Next Generation of Tableau Cloud Brings Advanced Analytics and Automated Insights to Business Users

Tableau Cloud | May 17, 2022

Today, at the annual Tableau Conference, Salesforce introduced Tableau Cloud, the fastest and easiest way for customers to get the full value of Tableau at enterprise scale. The offering is the next generation of what was formerly known as Tableau Online and includes new innovations to boost productivity by delivering intelligent, powerful and easy-to-use analytical tools to help anyone uncover insights and confidently make data-driven decisions. An integral part of the Salesforce Customer 360, Tableau empowers customers to surface and gain actionable insights from all their trusted data, creating a single source of truth, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Market volatility and widespread supply chain disruptions make it increasingly challenging for companies to contain costs and keep their businesses moving forward. Data can help manage these complexities and changes. For example, connected supply chains and production lines generate a wealth of data and customers expect real-time visibility into when goods will arrive. A recent McKinsey study found a strong correlation between the success of an organization's planning and adoption of advanced analytics. Data-driven supply chain management offers new ways to avoid disruption and respond to unforeseen circumstances with speed and confidence.

Tableau Cloud provides the leading analytics platform to meet customers where they prefer to operate their business. In fact, 70 percent of new customers choose Tableau Cloud over an on-premise or hybrid solution to power their analytics. Tableau also continues to offer self-managed solutions and is committed to providing customers the flexible options they need.

"Speed, ease of use and flexibility have been key differentiators for Tableau and the reasons why customers rely on us to help transform their business through data-driven decision making and increased efficiency, With Tableau Cloud, we're making it easier for our customers to drive even more analytics success. Tableau Cloud helps our customers deliver the analytics they need to their users, while we ensure the highest levels of trust, availability and performance."

- Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer, Tableau at Salesforce.

As part of the launch, Tableau is working with Snowflake to provide an extended promotional trial which includes Tableau Cloud licenses for Snowflake customers and, subject to program requirements, Snowflake credits upon conversion to a Tableau Cloud customer.

New Tableau innovations delivers automated insights faster and more easily
Tableau leverages the leading natural language and augmented analytics capabilities to help everyone use data to drive meaningful decisions. Data Stories adds automated plain-language explanations to Tableau dashboards at scale, helping customers understand and interact with data faster. Automating the analysis, build and communication of insights from data in a modern, easy-to-understand story format eliminates the need to explain dashboards repeatedly, makes data more accessible to business users and helps increase analytics adoption across the enterprise.

Tableau is also expanding its Accelerators offering and the capabilities of the Tableau Exchange, a trusted hub of offerings that extend the Tableau Platform and help customers get faster time to value. Accelerators are ready-to-use, customizable dashboards that can be used across multiple industries, departments and enterprise applications to quickly deliver insights and value. Tableau now has more than 100 Accelerators on the Tableau Exchange, including those built by experts across the Tableau Partner Network, further expanding the unique use cases customers can apply.

The Tableau Exchange also features a new in-product capability, enabling customers to explore and use any offering from the Tableau exchange directly in the product without requiring a separate download. This keeps people in the flow and enables them to get the right solution when they need it.

New enterprise-ready capabilities to increase efficiency
Tableau is also introducing Advanced Management, which helps Tableau customers manage, secure and scale mission-critical analytics across the enterprise. Administrators can gain deep insight into adoption and performance, leverage advanced encryption capabilities to meet security requirements and gain increased capacity limits to ensure teams and individuals have access to relevant data. Examples include:

Customer-Managed Encryption Keys helps customers meet organizational compliance standards and add an additional layer of protection for their data.

Activity Log provides detailed event data to help administrators keep track of how individuals are using Tableau. It also enables permission auditing to better implement controls over an enterprise's deployment. And with Admin Insights, data is retained for up to one year to help track dataset usage, license adoption and visualization load times.

"Data is critical to delivering on the promise of leveraging mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients, Security, governance, scalability and manageability are important components of our overall data analytics strategy and we're excited to see how Advanced Management will make it easier and faster to optimize our deployment."

- Adam Mico, Principal, Data Visualization and Enablement at Moderna.

Bringing Einstein into Tableau delivers deeper insights across the Salesforce Customer 360
Tableau is also helping drive the Salesforce Customer 360 and empowering customers to fully leverage their data to gain actionable insights from their CRM data.

Powered by Einstein Discovery's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, Tableau is helping people with domain expertise make better decisions faster and with more confidence. For example, Model Builder enables business teams to collaboratively build and consume predictive models, using the Einstein Discovery engine, without having to leave their Tableau workflows.

