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Piwik PRO Launched Piwik PRO Core plan, a Free Version of Data Analytics Platform

Piwik PRO | January 28, 2022

The Piwik PRO Core plan, a completely free platform for analytics specialists and beginners, has been created by Piwik PRO, a customer journey analytics platform oriented toward compliance. The Core plan assists businesses and marketers in analyzing customer journeys while remaining compliant with data protection rules.

"Data leaks and careless data collection in recent years have eroded the trust of far too many consumers when they are online—which is just about always, Our feature-rich platform helps introduce and expand trust between those collecting data and those who own the data—the individual consumer."

Maciej Zawadziński, the founder and CEO of Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is positioned as a one-of-a-kind Google Analytics alternative. The free version of GA has a market share of 86 percent, but it has some limitations, which you may learn about here.

User flow, Tag management, multi-channel attribution, and other data collecting and reporting tools are all available to Piwik PRO Core plan users. Piwik PRO is breaking down barriers in data analytics with a straightforward and transparent business model that sets a privacy standard that its competitors lack. Users of the Core plan can look at the client journey in various industries, such as government, healthcare, and education.

As a result, more businesses than ever before have access to the customer data they need for product development and advertising. In addition, the Piwik PRO Core plan assists companies in complying with data protection laws such as LGPD, GDPR, and CCPA.

Piwik PRO has various privacy tools that data teams may configure to meet their needs, from data gathering to consent management.


Integrating analytics into UX work helps to make data-based decisions and focus efforts on projects with the most significant impact.


Integrating analytics into UX work helps to make data-based decisions and focus efforts on projects with the most significant impact.

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Vaultree Announces New Integration with Tableau

Business Wire | August 08, 2023

Vaultree, a cybersecurity leader pioneering Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE), today announces a strategic integration with Tableau, a renowned platform for data visualization and business intelligence. This marks a monumental leap forward in secure financial and healthcare data analytics, enabling encrypted data to be safely analyzed and visualized for the first time, all while maintaining absolute data privacy and security. “Today, we are introducing a unique synergy between encryption and data visualization,” says Ryan Lasmaili, Founder and CEO of Vaultree. “Our integration with Tableau is a significant step in driving data security and business intelligence to new heights. It combines our persistent FFDUE encryption with Tableau's secure data visualization, promoting innovation, mitigating cybersecurity risks, and ensuring regulatory compliance with standards like GDPR and CCPA.” New features and benefits include: End-to-End Encrypted Data Analytics: The Vaultree-Tableau integration empowers organizations to carry out sophisticated predictive modelling, trend analysis, and market research on encrypted data. This innovation is set to transform how sensitive financial and healthcare data is utilized, transforming the industry landscape by allowing organizations to unlock their full potential while preserving data security and privacy. Secure Data Visualization: This integration enables the viewing of insights derived from computations on encrypted data in plaintext on a Tableau dashboard. This breakthrough provides a new level of secure business intelligence, combining the power of advanced analytics with the security of end-to-end encryption. AI & ML on Encrypted Data: The Vaultree-Tableau integration allows organizations to perform advanced encrypted search, machine learning, and AI-powered data analysis on sensitive data. This functionality fosters unprecedented levels of innovation and enhances decision-making without sacrificing data security. “We're fostering a future where persistent FFDUE encryption and secure data visualization are driving industry innovation, fueling growth, and reducing cybersecurity risks, all while ensuring stricter compliance with regulatory requirements,” adds Lasmaili. “Today, we’re making that future a reality.” Vaultree continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in secure data collaboration and management, delivering solutions that address the evolving challenges of data privacy and security in both the financial services and healthcare sectors. With this integration, Vaultree further affirms its commitment to driving industry-wide transformation and shaping the future of secure, data-driven innovation. Vaultree is also thrilled to announce its sponsorship at Black Hat USA 2023. Visit the startup city, booth #204, for a live demo of the integration, and to see firsthand how Vaultree and Tableau are transforming secure data analytics. Ryan Lasmaili, Founder and CEO of Vaultree, will deliver a session titled 'Navigating Data Encryption: Discover the Power of Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE)' on Thursday, August 10, from 2:25pm-2:45pm at the Start-Up City Theater. You can schedule a meeting to meet with our team at About Vaultree Vaultree, a leader in cybersecurity, has redefined sensitive data protection and access with our Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE). Our solution enables enterprises to securely process, search, and compute structured and unstructured encrypted data, driving AI and ML applications. Our technology resolves traditional encryption hurdles and also provides an enterprise blend of performance, speed, and scalability—making it an ideal match for data-intensive sectors. Moreover, our technology guarantees persistent encryption, even during a data leak. Under specific GDPR provisions, companies are exempt from disclosing a breach if the data was encrypted using Vaultree—a testament to the trustworthiness of our system. With a seamless integration process that doesn't demand any major platform or technology changes, Vaultree is trusted by Google and numerous other data-focused organisations worldwide to safeguard their sensitive information. Our commitment is to always keep your data encrypted, accessible, and secure, while driving innovation and mitigating cybersecurity risks. Vaultree is a privately held company based in Ireland and the U.S. For more information, please visit

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IQVIA Earns Healthcare Leader Recognition in Data Stack Awards

