasingly recognize the inherent value of mining their data for deeper insights into today's business landscape. According to a survey conducted by NewVantage, a staggering 97.6% of major global organizations are channeling investments into big data and AI initiatives. However, significant challenges often impede the execution of comprehensive big data analytics. Notably, a recent poll revealed that 65% of organizations contend with the daunting task of dealing with an overwhelming volume of data. BigQuery Studio emerges as a solution to these challenges by offering teams direct access to data within their preferred working environments. Moreover, it includes added controls for 'enterprise-level' governance, regulation, and compliance. BigQuery Studio aligns with Google's overarching strategy of driving organizations toward AI adoption in the cloud. As worldwide spending on public cloud services is projected to surge by approximately 21%, reaching approximately $592 billion this year, according to estimates, Google is steadfast in its commitment to securing a substantial share of this expenditure alongside its competitors. This strategic approach is well-informed, as per Gartner's predictions that AI will continue to be a dominant workload influencing IT infrastructure decisions throughout 2023. Furthermore, market research firm Tractica forecasts that AI could account for up to 50% of total public cloud services revenue by 2025. This highlights the immense potential and significance of Google's BigQuery Studio in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Alteryx Unites with TechVets to Empower UK Veterans in Data Analytics

Alteryx | October 09, 2023

Alteryx, Inc. partners with TechVets in the UK to provide industry training and certifications in data analytics to empower veterans and active-duty service members. Alteryx had previously partnered with the US Department of Defense SkillBridge program to aid service members transitioning to civilian careers. The Alteryx SparkED program offers valuable resources such as a free Alteryx Designer license, interactive learning paths, and membership in the Alteryx Community. Alteryx, Inc., a leading provider of Analytics Cloud Platform solutions, has announced a partnership with TechVets, a prominent non-profit organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to facilitating career transitions in the field of information technology for veterans, service leaders, reservists, and their families. This collaboration between Alteryx and TechVets aims to empower veterans and active-duty service members in their journey toward civilian careers by equipping them with essential industry training and certifications in data analytics. These resources will be offered as part of the Alteryx SparkED no-cost education program. This partnership exemplifies Alteryx's unwavering commitment to supporting military service members globally. Earlier this year, Alteryx established a partnership with the United States Department of Defense SkillBridge program, a vital initiative assisting over 200,000 service members annually in their transition to civilian careers. Through the Alteryx SparkED program, participants gain access to valuable resources at no cost. These include a complimentary Alteryx Designer license, interactive learning paths, and membership in the Alteryx Community, all of which facilitate and enhance their training and development efforts. Kenneth Govens, a US Air Force Aerospace Propulsion, Jet Engines & Turboprop/Turboshaft Prop Enlisted, shared his experience with the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program. He stated that organizations across all industries are striving to manage and analyze massive amounts of data. According to Govens, the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program was ideal for the in-demand market, equipping him with cutting-edge training within the Alteryx automation platform. He also mentioned that the Alteryx platform was easy to navigate and had a user-friendly design suitable for users at any level. Govens expressed his goal to leverage his Business MA in Analytics, along with a Core Certification obtained through the Alteryx SparkED DoD SkillBridge program, to market himself and assist leaders in optimizing their performance through strategically guided decisions. Olivia Duane Adams, co-founder and chief advocacy officer at Alteryx, expressed her excitement about contributing to the analytics movement in the United Kingdom through the partnership with TechVets. She explained that this collaboration would help local companies close the analytics skills gap, enhance data literacy within their organizations, and simultaneously support service members as they transition into various career paths, such as supply chain management, resource forecasting, human resources, and more. Adams emphasized that the goal of the SparkED program and the partnership with TechVets was to provide comprehensive data science education and hands-on training with Alteryx, enabling veterans and active-duty service members to apply employable data analysis skills.

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