Infusing Einstein Discovery into CRM Analytics, the advanced analytics solution for CRM users, will help customers surface actionable insights directly in the Salesforce workflow:

Einstein Discovery: Text Clustering leverages machine learning (ML) models to extract keywords from large text fields to quickly reveal hidden insights and improve decision making.

Einstein Discovery: Bias Detection for multiclass models expands the use-cases for multi-class models by rooting out bias by variable, preventing the need to re-train an entire model.
More information:

Tableau's new capabilities will be available by the end of 2022

About Tableau
Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau offers visual analytics with powerful AI, data management and collaboration. From individuals to organizations of all sizes, customers around the world love using Tableau's advanced analytics to fuel impactful, data-driven decisions. For more information, please visit

About Salesforce
Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers.


PwC’s Advanced Finance Analytics helps our clients discover, accelerate and deliver their core finance enterprise cloud capabilities.


PwC’s Advanced Finance Analytics helps our clients discover, accelerate and deliver their core finance enterprise cloud capabilities.

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Globenewswire | May 16, 2023

Centric Consulting, an international business and technology consulting firm, announced today that it published a custom-developed application in Salesforce’s AppExchange called Data Governance Accelerator, focused on helping clients manage their Salesforce data. Centric’s Salesforce Data Governance Accelerator provides an accelerator that enables administrators and users to analyze and correct data more efficiently. With this custom application, Salesforce users can easily view record duplicates and any data entry errors or gaps. “Our Salesforce clients were struggling with data governance, so we developed an application that could efficiently find data errors and expedite the process,” said Traci Whetzel, Director of Centric’s Salesforce Practice. “Partnering with the community-driven solutions in the Salesforce AppExchange allows us to access prebuilt tools for our clients. We are excited to be a contributor – bringing value to not only our clients but to the broader Salesforce user community all over the world.” With the successful development and publication of this new application, Centric has earned AppExchange/ISV Partner status with Salesforce, building on its trusted consulting partnership with Salesforce since 2008. “The publication of Centric’s Data Governance Accelerator app within Salesforce AppExchange is another marker of our expanding expertise with the platform and a milestone in our 16-year Salesforce consulting partnership,” said Whetzel. Centric is building a second application focused on Salesforce project management to publish later this year. About Centric Consulting Centric Consulting is an international management consulting firm with unmatched expertise in business transformation, hybrid workplace strategy, technology implementation and adoption. Founded in 1999 with a remote workforce, Centric has established a reputation for solving its clients’ toughest problems, delivering tailored solutions, and bringing deeply experienced consultants centered on what’s best for your business. Centric Consulting is headquartered in Ohio, with 1,500 employees and 14 locations. In every project, clients get a trusted advisor averaging over 15 years of experience and the best talent across the United States and India. Centric deliberately builds teams that can scale up or down quickly based on client needs, industry and desired outcome. Centric has been a trusted Salesforce consulting partner since 2008, providing clients with solutions that meet their evolving business needs, eliminating Salesforce challenges and enabling their organizations to thrive. To learn more about Centric’s Salesforce Practice and other Salesforce capabilities, visit

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CockroachDB Dedicated for Microsoft Azure Realizes Company's Vision for a Single Distributed Database that Runs Everywhere and Anywhere, Effortlessly

