Semarchy Empowers Red Wing Shoes with Unified Platform for Master Data Management and Governance

Semarchy | October 11, 2022 | Read time : 02:50 min

Semarchy, a leader in data integration and master data management, was selected by Red Wing Shoes to develop a central data hub to manage customer data generated from the explosive growth of the company’s e-commerce sales. Leveraging Semarchy’s unified data platform, Red Wing Shoes will deliver on its customer-centric retail strategy by creating a 360° view to enable its divisions to improve their customer knowledge across all departments.

“Semarchy is honored to be selected as the data partner of choice by Red Wing Shoes, whose service and quality are unmatched in its industry. “Red Wing Shoes’ commitment to its customers is in perfect alignment with Semarchy’s commitment to customer success. We are excited to equip this outstanding brand with a data platform equal in caliber to their products and reputation.”

TH Herbert, CEO of Semarchy

Red Wing Shoes approached Semarchy with challenges including data quality, data visibility, data management, and reporting and analytics. Other business drivers included developing data strategy, minimizing administrative and overhead costs, and establishing a “golden record” for customers before implementing new POS and e-commerce platforms. After reviewing multiple companies, Red Wing Shoes chose Semarchy for its flexibility, expertise, and unified data platform as well as cultural fit.

When Red Wing Shoes started their data journey, the first asset they aimed to master was their customer data across all their platforms for a complete view of customers across North America and Europe. One of their greatest challenges was ensuring the company understood who their customer was well enough to market to and service them effectively. With more than 9 million individual records, Red Wing Shoes needed a tool to allow the company to intelligently connect all transactions to the right customer.

“With our old systems, if you had a customer that bought shoes in three different stores and online, they would look like four different $300 customers to us, instead of one $1,200 customer,” said Jay Wardle, director, enterprise data at Red Wing Shoe Company. ��With Semarchy, we solved our data quality and master data management issues with one system. Now our customer data contains a single golden record for everyone, making it easy for marketing, sales, and customer service to see the data in real-time.”

Leveraging Semarchy’s unified data platform, Red Wing’s business units are now empowered with the right data to be proactive with marketing and customer support to serve their customers’ needs with real-time, accurate data. Now that the company has achieved one ‘golden record’ per customer, the marketing department is able to market to customers based on their level of engagement, purchase history, and locations to establish data-driven marketing campaigns, for example, and other departments can derive similar benefits.

“We are delighted that Semarchy was able to fulfill the data needs of Red Wing Shoes’ various departments and to enhance the customer experience overall,” said Brett Hansen, chief growth officer at Semarchy. “It is a joy to see how Semarchy’s unified data platform can transform a great brand into a data-driven powerhouse equipped for maximum responsiveness to customer demands and marketing opportunities.”

Red Wing Shoes continues to work with Semarchy on innovating new ways to leverage the unified data platform to reduce business complexity and increase efficiencies for their global business; including additional marketing projects, establishing a new POS and e-commerce system with clean data, and improving customer data for their wholesale/industrial customer B2B2C segments.

About Semarchy
Semarchy, a leader in the data integration and master data management markets, enables organizations to rapidly generate business value from their data. Its unified platform enables organizations of any size to quickly discover, govern, manage, integrate and visualize critical information scattered across applications. Semarchy is available as an on-premises platform and is natively available on popular cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Semarchy is also managed as a service and supported by a rich ecosystem of software-as-a service and professional service partners. Semarchy is based in Phoenix, USA, with offices in London, UK, Lyon, France, and Mexico City, Mexico.


When you unlock the power of your data, you enable your business to harness that power across edge to cloud. Here are three actions that any organization can take to unlock the value of data everywhere.


When you unlock the power of your data, you enable your business to harness that power across edge to cloud. Here are three actions that any organization can take to unlock the value of data everywhere.

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