mParticle Acquires Indicative to Help Teams Accelerate their Customer Data Strategy

mParticle | January 13, 2022

Data Strategy
The leader in customer data infrastructure, mParticle, recently announced that it has acquired a customer journey analytics platform, Indicative.

Customers will readily view and better understand essential moments in the customer experience and take prompt action to boost conversion, engagement, and retention, thanks to mParticle’s first acquisition. In addition, customers’ data from other sources, such as data warehouses like Snowflake, will be easily ingested into mParticle thanks to the unified offering. mParticle will integrate Indicative’s personnel, managed by Indicative’s CEO and Co-founder, Jeremy Levy, in addition to integrating Indicative's product skills. At this point, the deal's terms are being kept under wraps.

"Solving the challenges around data quality, governance, and connectivity has allowed our customers to build a strong foundation for delivering world-class digital experiences. This acquisition is about looking at where article can help our customers create more leverage and accelerate their customer data strategy even further," mParticle CEO Michael Katz said. "The acquisition of Indicative is a natural extension of our core offering, and should help teams seamlessly compress time to data value."

Teams will accelerate their customer data strategy by expanding the product offering to include new data sources and out-of-the-box investigation capabilities. For many years, the Indicative team has been assisting industry-leading companies in optimizing their customer journeys by delivering easy-to-concrete dashboards and streamlined access to customer data via direct linkages to the data warehouse ecosystem.

"The opportunity to combine customer journey exploration capabilities with best in class customer data infrastructure will help teams compound the value of their data stacks," Indicative CEO and cofounder Jeremy Levy said. "This is a really exciting moment for the Indicative team. Not only are the company visions completely aligned, we have strong cultural alignment focusing on customers first and creating value through customer data."


Your network’s ability to see all data in motion can dramatically seal your company’s security posture. With the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, you can see 100% of every packet sent and received — as well as deliver summarized threat detection data to SIEMs. Let’s look at the various data types and scenarios involved.


Your network’s ability to see all data in motion can dramatically seal your company’s security posture. With the GigaSECURE® Security Delivery Platform, you can see 100% of every packet sent and received — as well as deliver summarized threat detection data to SIEMs. Let’s look at the various data types and scenarios involved.

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ThoughtSpot and dbt Labs announce partnership to help analytics engineers launch self-service analytics

ThoughtSpot | December 19, 2022

ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, and dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, today announced a formal partnership to bring self service analytics to the modern data stack. The new partnership builds on the two companies’ work in recent months to build robust integrations that deliver tangible business value to shared customers such as Huel, TotallyMoney, Loan Market Group, Chick-fil-a, Nasdaq, Roche and GoSharing. The recent product integrations include bringing dbt models into the ThoughtSpot data workspace and integrating ThoughtSpot with the dbt Semantic Layer. Delivering reliable, trustworthy analytics at scale Businesses of every size in every industry are adopting the modern data stack to tap into the value of their data and deliver customized experiences for customers, optimize operations, and drive revenue for their organizations. They recognize the value of live, interactive data experiences to drive how they make decisions internally, and empower customers and partners to do the same right from within applications and products. Recognizing this potential, however, has required an entire reimagination of the data transformation process. By bringing best practices from software development to the world of data, dbt helps data professionals to operate with more speed, collaboration, and security than ever before. The new partnership between dbt Labs and ThoughtSpot makes it possible to exponentially increase the value of analytics engineering work by making it accessible to every business person through the ease of search. With ThoughtSpot and dbt, customers no longer have to worry about inconsistency or lack of transparency when it comes to their data. Instead, data teams can take advantage of dbt capabilities such as modularity, version control, and testing to ensure they are delivering high fidelity, accurate, trustworthy data models to the broader organization. ThoughtSpot’s platform instantly detects table relationships and metrics defined in dbt, and immediately makes them available to search. Customers are able to reap the benefits of consistent, reliable Live Analytics for their entire business without having to build cumbersome data pipelines. “With ThoughtSpot and dbt, we can quickly model and ship trusted data to generate business insights, saving us hours of productivity a week!” said Jay Kotecha, Senior Data Scientist at Huel. “ThoughtSpot Everywhere made it incredibly easy to turn our vision into reality. We adopted Snowflake to really help us build out our modern data stack as part of this solution, and we’ve recently adopted dbt as our core in-database modeling layer. ThoughtSpot’s direct integration with both Snowflake and dbt is a perfect fit,” said Tran Zha, Senior Software Engineer at Loan Market Group. “The impact of software best practices on the world of data can’t be overstated. What we’re seeing across the ecosystem is really a once in a generation opportunity, driven by this new approach. Organizations who want to capitalize on the opportunity of data can’t just take what worked for them in the last ten years and apply it to today’s world. “They need the vision, the courage, and the tools to break free. That’s why I’m so excited to continue to deepen our relationship with dbt Labs, to help every company experience the benefits of the modern data stack.” Amit Prakash, CTO and Cofounder, ThoughtSpot “In the world of data, it takes a village to truly transform how the market operates. Companies leading the charge here are reimagining every part of their data infrastructure, bringing modern tools and philosophies with them,” said Tristan Handy, CEO and Founder, dbt Labs. “With ThoughtSpot and dbt Cloud, joint customers have the ability to scale their analytics engineering work to the entire business, putting reliable, trustworthy insights at everyone’s fingertips.” About ThoughtSpot ThoughtSpot is the Modern Analytics Cloud company. Our mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest to use analytics platform. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search and AI to find data insights and tap into the most cutting edge innovations the cloud data ecosystem has to offer. Companies can put the power of their modern data stack in the hands of every employee, extend the value of their data to partners and customers, and automate entire business processes. ThoughtSpot enables everyone within an organization to limitlessly engage with live data regardless of their cloud data platform, making it easy to achieve granular, actionable insights through Live Analytics. Customers can take advantage of ThoughtSpot’s web and mobile applications to improve decision making for every employee. With ThoughtSpot’s developer-friendly platform, ThoughtSpot Everywhere, customers can also bring the Modern Analytics Cloud to their products and services, engaging users and keep them coming back for more.

