SymphonyAI Earned First Place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021

SymphonyAI | January 11, 2022

Advanced Analytics
A leader in high-value enterprise AI software solutions for strategic industries, SymphonyAI has announced that it took first place in the ISB Datathon Case Competition 2021 for advanced analytics and data science. The achievement demonstrates how SymphonyAI emphasizes explaining how various variables are linked rather than just looking at how variables cluster without comprehending the links, which produces better results faster.

The Business Analytics Datathon was held in November and December 2021 at the Indian School of Business Institute of Data Science, inspiring the data science community to use advanced analytics and data science to deliver business solutions that assist transformational decision-making.

ISB professors, research directors, industry professionals, and executives from major corporations in the ISB Datathon Case Competition judged teams' solutions. On December 4, the institution's Data Science Summit concluded the 2021 competition. With a data set of 19.5 million daily sales records, SymphonyAI's team focused on an issue in the retail vertical and designed a solution in 10 days to forecast and analyze multivariate store and product behavior. The idea was praised for its uniqueness and was the winning option.

"We examined 699 products across 144 stores and needed to determine in a short amount of time how to forecast sales behavior accurately while taking into account a wide range of possibilities and despite missing crucial pieces of information," said SymphonyAI Vice President of AI and Data Science Sudarson Roy Pratihar. "Our method succeeded because we can see the shape of the data and understand the meaning of it, rather than discovering associations among attributes of data. For example, standard methods might see an image of a hand as a bunch of pixel points. But the SymphonyAI approach understands the specific shapes of fingers or a wrist from those points, and that these shapes connect in specific ways that allow the hand to move and do what it does. We can see and explain underlying drivers and how they're connected faster and better to drive clear and accurate decision-making."

The team demonstrated why customers can now move past stumbling blocks that challenge traditional AI and data science and get an accurate and actionable picture of the underlying drivers of business behavior and success using the SymphonyAI approach to enterprise AI, which is available commercially to customers.


Deep Dive Into Data Integration Patterns and Recommendations for Putting Them Into Action Integration is full of challenges. Businesses must deal with different data formats, languages and operating platforms along with an ever-increasing volume of data and rapid technology innovations. Enterprise architects often face the same


Deep Dive Into Data Integration Patterns and Recommendations for Putting Them Into Action Integration is full of challenges. Businesses must deal with different data formats, languages and operating platforms along with an ever-increasing volume of data and rapid technology innovations. Enterprise architects often face the same

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Latest Release of the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse Simplifies Data Pipelines and Accelerates Query Performance for Growing Customer Base

Businesswire | May 26, 2023

Ocient, the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company, today announced the version 22 release of its flagship product, the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse (OHDW). This latest release builds upon Ocient’s hyperscale data integration and data movement capabilities while adding new real-time analytics features, query performance enhancements, and support for additional business intelligence (BI) tools. Ocient’s ability to continuously stream, load, and transform large scale datasets and execute machine learning directly within the database enables customers to execute complex, continuous data integration, transformation, and exploration alongside real-time analytics and OLAP-style workloads from a single solution stack. Native support for ETL and ELT workloads – Version 22 of the OHDW delivers improved performance for loading, streaming, and extract, load, transform (ELT) workloads. Organizations challenged with continuous data movement and transformation at scale can streamline complicated loading processes for complex data types and eliminate the need for standalone tools like Spark and Informatica that add latency and overhead to hyperscale workloads. Once data is transformed into a relational format and loaded or streamed, Ocient’s ELT capabilities support massive joins, groupings, and aggregations that enable customers to optimize query performance, activate transformed datasets, and prepare variations of source data for data science and operational data stores without needing to move or copy data. New real-time analytics features – Version 22 marks the general availability of Hyperloglog (HLL) sketches for Ocient’s suite of real-time analytics capabilities so customers can create rollups of data using approximations on aggregated metrics and accelerate query processing without sacrificing performance. Ocient’s ability to execute compute-intensive log-level aggregation, high concurrency queries, and always-on data streaming for real-time analytics alongside complex, compute-intensive OLAP-style workloads enables customers to streamline operations and consolidate a variety of mixed analytical workloads onto a single platform. Query performance enhancements – To enable customers to enrich data at scale while lowering latency and reducing costs, Ocient version 22 delivers query performance enhancements via I/O pushdown and join optimizations on hyperscale tables with hundreds of billions of rows. When combined with Ocient’s support for semi-structured and multidimensional data types, these enhancements enable Ocient to accelerate query plans on highly complex data sets while tightly controlling costs. Support for integrations with Metabase and Superset – Ocient version 22 offers new integrations with Metabase and Superset for easy data visualization and integration into existing customer environments. Both integrations leverage Ocient’s geospatial analytics and in-database machine learning (ML) so customers can quickly visualize and act on ML model results without the need for additional ELT processes or requirements. “In today’s economic environment, enterprises looking to scale their data and analytics requirements must pursue innovation while bringing greater efficiencies and cost savings to their business,” said Chris Gladwin, CEO at Ocient. “With version 22, Ocient is enabling customers with the capabilities they need to increase price performance, consolidate multiple resource-intensive tools into a single solution, and unlock new opportunities for product development and real-time decision intelligence to help grow their business.” From piloting new solutions to full production deployments, Ocient helps customers simplify complex data pipelines while facilitating the time-intensive task of engineering new end-to-end solutions with comprehensive migration support and services. When consolidating multiple databases and tools into a single solution, Ocient’s Customer Solutions team ensures customers move from pilot to production in weeks to months, with ROI delivered in a year or less. Ocient provides flexibility to deploy on premises and on cloud with Google or AWS, or as a fully managed solution in OcientCloud. To learn more about the Ocient Hyperscale Data Warehouse, click here. About Ocient Ocient is the leading hyperscale data analytics solutions company that enables organizations to unlock value by analyzing trillions of data records at performance levels and costs previously unattainable. Leading organizations around the world trust Ocient’s team of industry experts to design and deploy proven complex solutions that enable and fast-track new revenue opportunities and streamline operations. Ocient’s pilot-to-production solutions are rapidly deployed on premises, in the Ocient Cloud or in the public cloud, with little to no resource-intensive integration. Ocient is a carbon-neutral company, headquartered in Chicago, and backed by leading investors including Greycroft, OCA Ventures and In-Q-Tel. For more information, please visit

