Vertica Integrates with H3C ONEStor to Bring Cloud-Scale Analytics

Vertica | February 24, 2022

Unified Analytics and Machine Learning on a Reliable Platform are delivered through a Combination Offering.

Vertica and H3C ONEStor have announced a partnership to bring cloud-native analytics to business data centres. Vertica and H3C, working together, enable analytically driven businesses to elastically increase capacity and performance as data volumes rise and machine learning efforts become a business need - all from inside hybrid environments.

"With this integration, data-driven leaders in the APAC region will benefit from a powerful combination of industry-leading platforms that accommodate any present and future strategic analytical and machine learning initiatives. H3C has a solid presence in this region, enabling our joint customers to run Vertica's cloud-optimized architecture with H3C's ONEStor to meet the most demanding performance and financial requirements – from enterprise data centers or private clouds."

Scott Richards, vice president and general manager of Vertica

Businesses may use Vertica and H3C ONEStor to leverage cloud innovation for analytics wherever their data is stored, even if cloud migration isn't viable due to scheduling or cost. When these 2 technologies are combined, they provide quick analytics while also simplifying data protection with features like backup and replication. Additionally, because it uses cloud technology for data storage, it ensures 99.9999999% dependability for mission-critical data.

Yili Liu, VP of Cloud and Intelligence Product Line from H3C stated that "We're delighted to offer Vertica analytics and machine learning on top of our ONEStor from H3C. The analytical performance offered by Vertica combined with the data reliability of ONEStor offer ultra-large-scale and capacity, unmatched analytical performance, and high data reliability."

The integrated solution combines high-performance analytics and machine learning with enterprise-grade object storage, allowing businesses to:

Address present and future scalability requirements - As you’re analytical and machine learning requirements change, elastically expand out to accommodate terabytes to petabytes of data and thousands of users.

Utilize computing and storage architectural separation - Administrators can scale computation and data storage resources separately to meet fluctuating dynamic workload needs.

Simplify database operations - The solution is quite dependable, as it includes several data-protection measures. Data loss is highly rare, with a dependability rating of nine out of ten.

Address all data consumer demands - Separate analytical workloads so that different types of data consumers – from business analysts to data scientists – can get what they need without fighting for resources.


Customers always talk about brands and express their sentiment about them. Thomas Iosifidis, Head of Business Intelligence and CRM at Piraeus Bank, explains how SAS Text Analytics is able to collect and organize the words of his clients, exploring and analyzing each piece of information. Transforming this knowledge into actions, allows Piraeus Bank to give customers the feeling that their opinions really matter and affect the business model of the bank..


Customers always talk about brands and express their sentiment about them. Thomas Iosifidis, Head of Business Intelligence and CRM at Piraeus Bank, explains how SAS Text Analytics is able to collect and organize the words of his clients, exploring and analyzing each piece of information. Transforming this knowledge into actions, allows Piraeus Bank to give customers the feeling that their opinions really matter and affect the business model of the bank..

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Denodo Releases New Subscriptions to Help Mid-market Companies to Streamline Data Integration and Accelerate Speed to Insights

