Octopai Announces Support of Amazon Redshift, Continuing to Empower BI & Analytics Groups with Advanced Data Intelligence in Complex BI Environments

Octopai | October 23, 2021

Octopai Announces Support of Amazon Redshift, Continuing to Empower BI & Analytics Groups with Advanced Data Intelligence in Complex BI Environments
Octopai, the leader in automated data lineage, data catalog and data discovery, announced today its support and analysis of Amazon Redshift, one of the fastest and most widely used cloud data warehouses. The new coverage of Amazon Redshift will further enable enterprises to migrate to the cloud seamlessly and manage complicated BI landscapes from one platform.

Moving to the cloud has become inevitable for many enterprises, but the management of cloud processes is creating new challenges for the BI & Analytics teams, especially in hybrid environments that are still using on-prem systems as well. Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform enables BI groups to tackle these challenges head-on by centralizing all data and metadata from multiple systems into one centralized platform in order to provide the most in-depth analysis, end-to-end multilayered data lineage and discovery.

“Migrating data from legacy systems to Amazon Redshift can traditionally take several years to complete, but Octopai’s support of Redshift cuts the process down to a few weeks, enabling companies to migrate much more easily and more confidently. We’re constantly working to support more BI systems in order to provide maximum coverage and seamless transparency of different technologies so that our customers can get the whole story behind their data.”

Gal Ziton, Co-Founder and Head of Product of Octopai

Octopai saves time and resources during the process of migration from on-prem/legacy systems to Amazon Redshift. Prior to migration, Octopai can also provide mapping of objects so enterprises can see what needs to be transferred to the cloud and what doesn’t, reducing the time and cost of migration.

Octopai’s Data Intelligence Platform provides cost savings to enterprises using Amazon Redshift (which uses a pay per hour model), from the migration phase all the way to day-to-day use. By getting the full picture of what and how different tables, columns etc. are being used, Octopai decreases the number of exploration queries over the Amazon Redshift platform, which directly reduces expenses.

Octopai’s support and analysis of Amazon Redshift is unique because it provides:
  • Detailed coverage with full visualization as part of the entire BI ecosystem.
  • Full alignment of Octopai’s data flow lineage with the detailed Amazon Redshift metadata repository, including any object defined in an Amazon Redshift database.
  • End-to-end lineage from the legacy/operational system to report analysis, simplifying insight into and through Amazon Redshift along with all other layers of the company BI ecosystem.

Octopai is committed to providing enterprises with a multilayered lineage approach to Business Intelligence to create simplicity and automation in a complex data environment. Octopai’s mission is to provide organizations with the intelligence they need to view their entire BI & Analytics landscapes, enabling them to gain easy access, control and visibility of their data.

About Octopai
Octopai was founded in 2015 by BI professionals who realized the need for advanced and technology-based solutions in a growing market. Octopai’s SaaS platform provides organizations the intelligence they need about their entire BI & Analytics environment and equips them with the best automated Data Lineage, Data Discovery, and Catalog solutions that are needed, so business users can get access to data and ensure that data is trusted.


centering your database and data analytics workload development and deployment on a Kubernetes-based container, you can create a more efficient and speedy data life cycle. Access this white paper to learn how to improve key capabilities for database and data analytics workloads across hybrid cloud environments.


centering your database and data analytics workload development and deployment on a Kubernetes-based container, you can create a more efficient and speedy data life cycle. Access this white paper to learn how to improve key capabilities for database and data analytics workloads across hybrid cloud environments.

