To Better Serve Customers, Old Mutual Limited Uses Tamr to Modernise Master Data Management

Tamr | February 18, 2022

Data Management
Old Mutual Limited will be the first financial services business in Africa to use Tamr Core as part of a drive to better serve its consumers, Tamr announced. In addition, old Mutual will further incorporate its 'purpose-led technology' mindset by adopting a modern approach to master data management utilizing Tamr.

Old Mutual is a top African financial services organization that provides a wide range of financial products and services to retail and corporate customers in 14 countries. Old Mutual wants to employ Tamr to adapt its business procedures for the digital era, which uses human-guided machine learning to curate and clean data.

Old Mutual will generate entire client records and 360-degree views using the Tamr Core cloud-native data mastering solution, allowing them to provide more excellent and personalized customer care.

"Understanding who our customers are and what products they use is the cornerstone for better serving them. By using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and the cloud, we're able to quickly generate the datasets that form a full picture of our customers. With this knowledge, we're able to identify additional ways to help them grow and protect their prosperity,"

Johnson Idesoh, Chief Information Officer at Old Mutual

Old Mutual will save time and money by using Tamr Core to discover duplicate records, introduce new data sources, and integrate internal and external data sources. In addition, using Tamr data to power downstream analytics tools will offer Old Mutual the analytics it needs to drive both business and customer outcomes.

"Accurate data is key not only to keeping your existing customers but attracting new ones. We're looking forward to partnering with Old Mutual as they innovate their approach to master data management and use Tamr to unlock the insights that help customers thrive financially," said Andy Palmer, Tamr co-founder and CEO.


The pace for change in IT continues to rise, but how exactly are companies adapting for Modern Data Protection? In the new Veeam® report, more than 3,000 IT professionals around the world were surveyed on their IT and data protection drivers and strategies heading into 2022. Download the 2022 Data Protection Trends report to lea


The pace for change in IT continues to rise, but how exactly are companies adapting for Modern Data Protection? In the new Veeam® report, more than 3,000 IT professionals around the world were surveyed on their IT and data protection drivers and strategies heading into 2022. Download the 2022 Data Protection Trends report to lea

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WANdisco Unveils Data Activation Platform 2.0 to Accelerate Massive Data Transfers

WANdisco | January 20, 2023

On January 19, 2023, WANdisco, a data activation company, announced the launching of its Data Activation Platform 2.0 to enable faster migrations of massive datasets. Leveraging both the WANdisco Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud technologies, the updates enhance the speed and scalability of on-premises and edge data transfers through high precision control over migration throughput, prioritization, and cleanup, among other capabilities. In addition, the updates improve data movement performance from Hadoop environments and IoT sensor data to any cloud, boosting the commercial value of data regardless of where it resides. Organizations maintain a complicated data web that spans numerous storage environments with channels that connect to multiple clouds. According to IDC, businesses store data across five primary domains, but mostly in on-premises, edge locations, and public cloud. Furthermore, 69% of data leaders are unable to use their data due to lengthy timelines, high costs, and risk of data transfers between environments, as per the 2022 State of Data Activation report. Multi-cloud strategies, in which organizations use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics capabilities of different clouds for distinct use cases, add to this complexity. Data Activation Platform 2.0 offers granular control over all or selective data transfers within a streamlined user interface. New automated tools optimize migration and storage resources across environments, with the goal of increasing the speed at which large-scale datasets can be migrated to any cloud. David Richards, CEO and Founder of WANdisco, said, "Businesses face a dizzying challenge in moving massive amounts of data from a lot of sources to a lot of targets. As data continues to amass at the edge and on-premises at an unprecedented pace, solutions must improve to handle massive data transfers at incredible speeds – but also deliver a seamless experience." He further added, "Data Activation Platform 2.0 does just that. Now enterprises will have even greater control over all, or specific, data transfers happening across their business." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About WANdisco Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, WANdisco is the world's first and only data activation platform for pacing-up digital transformation at scale. The company makes unlimited data actionable in real-time across clouds and enterprises. Customers of WANdisco use the cloud to drive AI and machine learning, transform enterprises, and create new services with zero downtime, data loss, or disruption. WANdisco has over a hundred customers, substantial go-to-market collaborations with organizations such as Microsoft Azure, Databricks, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and others, as well as OEM relationships with Alibaba and IBM.