Denodo | September 07, 2022

Denodo, a leader in data management, today announced two new subscriptions of its award-winning Denodo Platform that are designed to help mid-market businesses to start with a small departmental use case and then expand to multiple use cases within the company. Available on leading cloud marketplaces, the new subscriptions align with Denodo customers' cloud migration and adoption initiatives by allowing organizations to purchase them directly from their cloud marketplace of choice (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and are available with hourly, monthly, or annual pricing. These new subscriptions enable medium-sized organizations to harness better value through rapid deployment and data utilization while fitting their budgetary and project needs without requiring extensive time and resources to support real-time analytics and data services. Denodo’s new subscriptions include: Denodo Professional: leverages the same high performance, modern data virtualization technology and no-code/low-code web-based design studio to speed time-to-insight and accelerate data services for mid-market customers who have limited budget and needs. Denodo Professional is best suited for getting started with small departmental projects with a limited number of 5 data sources. Denodo Standard: enables mid-market customers to expand to multiple operational and analytical use cases by allowing access to unlimited number of data sources. Also includes integrated version control to easily keep track of changes. With these two new offerings, Denodo’s mid-market customers can easily enable popular use cases such as customer 360, BI reporting for Smart Analytics, Data-as-a-Service, and Marketing Analytics. Many of Denodo’s existing medium sized customers such as Ultra Mobile, GetSmarter, and Seacoast Bank, have realized immense value from their investments in the Denodo Platform. Denodo offers a 30-day free trial of the Denodo Professional subscription on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform marketplaces, to enable organizations to try the Denodo Platform, before they invest in it. Once customers realize the initial value of rapid data integration and delivery, they can easily add on data management and automation with Denodo Enterprise and Enterprise Plus subscriptions, which offer data catalog, AI/ML, and advanced semantics capabilities. “For fast-moving medium-sized businesses, gaining a unified view of their data for real-time actionable insights is imperative,” said Angel Viña, CEO and Founder of Denodo. “We have been helping many mid-market businesses with their departmental or organization-wide data integration and data management needs. We introduced the two new subscriptions to ensure our customers pay only for the functionalities they need. I am personally very pleased to see our customers’ excitement about these new subscriptions and am looking forward to seeing Denodo being an integral part of even more companies’ data-driven journey.” About Denodo Denodo is a leader in data management. The award-winning Denodo Platform is the leading data integration, management, and delivery platform using a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services. Realizing more than 400% ROI and millions of dollars in benefits, Denodo’s customers across large enterprises and mid-market companies in 30+ industries have received payback in less than 6 months.

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InfoSum launches Platform Sigma, the next evolution in secure first-party data collaboration

InfoSum | July 22, 2022

InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, today announced the launch of Platform Sigma, the next evolution in first-party data collaboration and privacy protection. These enhancements, the most significant update in InfoSum’s history, provide organizations with the safest, most secure, and most interoperable infrastructure to build and manage their own data clean rooms. Platform Sigma is the next-generation data collaboration platform, enabling full-scale transformation, application, and analysis of first-party data without sharing or movement. Platform Sigma provides a featherweight software layer that can sit on top of any existing technology stack to power private and secure collaboration between multiple first-party datasets. These enhancements solve the advertising ecosystem's interoperability challenges and allow for faster and more seamless marketing use cases including deep consumer insights, cross-channel activation, and measurement, with end-to-end protection and security. “InfoSum has been the driving force behind the rapid adoption of data clean rooms and privacy-enhancing technology. Platform Sigma takes InfoSum’s lead in the industry even further,” said Brian Lesser, InfoSum Chairman and CEO. “Platform Sigma represents the next stage in data collaboration, eliminating all barriers to entry for enterprise organizations to extract the full value from their first-party data – safely and securely – with no risk and no limits.” Included in the Platform Sigma release: Cloud Vault A file streaming solution that lives within our client’s cloud infrastructure to fully operationalize first-party data without movement, enabling organizations to select, join, and publish data for collaboration with complete control. Transformation Enables enterprise organizations to easily manage, prepare, process, query, and activate first-party data. Transform complex, multi-dimensional datasets as well as log-level files, saving both time and money for users. App Exchange Create deeper connections with data and analytics partners through an integrated development framework that enables third parties to build web applications directly on our secure infrastructure to provide advanced insights and functionality. Query Engine Seamlessly build and execute advanced analytical models, data visualizations, and more with direct access to a robust library of pre-canned and bespoke queries to optimize planning, segmentation, and measurement strategies. Open API Accelerate the adoption and use of privacy-enhancing technology across the enterprise tech stack with full API access to the InfoSum platform for greater ease of use within your own environment. “As our clients continue to scale their first-party data strategies - privacy protection is top of mind. Tools like Platform Sigma allow us to focus on driving strategy and delivering better customer experiences, while allowing our clients to maintain full control of their data. “As InfoSum continues to innovate, Platform Sigma will provide the security, flexibility and speed necessary to enable full-scale use of our clients first-party data.” Slavi Samardzija, Global CEO of Annalect “InfoSum has been an integral partner in our first-party data strategy and has played a fundamental role in both the evolution of Planet V and advancements in our marketing sophistication. With the launch of Platform Sigma, InfoSum enables us to deliver even more advanced and granular analytics that will unlock new opportunities for ITV and our partners,” said Lara Izlan, Director of Data Strategy at ITV. “As an early adopter of data clean room technology, we understand the complexities of privacy-safe data collaboration, and Platform Sigma provides the necessary advancements in our mission to maintain end-to-end security and privacy protection for our partners.” As part of the Platform Sigma launch and the next phase for InfoSum will be the launch of Safe Audience Transfer, an open-source project that leverages the company’s patented privacy-enhancing technology in order to create interoperability between all data silos and systems including clean room-to-clean room operations. Safe Audience Transfer currently powers InfoSum Bunker-to-Bunker interoperability ensuring complete non-movement of data when executing multi-party computation and collaboration within a data clean room, and will be a crucial piece in the democratization of data security and privacy protection for all. About InfoSum InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform and the only secure data clean room infrastructure, empowering global businesses to safely use their first-party data at scale to deliver better customer experiences. InfoSum is the only solution that enables true multi-party computation and analysis across unlimited data sets to unlock the full potential of customer data without risk of exposure or misuse. InfoSum’s patented Safe Audience Transfer ensures the complete non-movement of data to create the most protected, most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network.

