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SymphonyAI Earned First Place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021

Advanced Analytics
A leader in high-value enterprise AI software solutions for strategic industries, SymphonyAI has announced that it took first place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021 for advanced analytics and data science. The achievement demonstrates how SymphonyAI emphasizes explaining how various variables are linked rather than just looking at how variables cluster without comprehending the links, which produces better results faster.

The Business Analytics Datathon was held in November and December 2021 at the Indian School of Business Institute of Data Science, inspiring the data science community to use advanced analytics and data science to deliver business solutions that assist transformational decision-making.

ISB professors, research directors, industry professionals, and executives from major corporations in the ISB Datathon Case Competition judged teams' solutions. On December 4, the institution's Data Science Summit concluded the 2021 competition. With a data set of 19.5 million daily sales records, SymphonyAI's team focused on an issue in the retail vertical and designed a solution in 10 days to forecast and analyze multivariate store and product behavior. The idea was praised for its uniqueness and was the winning option.

"We examined 699 products across 144 stores and needed to determine in a short amount of time how to forecast sales behavior accurately while taking into account a wide range of possibilities and despite missing crucial pieces of information," said SymphonyAI Vice President of AI and Data Science Sudarson Roy Pratihar. "Our method succeeded because we can see the shape of the data and understand the meaning of it, rather than discovering associations among attributes of data. For example, standard methods might see an image of a hand as a bunch of pixel points. But the SymphonyAI approach understands the specific shapes of fingers or a wrist from those points, and that these shapes connect in specific ways that allow the hand to move and do what it does. We can see and explain underlying drivers and how they're connected faster and better to drive clear and accurate decision-making."

The team demonstrated why customers can now move past stumbling blocks that challenge traditional AI and data science and get an accurate and actionable picture of the underlying drivers of business behavior and success using the SymphonyAI approach to enterprise AI, which is available commercially to customers.



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