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Prophecy Accelerates Adoption of Lakehouse Technology

Prophecy, the premier low-code platform for data engineering, today announced the release of Prophecy for Databricks, a powerful new service that enables building data pipelines for business intelligence and machine learning simpler and quicker. With a visual drag-and-drop canvas, this platform allows anybody interested in data engineering to visually and interactively create, deploy, and monitor data pipelines on Apache Spark.

Prophecy for Databricks, designed for usage by both seasoned data engineering teams and non-programmer data citizens, allows several more people to simply develop pipelines, transfer them to production, and expedite the transformation of enterprises to become data-driven. With 10x users enabled, data teams see a dramatic improvement in operational efficiency and data quality, allowing them to manage more pipelines than ever before.

According to IDC, data is being created at a 23% annual growth rate, which means that 181 zettabytes of data will be developed by 2025. Businesses are struggling to keep up with the rate at which data is growing. According to Gartner, the DBMS market is nearly $80 billion and has grown 22% in the last year, with cloud DBMS rising even faster than the overall DBMS market.

Existing data engineering products do not address the requirements of businesses and have proven to be overly complex and inefficient. Businesses can 10x data engineering with Prophecy for Databricks, resulting in dramatic increases in data practitioners' doing data engineering, individual productivity, data pipeline reliability, and data quality.

"The industry need for data & analytics far outstrips what can be produced by data engineers programming in notebooks. With this release of Prophecy for Databricks, we're providing powerful, visual tools that enable an order of magnitude more data users to quickly develop data pipelines, at the same level as programmers. This expansion of data engineering to non-programmers is the only way to realize the potential of data at scale."

Raj Bains, CEO and co-founder of Prophecy



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