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Weka and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Provide Jointly Validated Solution for Containerized Workloads

WekaIO | December 08, 2021

WekaIO™ (Weka), the data platform for AI, today announced that it has developed a high-performance solution with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for the most demanding AI and ML workloads. The validated solution is now available on the HPE Ezmeral Marketplace. Weka offers a high-performance data platform that was built to address the challenges posed by modern applications that leverage cloud, GPU compute through innovations in how Flash is used. Built on WekaFS™, it offers the simplicity of NAS, the performance of SAN or DAS and the scalability of object storage. No more compromises between simplicity, speed or scale. With its unique software-defined architecture, customers can run on-premises, natively in the cloud, and orchestrate their data effortlessly between the two. The ability to mix and match Flash and Disk offers customers the best economics. This new Ezmeral validated Weka solution is in addition to the existing HPE ProLiant validated solutions currently available from HPE at HPE Solutions for Weka. HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise is the industry’s first Kubernetes platform supporting both cloud native and non-cloud native applications. HPE Ezmeral supports hybrid deployments with both on-premises and public cloud support at the edge, core and cloud for a broad range of use cases like autonomous vehicles, single instance databases and CI/CD pipelines. Weka, HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise and HPE Ezmeral MLOps enable customers to overcome the challenges of Kubernetes and AI/ML data pipelines and deliver value from the data center to the cloud to the edge (aggregation) with at-scale performance. Weka provides our customers with a high performance, software-defined storage platform to support the end-to-end AL/MLOPs data pipeline. HPE Ezmeral and Weka’s file storage platform offer customers the ability to build an application and deploy it anywhere with enterprise-class security, performance and reliability.” Matt Hausmann, HPE Ezmeral Marketing & GTM. While containers have become popular because of their lightweight nature, their immutability and portability, and their agility with orchestration provided by Kubernetes, persistent storage, data management and disaster recovery remain top barriers to adoption. Kubernetes at scale can be difficult. A validated solution like the HPE Ezmeral and Weka offering provides enterprises with benefits including faster time to market, operational agility, scale and ease of deployment. As part of this latest integration, Weka joins HPE’s growing ecosystem of partners that helps bring speed and agility to the application development lifecycle. The HPE Ezmeral Marketplace leverages the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem and its modern ISV partners to provide faster time to value. Together, they make it easier for clients to adopt integrated solutions that combine HPE Ezmeral software with validated industry-leading, third-party, commercial, and open-source applications. “Weka sees a growing need to deploy stateful container applications on high-performance storage,” said Shailesh Manjrekar, Head of AI and Strategic Alliances at WekaIO. “Weka is excited about partnering with HPE to enable solutions with Weka’s scalable parallel file system on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. This joint solution is optimized for NVMe and the hybrid cloud, targeting the most-demanding storage, AI/ML and data-intensive technical computing workloads.” Weka’s software-based, cloud-native data platform allows customers to leverage low-cost S3 storage with fast NVMe flash storage, on-premises or in the public cloud, to quickly build out a massively scalable foundation for Enterprise AI projects that attain industry-leading performance and economics. Weka’s extensively patented zero-copy architecture, driven by high-performance, scalable multi-protocol support for all file and object, means that customers don’t have to buy, manage, and administer several distinct storage systems across ingest, processing and data protection. Instead, they can leverage Weka to seamlessly integrate flash, hard drives and cloud S3 storage in a single data pool that scales to hundreds of petabytes in a single namespace. About WekaIO WekaIO™ (Weka), the leading data platform for achieving first-to-market results in artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), life sciences research, and high-performance computing (HPC)) is used by eight of the Fortune 50 enterprise organizations to uniquely solve the newest, biggest problems holding back innovation and discovery. Weka solutions are purpose-built to future-ready the accelerated and agile data center. Optimized for NVMe-flash and the hybrid cloud, its advanced architecture handles the most demanding storage challenges in the most data-intensive technical computing environments, delivering truly epic performance at any scale, enabling organizations to maximize the full value of their data center investments. Weka helps the enterprise solve big IT infrastructure problems to accelerate business outcomes and speed productivity.