Prnewswire | May 17, 2023

Cockroach Labs, the company behind the leading independent cloud-native distributed SQL database CockroachDB, today announced the realization of its vision to enable customers to run a best of breed distributed database everywhere and anywhere effortlessly. With the launch of CockroachDB-as-a-service running on Microsoft Azure in limited access, CockroachDB is now available on-demand across all three major cloud providers (with existing product availability on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform). In addition, CockroachDB's serverless, on-consumption data platform now allows users to read and write data across multiple geographically distributed regions. Paying only for the exact amount of data stored and usage of that data on the CockroachDB serverless platform dramatically reduces the cost of operating a global business and makes data-intensive, multi-region applications accessible to companies of any size. These additions provide customers with even greater flexibility, capability, and control in their cloud strategies, building on CockroachDB's existing benefits of being considerably less expensive to operate than traditional scale-up systems, helping ensure a flawless customer experience through bulletproof resilience and elastic scale, and making it easy to expand into new markets. CockroachDB as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure Cockroach Labs' database-as-a-service on Azure (now available in limited access) unlocks effortless resilience and scalability, operational efficiency, and easy multi-region deployments to support local performance and data compliance, all while operating on and integrating with the Microsoft ecosystem. Now, with CockroachDB dedicated for all three major clouds, users can run data-intensive applications anywhere and everywhere, effortlessly. With CockroachDB, organizations can choose between cloud providers or across multiple cloud providers, and can easily mix workloads between owned data centers and public cloud providers. "The idea of our platform is to be able to survive a cloud vendor outage, so we're not going to be dependent on any cloud vendor," said Kevin Holditch, Head of Platform, Form3. "We're going to have a Kubernetes cluster in each cloud vendor — so Azure, AWS, GCP – and run CockroachDB across the three." According to Gartner® research, "By 2023, 40% of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services, which is an increase from 20% in 2020."1 And yet several surveys note up to 80% of transactional workloads have not yet moved to the cloud. That is expected to change as organizations re-evaluate their tech stack. CIO's are prioritizing moving their most critical data into the cloud. This movement is indicative of a massive market shift that could signal the end of market dominance by legacy databases like Oracle and IBM. CockroachDB was built from the ground up to operate across any cloud and/or private cloud infrastructure while still keeping true to the consistency and durability of a traditional relational database. CockroachDB is the only cloud-independent, distributed SQL database that offers this level of flexibility and greater operational control today. Gartner notes, "data and analytics leaders can use this research to plan against their operational use cases for relational and nonrelational cloud DBMSs, which increasingly require features for augmented operations via machine learning, multicloud scenarios and effective financial governance to achieve leadership." Further, Gartner recommends, "select your cloud DBMS independent of the strategic cloud provider. Independent software vendors (ISVs) with multi-cloud and intercloud capability are more likely to fit best when using multiple cloud service providers (CSPs)."2 Introducing CockroachDB serverless for global and multi-region deployment Today, Cockroach Labs also released multi-region capabilities for its consumption-based, auto-scaling offering, CockroachDB serverless. The update allows customers to distribute rows of data across multiple cloud regions, while still functioning as a single logical database and paying only for the exact storage and compute uses. With both legacy or existing cloud database solutions, the complexity and cost attached to spinning up a new region adds up very quickly. CockroachDB serverless now enables any organization to build applications that serve a globally dispersed user-base at incredibly low cost and simpler operations, opening up a global audience to companies of any size. Enhanced capabilities in CockroachDB MOLT (Migrate Off Legacy Technology) Migrations require extensive technical and logistical preparation, time, energy, troubleshooting, and optimization. All the while, there's business-level pressure to keep services online during a migration so customers don't know that any changes happened. Today, CockroachDB MOLT now enables easier migrations from legacy databases like Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Additionally, several enhancements have been made to CockroachDB MOLT, including MOLT Verify which validates migrated data from Postgres and MySQL to ensure correct replication and a smoother syntax conversion in bulk changes, authentication of Postgres and MySQL. clusters, and more intuitive workflows. "While the move of transactional data to the cloud is accelerating, many data leaders are still at the beginning of their cloud journey and are finding that legacy solutions simply do not meet their needs, especially for their mission-critical applications," said Spencer Kimball, CEO and co-founder at Cockroach Labs. "This release embodies the fulfillment of the vision we set out to accomplish eight years ago. We offer true flexibility and resilience and will meet you where you are in your cloud journey–now and in the future." Additional feature updates released today include: Distributed User-Defined-Functions (UDFs): Allow developers to build UDFs into the database without running into scaling bottlenecks. Distributed UDFs increase developer and application efficiency, and enable easier migrations from legacy databases. Terraform provider in General Availability: Use the Terraform provider to automate provisioning and management of CockroachDB dedicated and serverless. Address the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2: A cryptography standard required for many government agencies and organizations that work with such agencies, with a new FIPS-ready binary for CockroachDB self-hosted. For more information on CockroachDB on Azure, click here. To test CockroachDB serverless, click here. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved. About Cockroach Labs Cockroach Labs is the creator of CockroachDB, the most highly evolved, cloud-native, distributed SQL database on the planet. Helping companies of all sizes — and the apps they develop — to scale fast, survive failures, and thrive everywhere. CockroachDB is in use at some of the world's most successful companies across all industries, including leading companies in financial services, technology, media & entertainment, and retail. Headquartered in New York City, Cockroach Labs is backed by Altimeter, Benchmark, Greenoaks, GV, Firstmark, Index Ventures, Lone Pine, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, and Workbench. For more information, please visit