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Options Announces Partnership with KX to Provide Market Data Analytics Platform

Businesswire | May 04, 2023

Options Technology, the leading provider of capital markets services and market data, is pleased to announce a new partnership with KX, maker of kdb, the world’s fastest time series database and analytics engine, and a leader in Data Timehouse technology. Through this partnership, KX will utilize Options' extensive market data footprint to enhance the analytics platform, providing clients with real-time and historical insights. Options will provide KX with access to its vast repository of market data, including Equities, FX, Futures, Options, and Fixed Income data, as well as advanced market data analytics tools. Together, the two companies will create a cloud-based, market data analytics platform to deliver enhanced trading outcomes for clients. "Our partnership with KX marks a momentous occasion for Options Technology and the financial services sector as a whole" said Danny Moore, President and CEO of Options Technology. "The integration of our market data and analytics solutions with KX's market-leading time series database and Data Timehouse technology will be a game-changer, providing clients with unparalleled insights and enabling them to make informed trading decisions in real-time." KX's analytics engine gives users the ability to analyze and monitor large volumes of time series and relational data in real-time, enabling them to make faster and better-informed trading decisions. The addition of Options' data will further enhance the platform's capabilities, providing users with an even more comprehensive view of the market. James Corcoran, Chief Growth Officer at KX added: “The partnership with Options Technology demonstrates our commitment to making it easier for firms to consume market data as a service, by providing a packaged offering so that users can get to value and insights straight away, without having to build and maintain their own infrastructure. It’s a powerful proposition for firms looking to give their data science and quant research teams a greater competitive edge.” Today’s news comes as the latest in a series of exciting developments for Options, including its completion of SOC compliance for a 12th consecutive year, its deployment of OPRA in Frankfurt FR2 and its onshore trading expansion in Taiwan. In 2019, Options received investment from Boston-based Private Equity Firm Abry Partners. This investment has enabled Options to accelerate its growth strategy and develop its technology platform while expanding its global reach in key financial centres. About KX KX's mission is to accelerate the speed of data and AI-driven business innovation enabling customers to transform into real-time, intelligent enterprises. Built for the most demanding data environments, our Data Timehouse software is trusted by the world’s top investment banks and hedge funds, and leading companies in the life and health sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, and manufacturing industries. At the heart of our technology is the kdb time series database and analytics engine, independently benchmarked as the fastest on the market. It can process and analyze time series and historical data at unmatched speed and scale, empowering developers, data scientists, and data engineers to build high-performance data-driven applications and turbo-charge their favorite analytics tools in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Ultimately, our technology enables the discovery of richer, actionable insights for faster decision making which drives competitive advantage and transformative growth for our customers. About Options Options Technology is the No. 1 provider of IT infrastructure to global Capital Markets firms, supporting their operations and ecosystems. Founded in 1993, the firm began life as a hedge fund technology services provider. Today, the company provides high-performance managed trading infrastructure and cloud-enabled managed services to over 550 firms globally, providing an agile, scalable platform in an Investment Bank-grade Cybersecurity wrapper. Options clients include the leading global investment banks, hedge funds, funds of funds, proprietary trading firms, market makers, broker/dealers, private equity houses, and exchanges. With offices in 8 key cities; New York, Toronto, Chicago, London, Belfast, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Auckland, Options are well placed to service its customers on-site and remotely. In 2019, Options secured a significant growth investment from Abry Partners, a Boston-based sector-focused private equity firm. This investment has enabled Options to considerably accelerate its growth strategy to invest further in its technology platform and expand its reach in key financial centres globally. Options has been named among the UK’s leading growth companies in the 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017 Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table.