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Syniti and Cognizant Collaborate to Improve Data Transformation

Syniti | January 04, 2023

Syniti, a global pioneer in enterprise data management, and Cognizant have announced a strategic alliance deal. As a result, Syniti will be Cognizant's preferred solution provider for data transformation delivery in driving customers' migrations to SAP S/4HANA®. Cognizant uses SAP® Signavio® solutions to help customers accelerate business process transformation as they migrate to SAP S/4HANA. The Syniti Knowledge Platform (SKP) is Syniti's data management software, which accelerates migration to SAP S/4HANA by automating data transformation. Syniti is crucial in driving more data-driven digital transformation and helping clients generate business value as Cognizant deepens its engagement with SAP. SKP is data migration and integration software sold by Syniti as SAP Advanced Data Migration and Management software. Organizations use it to migrate to SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba® solutions, SAP SuccessFactors® solutions, and other SAP applications to reduce friction and increase project efficiency and effectiveness. The platform delivers accurate, business-ready data and supports team communication and process visibility across the complex application and data transfer projects. About Syniti Syniti handles the world's most challenging data challenges by integrating AI-driven technologies and significant data experience to produce predictable and improved commercial results. The company has partnered with the Fortune 2000 for over 25 years to uncover vital insights that drive growth, decrease risk, and boost competitive advantage.

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Striim Introduces Striim Cloud on Amazon Web Services for Real-Time Streaming Data to accelerate AWS Cloud Modernization and Analytics

Striim | December 01, 2022

Striim, Inc., today announced the availability of Striim Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the fastest way for customers to deliver real-time data and insights to power real-time analytics, business intelligence, and decision-making to meet the needs of the digital economy. Striim Cloud is the industry’s first and only fully-managed, unified software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for real-time streaming data integration and analytics from both on-premise or hybrid cloud mission-critical applications. With a few clicks, customers can easily build real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events every day with Streaming SQL, backed by enterprise-grade operational, security, and management features. Striim Cloud’s zero-maintenance, highly scalable platform enables customers to transform their businesses by adopting new cloud models, digitizing legacy systems, and modernizing their application infrastructure. Enterprises are increasing their investments in cloud technologies, process automation, and data-driven workflows to develop and deploy new products and experiences across their organizations. These shifts are accelerated by sophisticated and data-intensive applications driven by cloud-based solutions and vast amounts of diverse data and insights. With a real-time model for streaming data, operations leaders can ensure their analytics architecture has access to the best possible information to inform their business decisions. Legacy technologies mainly rely on “batch” based solutions that limit new modern, data-driven business needs. Real-time streaming data and analytics, by comparison, inform customer strategies and tactics across the entire organization, but to be effective, customers need real-time systems to ingest, process, query, and analyze data to deliver insights and enable decisions in real time. Striim Cloud on AWS delivers these capabilities. “The ability to make strategic business decisions in real-time is critical to becoming a market leader in today’s digital economy. “Striim Cloud is an easy-to-use, powerful, SaaS solution that runs natively on AWS giving enterprises an invaluable advantage in delighting their customers through data-driven actionable insights. We’re thrilled to make Striim Cloud’s capabilities available to AWS customers worldwide.” Alok Pareek, Striim’s co-founder and EVP, Product, Striim Inc. Striim Cloud on AWS is the only solution that delivers the real-time autonomous data pipelines that enable enterprises of all sizes, from FORTUNE 50 giants to startups, to seamlessly evolve their legacy application architectures to modern, cloud-native architectures with minimum disruption. The platform uses change data capture (CDC) to detect source database changes, removing the impact on other operations and maintaining the most up-to-date data possible. Customers can continuously query, enrich and run analysis on a live data stream in transit rather than query the data after it has reached the target database or data warehouse, making it possible to build applications on the pipeline and expand data capabilities without impacting performance. Striim Cloud on AWS delivers multiple capabilities for digital transformation to the enterprise: Striim Cloud delivers instant access to what’s happening right now across multiple applications: With real-time streaming data, IT can instantly know what’s happening, from customer behavior to marketing campaigns to supply-chain operations and more. Striim Cloud’s real-time streaming model is inherently superior to legacy ETL batch methods. Striim Cloud delivers the simplicity, elasticity, and scalability of the cloud: Customers have a unified view of all data pipelines. They can add new pipelines or modify existing pipelines while Striim does the heavy lifting in the background to support them. Striim Cloud supports cloud-native services and integrations. This foundation enables enterprises to adapt to changing market requirements at will. Striim Cloud Enterprise super-charges enterprise innovation: Building applications based on real-time data gives enterprises a competitive edge. Striim Cloud makes it easy to innovate on applications leveraging data for new use cases. About Striim Striim, Inc. is the only supplier of unified, real-time data streaming and integration for analytics and operations in the Digital Economy. Striim Platform and Striim Cloud make it easy to continuously ingest, process, and deliver high volumes of real-time data from diverse sources (both on-premises or in the cloud) to support multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Striim collects data in real time from enterprise databases (using non-intrusive change data capture), log files, messaging systems, and sensors, and delivers it to virtually any target on-premises or in the cloud with sub-second latency enabling real-time operations and analytics.

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