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Panasas Introduces Advanced Data Insight and Data Movement Suite for HPC and AI/ML Environments

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Panasas®, the data engine for innovation, today announced new data insight and mobility products joining the company’s PanFS software suite. The PanView™ and PanMove™ software solutions bring enhanced data management and analytics tools to Panasas storage that improve visibility and portability of precious data assets at organizations deploying high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads at scale. “Volumes of unstructured data are growing rapidly today, driven by the increasing convergence of traditional HPC and AI workloads. Our customers need integrated, easy-to-use tools that help them predict and optimize data management. “The PanView and PanMove suite continues the Panasas new product trajectory and gives our customers the control they need over their data – across platforms and in the cloud – to turn data insights into mission-critical actions.” Tom Shea, Panasas President and CEO Two products resulted from a new strategic relationship between Panasas and Atempo, a leading software manufacturer for data protection and data management. Panasas PanView™ Analytics by Atempo is a data management and analytics tool that provides end-users with a simple, consolidated global view of their data across Panasas storage systems as well as comprehensive reporting on storage activity from a single dashboard. Panasas PanMove™ Advanced by Atempo is a data movement and protection tool that expands Panasas’ class-leading reliability to reach beyond a single storage cluster. PanMove enables end-users to move large volumes of data easily and reliably between different Panasas ActiveStor® systems, locally and across geographic distances. Data can also be moved between PanFS storage environments and S3 object stores, whether in public or private clouds, or on-prem solutions. When paired with Atempo’s Miria products, end-users can extend this protection, synchronization, and replication even further to backup and archive targets such as tape and tape robotics as well as Azure and Google cloud object storage. Miria's centralized admin interface tracks the status and provenance of data across all those locations, taking a significant step toward a multi-cloud strategy. "We are excited by this close collaboration between our teams to provide a joint scalable and performant storage solution that is reliable, efficient, and easily managed,” stated Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo. “Miria is an innovative all-in-one data portability solution designed to protect, move, and archive large volumes of data. Miria meets the growing needs of today’s customers and partners who require high performance and scalability. Our combined technologies create a very intelligent and validated data management solution.” “We’re delighted to be working with Atempo to provide our customers with the data mobility and insights they need,” said Jeff Whitaker, VP of Marketing and Product at Panasas. “These new offerings are key additions to our PanFS software suite, and they underscore our continued transformation into a multiplatform, software-first company. With an expanding family of software products and our ActiveStor® platforms – all focused squarely on reliability and high performance at scale – we are better addressing the needs of the converging HPC, HPDA, and AI/ML market. We’re excited to deliver our leading high-performance storage solutions to a broader audience.” Panasas will be demonstrating its diversified software solutions at booth #713 at SuperComputing ‘22 in Dallas, Texas on November 14th – 17th, 2022. PanView and PanMove solutions will be available to customers in Q1 2023. About Panasas Panasas builds a portfolio of data solutions that deliver exceptional performance, unlimited scalability, and unparalleled reliability – all at the best total cost of ownership and lowest administrative overhead. The Panasas data engine accelerates AI and high-performance applications in manufacturing, life sciences, energy, media, financial services, and government. The company’s flagship PanFS® data engine and ActiveStor® storage solutions uniquely combine extreme performance, scalability, and security with the reliability and simplicity of a self-managed, self-healing architecture. The Panasas data engine solves the world’s most challenging problems: curing diseases, designing the next jetliner, creating mind-blowing visual effects, and using AI to predict new possibilities. About Atempo Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence that includes thousands of prestigious customers worldwide. Atempo provides solutions to protect, store, move and recover all mission-critical data sets. With over 30 years of data protection and data management, Atempo offers a complete portfolio of solutions from physical and virtual server backup to global data management across heterogenous storage.

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