To Better Serve Customers, Old Mutual Limited Uses Tamr to Modernise Master Data Management

Tamr | February 18, 2022

Data Management
Old Mutual Limited will be the first financial services business in Africa to use Tamr Core as part of a drive to better serve its consumers, Tamr announced. In addition, old Mutual will further incorporate its 'purpose-led technology' mindset by adopting a modern approach to master data management utilizing Tamr.

Old Mutual is a top African financial services organization that provides a wide range of financial products and services to retail and corporate customers in 14 countries. Old Mutual wants to employ Tamr to adapt its business procedures for the digital era, which uses human-guided machine learning to curate and clean data.

Old Mutual will generate entire client records and 360-degree views using the Tamr Core cloud-native data mastering solution, allowing them to provide more excellent and personalized customer care.

"Understanding who our customers are and what products they use is the cornerstone for better serving them. By using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and the cloud, we're able to quickly generate the datasets that form a full picture of our customers. With this knowledge, we're able to identify additional ways to help them grow and protect their prosperity,"

Johnson Idesoh, Chief Information Officer at Old Mutual

Old Mutual will save time and money by using Tamr Core to discover duplicate records, introduce new data sources, and integrate internal and external data sources. In addition, using Tamr data to power downstream analytics tools will offer Old Mutual the analytics it needs to drive both business and customer outcomes.

"Accurate data is key not only to keeping your existing customers but attracting new ones. We're looking forward to partnering with Old Mutual as they innovate their approach to master data management and use Tamr to unlock the insights that help customers thrive financially," said Andy Palmer, Tamr co-founder and CEO.


What's the best upgrade option for you? That depends on the nature of your business. As well as ensuring your operations stay secure and compliant, it's a great opportunity to take your technology to the next level while improving customer service. WHY SHOULD YOU UPGRADE? Mitigate risks with platform security and compliance There will be no access to critical security updates, opening the potential for business interruptions and loss of data.


What's the best upgrade option for you? That depends on the nature of your business. As well as ensuring your operations stay secure and compliant, it's a great opportunity to take your technology to the next level while improving customer service. WHY SHOULD YOU UPGRADE? Mitigate risks with platform security and compliance There will be no access to critical security updates, opening the potential for business interruptions and loss of data.

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