SymphonyAI Earned First Place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021

SymphonyAI | January 11, 2022

Advanced Analytics
A leader in high-value enterprise AI software solutions for strategic industries, SymphonyAI has announced that it took first place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021 for advanced analytics and data science. The achievement demonstrates how SymphonyAI emphasizes explaining how various variables are linked rather than just looking at how variables cluster without comprehending the links, which produces better results faster.

The Business Analytics Datathon was held in November and December 2021 at the Indian School of Business Institute of Data Science, inspiring the data science community to use advanced analytics and data science to deliver business solutions that assist transformational decision-making.

ISB professors, research directors, industry professionals, and executives from major corporations in the ISB Datathon Case Competition judged teams' solutions. On December 4, the institution's Data Science Summit concluded the 2021 competition. With a data set of 19.5 million daily sales records, SymphonyAI's team focused on an issue in the retail vertical and designed a solution in 10 days to forecast and analyze multivariate store and product behavior. The idea was praised for its uniqueness and was the winning option.

"We examined 699 products across 144 stores and needed to determine in a short amount of time how to forecast sales behavior accurately while taking into account a wide range of possibilities and despite missing crucial pieces of information," said SymphonyAI Vice President of AI and Data Science Sudarson Roy Pratihar. "Our method succeeded because we can see the shape of the data and understand the meaning of it, rather than discovering associations among attributes of data. For example, standard methods might see an image of a hand as a bunch of pixel points. But the SymphonyAI approach understands the specific shapes of fingers or a wrist from those points, and that these shapes connect in specific ways that allow the hand to move and do what it does. We can see and explain underlying drivers and how they're connected faster and better to drive clear and accurate decision-making."

The team demonstrated why customers can now move past stumbling blocks that challenge traditional AI and data science and get an accurate and actionable picture of the underlying drivers of business behavior and success using the SymphonyAI approach to enterprise AI, which is available commercially to customers.


Boost analytical productivity and solve your most complex problems faster with a single, integrated in-memory environment that's both open and scalable. SAS® VISUAL DATA MINING AND MACHINE LEARNING. An intuitive programming environment. Innovative algorithms. Fast, in-memory processing. SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning shatters barriers related to data volume and variety, limited analytical depth and computational bottlenecks. That means greater productivity – and faster, deeper insight


Boost analytical productivity and solve your most complex problems faster with a single, integrated in-memory environment that's both open and scalable. SAS® VISUAL DATA MINING AND MACHINE LEARNING. An intuitive programming environment. Innovative algorithms. Fast, in-memory processing. SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning shatters barriers related to data volume and variety, limited analytical depth and computational bottlenecks. That means greater productivity – and faster, deeper insight

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RudderStack | September 02, 2022

RudderStack today announced HIPAA compliance, giving healthcare companies an easier way to manage and protect customer data. As a compliant solution provider, RudderStack can sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with healthcare customers. RudderStack enables teams to collect, transform, and activate customer data across their stack, leveraging their own cloud data warehouse as the central source of truth. The company's foundational product design decisions, focused on data security and privacy, align with HIPAA’s purpose of protecting patients’ private healthcare information (PHI). How RudderStack makes security and compliance easy for healthcare teams: Does not store data: RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach means you store your data in your own data warehouse, where you control the security and privacy protocols, not a vendor black box. SOC2 compliance: SOC2 Type 2 attestation provides assurance on implemented security safeguards. In-flight data masking, blocking, and hashing: RudderStack Transformations allow you to enforce data privacy policies, such as data masking, attribute removal, and event filtering on the event stream before the event data are delivered to destinations that require HL7 FHIR compliance. Permissions controls: Permissions management features in RudderStack give admins granular control over who has access to different pipelines. “We founded RudderStack based on the fundamental belief that you should maintain complete control of your data. In many ways HIPAA compliance is an extension of this belief. "With HIPAA compliance, we’re excited to bring modern customer data tooling to the healthcare industry.” Soumyadeb Mitra, CEO of RudderStack About RudderStack RudderStack is the warehouse-first, customer data platform (CDP) built for developers. The company takes a new approach to building and operating customer data infrastructure, making it easy to collect, unify, transform, and store customer data as well as securely route it to a wide range of common, popular tools.

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Infostrux Awarded Snowflake Retail & CPG Competency Badge for Accelerating Innovation in the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud

Infostrux | July 18, 2022

Infostrux Solutions Inc. today announced that it has been awarded the Snowflake Retail & CPG Competency badge for its specialized expertise in the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud. Infostrux is extending the depth of its professional services and retail-focused data solutions, unlocking new ways to transform the industry and accelerate data-driven outcomes for customers. Infostrux and Snowflake are working closely to mobilize the world's data with the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud, helping joint customers fully realize the value of their own data and seamlessly share it across their ecosystem in near real-time to improve customer experiences, demand forecasts and supply chain operations. The partnership is entirely defined by a single-minded focus on enabling joint customers' innovative edge in the market. The Snowflake Partner Network Competency Program, unveiled at Snowflake Summit 2022, validates Snowflake partners for the depth of their Snowflake expertise and commitment to driving customer impact across the Data Cloud ecosystem. Infostrux is breaking down data silos within and outside of organizations by designing specialized industry solutions to accelerate the time to value for customers looking to benefit from the advanced Snowflake platform. With Infostrux and Snowflake, joint customers can extend the reach of their data to drive agility, deliver exceptional, personalized customer experiences and optimize operations. Infostrux has guided joint customer, Browns Shoes, in using the Snowflake Data Cloud as the bedrock of their data strategy to integrate and augment their full breadth of analytics across business functions swiftly and efficiently. "Choosing Infostrux and Snowflake has been instrumental in executing on our vision. "While we could see that Snowflake was the path forward technologically, we needed to enable business use cases fast and couldn't afford to stumble along the way. Collaborating with Infostrux, we were able to couple their deep Snowflake and DataOps expertise to our team's domain knowledge and generate business value within an aggressive timeframe, and are now in a position to take full advantage of the Snowflake Data Cloud." Alexandre Hubert, VP Technology and Logistics, Browns Shoes "The experience we've acquired working with Browns Shoes, and a number of other players in the Retail & CPG space, has allowed us to develop a set of practices and solutions aimed at helping organizations truly realize the promise of the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud." said Pierre Jr Cliche, VP Products & Solutions, Infostrux. "The Snowflake platform enables so much more than the foundational, and our customers are looking to us to leverage those transformational use cases introduced by Snowflake, whether it be by extending their Customer 360 view using industry-wide Data Clean Rooms or by forecasting demand through Snowflake-centric machine learning workflows." "Together, Snowflake and Infostrux can help joint customers in the Retail and CPG industries govern and share data seamlessly to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize supply chains, and make data-driven merchandising decisions," said Rosemary Hua, Global Retail and CPG Industry GTM lead, Snowflake. "Infostrux's Retail and CPG Competency badge demonstrates their continued innovation in the Data Cloud, further mobilizing the world's data to better serve their customers." About Infostrux Infostrux is a consulting firm specialized in data engineering, data science and data management on Snowflake. Founded in January 2021, it has rapidly established itself as a Premier Snowflake partner and is expanding steadily across North America, working with organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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Fivetran Introduces Metadata API – Enables End-to-End Data Analysis and Visibility

Fivetran | September 20, 2022

Fivetran, the global leader in modern data integration, today announced the availability of Fivetran’s Metadata API to enable the tracking of data “in-flight” from source to destination as it moves through Fivetran-managed pipelines. With this additional visibility, customers can integrate with governance and observability tools to give data teams more control over who has access to what data. Enabling automated data governance, the Fivetran Metadata API also provides data stewards, security teams and data engineering teams the needed visibility to answer where the data came from, who accessed it, and what changes have occurred in the pipeline. “Every enterprise knows it must be data-driven, but traditional data governance has been a barrier with manual processes and reactive enforcement of policies. That's not a scalable approach, especially as data infrastructure grows to thousands of pipelines. “With Metadata API, our customers get out-of-the-box data governance automations and data quality workflows so they can proactively identify and take action on governance issues before they become a problem. Our automated in-flight approach enables data access at scale without increasing risk to the business.” Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran Complex legislation such as Europe’s GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other state laws impose fines on companies that do not comply with complex rules to safeguard data privacy. The Fivetran Metadata API helps enterprises address compliance requirements, easily integrating into their existing privacy and security strategies while bolstering the value of investments they’ve made in data catalogs and data quality solutions. With the Fivetran Metadata API: Data analysts are provided with a deep understanding of where data is coming from and are able to run impact analyses on it. Data stewards know end users have access to data that has been handled securely and is compliant with governance requirements. Security and legal teams can complete security audits and ensure the data moved is in compliance with organizational policies. Data architects and engineers will soon be able to understand upstream schema changes and ensure downstream processes are updated. Creating an automated data governance experience – Fivetran partners with leading data catalogs Fivetran is excited to launch better metadata management with four leading data catalog vendors: Atlan,, Alation and Collibra. Here are the combined benefits: Information about all data can be consolidated into a single data catalog, for a complete view and seamless user experience. End-to-end data lineage graphs are available for data, despite data passing through multiple systems and tools. By centralizing governance in a single tool, data stewards can better ensure policies and processes are being applied to data as necessary. The ability to source trace data at a column level back to its origin helps confirm data quality and builds trust that the data is accurate and safe to use. “Fivetran’s Metadata API solves a major gap in extracting data from operational systems into modern analytical systems by delivering the much-needed context. The availability of the Metadata API will accelerate development of reliable and secure data-intensive applications by exposing lineage, impact analysis, and security and privacy aspects,” said Sanjeev Mohan, Principal at SanjMo, a data and analytics expert and former Research Vice President at Gartner. “Our customers are excited to move faster with more visibility, powered by metadata from Fivetran,” said Prukalpa Sankar, Co-Founder at Atlan. “No need to manually stitch together sources anymore. With the new Metadata API, customers can now bring metadata from Fivetran into Atlan for a truly automated data governance experience. This end-to-end lineage covers everything from upstream sources to the warehouse and BI layer, helping customers stay informed across complex data stacks with powerful root cause and impact analysis.” “'s interface with Fivetran enables data producers and data consumers to understand and trust the data synchronization and mapping along all databases, data sources and applications that matter to enterprises,” said Jon Loyens, CPO & Co-Founder at “Together with Fivetran, we provide granular data visibility, including metadata of source-destination column pairs, simplifying data discovery, data governance and actionable insights.” A new report issued by Vanson Bourne for Fivetran highlights that companies continue to struggle with proper data governance – a necessity for compliance. All (100%) U.S. respondents said their companies could improve data governance roles, policies and standards, with 90% of those polled in France, 82% of those surveyed in the U.K. and Ireland, and 82% of respondents in Germany saying the same. About Fivetran Fivetran is the global leader in modern data integration. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity. Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Fast-moving startups to the world’s largest companies use Fivetran to accelerate modern analytics and operational efficiency, fueling data-driven business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world.

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