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Yugabyte Supercharges Developer Productivity While Boosting Performance with Enhancements to YugabyteDB Managed

Businesswire | March 28, 2023

Yugabyte, the leading open source distributed SQL database company, today announced key updates to YugabyteDB Managed, including the launch of the YugabyteDB Managed Command Line Interface (CLI). The new CLI delivers a better developer experience by increasing productivity and allowing users to enjoy the benefits of automation without needing to learn new skills. Additionally, new integration with AWS PrivateLink, 2x faster scaling, and over 125 new observability metrics further enhance overall security and operations. “At Yugabyte, we're dedicated to empowering developers to focus on building without getting bogged down by database limitations,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO and co-founder, Yugabyte. “The launch of the YugabyteDB Managed CLI takes automation and productivity to the next level. Developers of all levels can easily create and manage clusters from their terminal or IDE and make use of the most advanced set of tools available for optimizing database performance and driving the business forward.” YugabyteDB Managed CLI includes support for multiple platforms, open-source availability, easy installation and upgrading through the Homebrew package manager, built-in documentation, and auto-completion for commands and flags. The update provides automation for developers while allowing them to use their trusted and familiar environments. The enhancement to YugabyteDB Managed includes the new CLI and a series of other new innovations that together allow users to: Enjoy enhanced automation with the YugabyteDB Managed CLI; Users can now create and manage clusters hosted in YugabyteDB Managed from their terminal or IDE without requiring REST API or Terraform skills. The auto-completion feature makes it easy for users to discover and use new features quickly. The YugabyteDB Managed CLI makes day-to-day tasks easier for everyone, from app developers, to database administrators and DevOps engineers, by simplifying how they interact with YugabyteDB Managed resources. Leverage enterprise-ready, secure networking with AWS PrivateLink support; available now as a preview, AWS PrivateLink is the latest addition to the range of network access management options. This feature is available for dedicated clusters created in YugabyteDB Managed on AWS (as an alternative to VPC peering) for secure access to your databases over a private network. Scale databases 2x faster with dynamic infrastructure resizing; YugabyteDB Managed is even more responsive with vertical scaling operations on dedicated clusters providing a 2x performance boost. Users can now rapidly adjust to dynamic business needs and always be ready for planned or unplanned spikes. Enhance database performance with next level observability; The latest YugabyteDB Managed observability enhancements add over 125 new SQL and storage layer metrics. The greatly expanded set of metrics gives users deeper insights to the database performance and helps with consistent performance fine tuning. The cloud-based user interface includes new visualization options to reorder metrics for a custom dashboard and new synchronized tooltips in charts for easier troubleshooting. “At Admiral, we deliver a leading platform that helps publishers strengthen visitor relationships and grow their revenue. In order to handle our growing customer base and expanding feature set, we needed to enhance our Visitor Data platform service with a modern, distributed database that offers high availability, speedy lookups, and flexibility across our global deployment,” said James Hartig, Co-Founder, Admiral. “We chose YugabyteDB Managed as our database backend of choice to power our deployment, which spans 5 countries and 3 continents. The continued stream of new innovations to YugabyteDB Managed helps us minimize our operational overhead, deliver end-to-end encryption, and easily monitor our geo-distributed database.” YugabyteDB users can also now get access to YugabyteDB Managed through a free, full-featured trial. Once approved for the trial, users can access a dedicated cluster and experience the full benefits of a cloud-native, distributed SQL database for transactional applications. Join over 5000 active users across paid and free tiers, spanning over 4500 clusters in 40+ cloud regions globally. No credit card is required to sign-up. About Yugabyte Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open source, high-performance distributed SQL database for building global, cloud-native applications. YugabyteDB serves business-critical applications with SQL query flexibility, high performance and cloud-native agility, thus allowing enterprises to focus on business growth instead of complex data infrastructure management. It is trusted by companies in cybersecurity, financial markets, IoT, retail, e-commerce, and other verticals. Founded in 2016 by former Facebook and Oracle engineers, Yugabyte is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Dell Technologies Capital, Sapphire Ventures, and others.

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