IQVIA | September 18, 2023

Snowflake recognizes IQVIA as a Global Healthcare Leader in the Measurement and Attribution category as part of its annual Modern Marketing Data Stack awards. The Modern Marketing Data Stack report comprehensively analyzes data tools, applications, technologies, and processes in marketing data stacks. Orchestrated Analytics GM Tanveer Nasir expressed his gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the company's commitment to improving brand performance and patient lives through data-driven insights and solutions. Snowflake, a leading data cloud platform, has recognized IQVIA as a Global Healthcare Leader in the prestigious Measurement and Attribution category. This recognition comes as part of Snowflake's annual Modern Marketing Data Stack awards. The Modern Marketing Data Stack report is the outcome of a comprehensive year-long analysis focusing on data tools, applications, technologies, and processes employed by organizations in their marketing data stacks. This exhaustive assessment, encompassing approximately 8,100 Snowflake customers, employs a weighted scoring algorithm to discern "marketplace leaders" across diverse data-driven business functions and technology categories. The report underscores IQVIA's proficiency in aiding healthcare and life sciences organizations in the compliant utilization of extensive data resources. This enables swift and precise measurement and reporting, ultimately leading to actionable insights that facilitate informed decision-making and the formulation of effective sales and marketing strategies. In recent years, life sciences firms have significantly increased their investments in business intelligence (BI) solutions to enhance their competitiveness and performance. However, this growth has also brought forth challenges, such as analytics failing to address essential business questions, the absence of a "single source of truth" for dependable insights, and the inability to prioritize personalized prescriptive insights. IQVIA's Orchestrated Analytics platform has emerged as a preeminent solution in the industry due to its comprehensive consulting and change management approach. This approach guarantees that solutions align with specific business requirements, irrespective of the market while minimizing initial investment risks. Furthermore, the platform offers an array of self-service applications empowering business stakeholders to customize insights and extract reliable and actionable intelligence. An exceptional feature of IQVIA's Orchestrated Analytics is its extensive library of algorithms, featuring over 200 algorithms and a multitude of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) exceeding 400, all aimed at elevating commercial impact through personalized insights for each user. The platform's user-friendly interface is complemented by embedded smart assistants, ensuring effortless access to personalized intelligence across a spectrum of business intelligence tools. IQVIA's global presence is another hallmark, with a team of over 86,000 experts operating in more than 100 countries. This expansive network accelerates the commercial impact of life sciences companies by furnishing market-relevant insights. In addition, Orchestrated Analytics is entrusted by seven out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide as they expand their brand portfolios. Tanveer Nasir, General Manager, Orchestrated Analytics, commented We are honored to be selected by Snowflake as the global leader in Measurement and Attribution in their Modern Marketing Data Stack report. [Source: IQVIA] He further explains that their insight recommendations and user adoption framework worked together effectively to enhance the sales force's efficiency and increase productivity. They had exhibited a significant ROI just by demonstrating Rx uplift for a top 10 pharmaceutical brand. Nasir conveyed that their commitment to enhancing brand performance and improving patients' lives worldwide by identifying the right customer at the right time through the correct channel and messaging continues to drive their passion.

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Atturra Announces Strategic Partnership With Denodo, Adding Data Virtualisation Capabilities To Data And Integration Services

iTWire | August 01, 2023

Atturra Limited (ASX: ATA) (Atturra) is a leading advisory and technology services business has announced a strategic partnership with Denodo, a leader in the data management space as part of this relationship, Denodo and Atturra will deliver logical data fabric and data mesh capabilities for enterprises to derive greater value from their distributed data sets. This partnership further bolsters Atturra’s Data & Integration capabilities. Denodo’s logical data management platform enables unified and business-friendly data access across enterprises with complex and diverse data landscape. Commenting on the partnership, Alex Hoehl - VP of Business Development APAC at Denodo, said, “Denodo is proud to be partnering with Atturra, a leader in data and integration services and solutions. This collaboration increases the value we can bring to our customers and expands the impact of both organisations across the region. The new partnership positions us to jointly deliver the most modern and agile Data Integration and Management Platform powered by Data Virtualisation.” Jason Frost, Executive General Manager - Data & Integration at Atturra, said, “Atturra’s reference architecture provides clients with a modern business enablement approach to analytics. We were looking for a way to give business users an easy, unified, data access layer, where data would remain ‘in-situ’ but where we could surface the relevant data in real-time for secure consumption. “Denodo’s logical data fabric and data mesh capabilities solve this problem. We can create a virtual data abstraction layer on top of any on-prem and/or cloud data source, and Denodo provides data management and governance while eliminating replication and risk.” Leveraging Denodo, enterprises can create dynamic and intuitive insights. This kind of enhanced agility empowers business users to explore, analyse, and interact with data in real-time, fostering a deeper understanding of key trends, patterns, and relationships that may otherwise remain hidden. Atturra works with multiple enterprise accounts across Government, Utilities, Financial Services and Education where they can take their Denodo-powered data fabric and data mesh capabilities. About Atturra Atturra (ASX: ATA) is one of Australia's leading advisory and IT solutions providers, focused on providing end-to-end transformation services to its clients. Atturra goes to market directly and through several key service offerings, including advisory and consulting, business applications, cloud services, data and integration, and managed services.

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