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Equity Data Science Appoints Theresa Elamparo as Head of Marketing

Equity Data Science | December 06, 2021

Equity Data Science (“EDS”), a cloud-based analytics platform provider that delivers decision support tools for the investment process to hedge funds and asset managers, has named Theresa Elamparo as Head of Marketing to accelerate the company’s business strategy and growth plan. Elamparo will lead all brand, marketing and communications strategies to continue to build the brand and to focus on the expansion of the business. She will be based in New York. Elamparo brings 23 years of marketing communications experience, serving the fintech community for 16 years, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer at Tier1 Financial Solutions where she was the recipient of the 2019 Markets Media Women in Finance award for Excellence in Marketing and Communications for her work leading Tier1’s rebrand and building the firm’s marketing organization. Prior to that, she held marketing leadership roles at fintech firms including Ipreo, Investment Technology Group and Tradeweb Markets. We are thrilled to have Theresa join our leadership team. Her wealth of experience within the financial services industry and strategic marketing expertise will be integral to expanding our global footprint as we deliver on growing demand for data aggregation, analytics, workflow and scalable decision support for the fundamental investment process.” Greg McCall, President and Co-founder at EDS “I’m delighted to join EDS at such an exciting time,” Elamparo said. “The fundamental investment community is faced with fragmentation, underutilized data and technical inefficiencies. EDS provides a modular, decision-support workflow platform for the full investment lifecycle, helping clients better manage their process to maximize returns.” Throughout 2021, EDS invested heavily in building out solid leadership across key functions, including the appointment of Jen Vermeulen, CFA as Head of Sales, and Erin Greenfield as Head of Customer Success. These recent appointments strengthen EDS’s ability to expand its position in fundamental investing. At the start of the year, Northern Trust announced a strategic investment in EDS, allowing for integration of EDS’s decision-support tools with Northern Trust’s core technology platforms to provide highly specialized and innovative solutions to the most sophisticated institutional investors across the globe. ABOUT EQUITY DATA SCIENCE Equity Data Science (EDS) empowers fundamental investors to build, operate and sustain a modernized, repeatable investment process by aggregating data sources and refining workflows to govern investment decisions. EDS provides a fully configurable, measurable, and scalable platform with purpose-built analytics to support idea generation, research management, portfolio construction and risk management

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BigID Introduces Tableau Metadata Exchange App to Deliver New Insights for High-Value Data

BigID | December 03, 2021

BigID, the leader in data discovery and intelligence for privacy, protection, and perspective, today introduced the first-of-its-kind data catalog integration app for Tableau, the world's leading analytics platform. Joint customers can get more value from their data through powerful analytics fueled with the highest quality and security and privacy vetted data. BigID provides Tableau users ML-based capabilities for finding high-value, correct, and meaningful data that simplify data protection and governance strategies. Using BigID and Tableau customers can: Automatically discover, classify, catalog, and correlate high-value data across all types of data, structured and unstructured Provide visual cues on data sources, databases, workbooks, tables, and columns to indicate high-value data, data quality results, and risk scorings Improve analytics governance with deep and contextual data knowledge at scale "Tableau has always been committed to helping everyone see and understand data," said Brian Matsubara, RVP, Global Technology Alliances, Tableau. "By integrating with BigID, we're making it easier to trust and discover the right data to drive insights." "BigID is the most comprehensive data intelligence platform in the market to enrich your Tableau Catalog. By providing deep data insights across all data sources, we enable our customers to curate their catalog of analytics content, making it easier for analytic consumers to know not only what content is available, but which is the most accurate and relevant." Dimitri Sirota, CEO and founder of BigID BigID joins Tableau's effort in helping organizations build a Data Culture by enabling them to use the highest quality data to solve problems and protect the high-value data. About BigID BigID's data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, protection, and perspective. Customers deploy BigID to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their regulated, sensitive, and personal data across their data landscape. BigID has been recognized for its data intelligence innovation as a 2019 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, named to the 2021 Forbes Cloud 100, the 2021 Inc 5000 as the #19th fastest growing company and #1 in Security, a Business Insider 2020 AI Startup to Watch, and an RSA Innovation Sandbox winner.

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