Saturn Cloud and Partner to Bring Extreme Performance Python to Data Scientists

Saturn Cloud | June 02, 2022

Saturn Cloud
Saturn Cloud, the data science and machine learning platform and, a parallel data compute platform providing extreme scale and speed for Python, have announced their partnership to take Python analytics performance to the next level for data science teams.

Data scientists develop multiple workflows across teams, and rely on Saturn Cloud to provide a collaborative environment and computing resources. With this partnership, those teams now have seamless access to the Bodo platform - allowing them to scale prototypes to petabyte-scale parallel-processing production without any tuning or re-coding.

Saturn Cloud's pre-built tools allow data science teams to collaborate and scale easily, without locking users into patterns. Instead, the platform encourages the workflow the user already has, while providing an environment where they don't need to rely on dev sources or manage compute environments. It prioritizes keeping the data scientist self-sufficient, while being able to collaborate and share work more efficiently.

Bodo offers a parallel compute platform providing extreme scale and speed, but with the simplicity and flexibility of using native Python. In contrast to using libraries and frameworks like Spark, Bodo is a new type of compiler offering automatic parallelism and high efficiency surpassing 10,000+ cores. Bodo can also be used natively with analytics packages such as Pandas, NumPy, SciKit Learn, and more.

The joint solution is available immediately, with software running within Saturn Cloud resources. Saturn Cloud provides a pre-built template with Bodo already installed and configured. Then, users are able to access the functionality of within JupyterLab or via SSH from VSCode, PyCharm, or the terminal. By using Saturn Cloud, users are able to get up to 4TB of RAM and 128 vCPUs, all backing the powerful software of Bodo.

You can try the following examples right away here: Use Bodo to speed up feature engineering and model training or use Bodo to speed up data manipulation and analysis.

"Our partnership is focused on providing massive speed and productivity improvements to data scientists struggling with large-scale analytics projects. Bodo's platform adds terabyte-scale processing with unheard-of infrastructure efficiencies for Saturn Cloud users."

Behzad Nasre, CEO, Bodo

"We not only want to provide a flexible workspace for data science teams, but enable greater Python scaling capabilities to increase productivity in projects that are more demanding. This joint offering with Bodo will give users an opportunity to take their work to the next level with automatic parallelization for better overall performance," says Sebastian Metti, one of the Saturn Cloud founders.

About Saturn Cloud
Saturn Cloud is a data science and machine learning platform flexible enough for any team. Collaborate together in the cloud on analyses and model training, then deploy your code. All using the same patterns you're used to, but with cloud scale. Learn more here.

About Bodo
Founded in 2019, is an extreme-performance parallel compute platform for data analytics, scaling past 10,000 cores and petabytes of data with unprecedented efficiency and linear scaling. Leveraging automatic parallelization and the first inferential compiler, Bodo is helping F500 customers solve some of the world's largest data analysis problems. And doing so in a fraction of traditional time, complexity, and cost, all while leveraging the simplicity and flexibility of native Python. Developers can deploy Bodo on any infrastructure, from a laptop to a public cloud.


Netenrich's John Pirc, VP and Head of Product Management, shares his thoughts on productizing Google Chronicle so that customers can use it more effectively. He also emphasizes the multitenancy feature provided by Resolution Intelligence Cloud. John goes on to say that the platform's packages and solutions will help customers improve their security maturity journey.


Netenrich's John Pirc, VP and Head of Product Management, shares his thoughts on productizing Google Chronicle so that customers can use it more effectively. He also emphasizes the multitenancy feature provided by Resolution Intelligence Cloud. John goes on to say that the platform's packages and solutions will help customers improve their security maturity journey.

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