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ActionIQ Named Overall, Product and Innovation Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass

ActionIQ | September 17, 2022

ActionIQ, the leader in customer experience (CX) solutions, today announced that it was named an Overall Leader, Product Leader and Innovation Leader in the 2022 Leadership Compass on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by KuppingerCole Analysts AG. The Leadership Compass report analyzes CDP solutions on the market to give an overview of the market positions of the vendors and the functionality of the solutions. The AIQ CX Hub is a collection of powerful and fully configurable modular solutions that gives all enterprise teams direct but controlled self-service access to customer data to create audiences and orchestrate customer experiences at scale. "It is clear that the ActionIQ CX Hub has been designed with a strong focus on the customer experience: both the experience of the members of an organization that work with the solution and the customers of such organizations who will benefit from the enhanced customer experience facilitated by the Customer Experience Hub," said Roland Bühler, leading analyst and author of the KuppingerCole report. To cite the 2022 Leadership Compass, the AIQ CX Hub "is easy to use and is ideal for non-technical users (such as marketers). The intuitive graphical user interface is easy to understand and to manage all the functions without the need for a data analyst. In particular, the built-in connectors for a huge variety of third-party systems can be used in a highly intuitive "plug-and-play" manner." Further on AIQ, "The segmentation of customer audiences can be done in a very convenient way, using drag and drop functionality. Calculations, such as the audience size, and further analytics are made in real-time. ActionIQ Customer Experience Hub has a strong focus on customer activation. It includes a highly intuitive and powerful customer orchestration tool that enables the creation of intelligent customer journey setups in a very smart way using the graphical user interface." "We are very proud to be named an Overall Leader, as well as Product and Innovation Leader by KuppingerCole. "The AIQ CX Hub is the only solution that can combine historical customer profile with real-time events to orchestrate impactful, personalized customer experiences, and rapid growth of our customer base, combined with exceptional customer retention, speak to the superiority of our solution." Tasso Argyros, Co-Founder and CEO at ActionIQ The AIQ CX Hub comprises four modular solutions — CDP, Audience Center, Journey Management and Real-Time CX — designed to help brands give business teams the freedom to explore and action on customer data, while helping technical teams extend and enhance existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs and performance. The AIQ CX Hub flexibly integrates with any data source or channel, and gives organizations the freedom to purchase a CDP from AIQ or use their own in-house solution. The AIQ CX Hub has also scored Positive or Strong Positive in the Security, Functionality, Interoperability and Usability product categories of the report. The Overall Leader rating is based on the combination of product, innovation and market leadership, while Product Leadership is determined by the functional strength of the CDP solution and the overall capabilities and completeness of services. When it comes to Innovation Leadership, "innovative companies take a customer-oriented upgrade approach, delivering customer-requested and other cutting-edge features, while maintaining compatibility with previous versions," according to KuppingerCole. About ActionIQ AIQ brings order to CX chaos. Our Customer Experience Hub empowers everyone to be a CX champion by giving business teams the freedom to explore and action on customer data while helping technical teams extend and enhance existing technology investments to manage data governance, costs and performance. Enterprise brands such as Autodesk, M&T Bank, The New York Times, Neiman Marcus, Hertz and many more use our CX Hub to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences.

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