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WEKA Rolls Out New Features and Enhancements in 4.2 Software Release

Prnewswire | May 18, 2023

WekaIO (WEKA), the data platform provider for performance-intensive workloads, unveiled version 4.2 of the WEKA® Data Platform today. The new release brings a variety of enhanced features and new capabilities to the company designed to increase the affordability and performance of next-generation technologies for WEKA's customers. These include advanced data reduction and a new container storage interface (CSI) plug-in for stateful containerized workloads that can help customers dramatically lower their storage and operational costs. WEKA 4.2 also offers significant performance improvements in the cloud, providing the limitless scale and application data protection needed to support thousands of containers for cloud-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The release builds on the fourth generation of WEKA's software-defined, hybrid cloud data platform. Launched in June 2022, WEKA 4 seamlessly runs in on-premises environments on commodity servers, natively in one or more major public clouds – including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud – or in hybrid configurations. It transforms stagnant data silos into dynamic data pipelines that can more quickly, efficiently, and sustainably fuel next-generation technologies and performance-intensive workloads like generative AI, natural language processing engines, AI/ML model training, high-performance data analytics, genomic sequencing, and more. With its 4.2 software release, WEKA continues to deliver on its mission to provide uncompromising speed, simplicity, scale, and sustainability benefits for organizations grappling with rapid structured and unstructured data growth, large-scale data analysis, managing performance-intensive workloads, and controlling data management costs. The release offers numerous features and benefits, including: Enhanced Data Reduction: Advanced block-variable differential compression combined with cluster-wide data deduplication delivers data reduction at scale for an estimated cost savings of up to 6x for AI/ML training models, 3–8x for exploratory data analysis, and up to 2x for bioinformatic or large-scale media and entertainment workloads like visual effects (VFX). Improved Azure Performance and Scale: The fastest file storage in Microsoft Azure offers a 6x performance improvement over market alternatives with better economics. WEKA 4.2 also fully supports Azure VM Scale Sets, so customers can auto-scale their storage up and down to control costs as workloads peak and recede. Advanced Kubernetes Support: A new CSI-plugin adds persistent volume claim (PVC) snapshots and PVC clone features to provide better data management at scale for large-scale container deployments, particularly for next-generation transactional workloads such as NoSQL distributed databases, events, message processing applications, and large language model processing for generative AI engines. Increased DataOps Efficiency with Efficient Client Management: The new capability makes data from multiple WEKA clusters accessible to a single client, alleviating the need for complex client management or data copies in data pipeline workflows and drastically improving the efficiency of data operations. Superior Observability: The WEKA Home cloud monitoring platform now provides better observability for large-scale deployments, including improved filtering, anonymized upload of analytics and usage data, and software upgrade history. Accelerated On-Ramp with New WEKA Software Appliance: A new pre-packaged, software-only appliance that drastically reduces time to on-ramp by automating the installation of the WEKA platform on bare metal servers and streamlining technical support so customers can get started within as little as 30 minutes. "The recent explosion of data-intensive workloads like generative AI and containerized cloud-native stateful applications is driving a monumental upsurge in data infrastructure complexity and costs," said Nilesh Patel, chief product officer at WEKA. "The latest enhancements in WEKA 4.2 are designed to give our customers an easy button for managing AI and other next-generation workloads. For any organization managing commerce-attached applications, performance-intensive workloads, or that require a modern containerized infrastructure, WEKA can provide a highly efficient, affordable, and easy-to-deploy solution that supports faster time to market, insights, and improved production capabilities." The new features and capabilities in the WEKA 4.2 platform release will be generally available later this month. For more details, visit and About WEKA WEKA is leading a paradigm shift in how data is stored, managed, and processed. We help organizations transform their traditional, stagnant data silos into dynamic data pipelines that fuel next-generation workloads like AI, ML, and HPC seamlessly and sustainably. The WEKA® Data Platform is a software-defined solution purpose-built for hybrid cloud in the AI era. Its advanced cloud-native architecture is optimized to solve complex data challenges, delivering 10-100x performance improvements for next-generation workloads running on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge, or in hybrid and multicloud environments. WEKA is fueling research and discovery breakthroughs and accelerating business outcomes for leading global enterprises – including eight of the Fortune 50. The company operates in over 20 countries worldwide and is backed by dozens of world-class investors. For more information, visit, or connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. WEKA and the WEKA logo are registered trademarks of WekaIO, Inc. Other trade names used herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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