Vertica Integrates with H3C ONEStor to Bring Cloud-Scale Analytics

Vertica | February 24, 2022

Unified Analytics and Machine Learning on a Reliable Platform are delivered through a Combination Offering.

Vertica and H3C ONEStor have announced a partnership to bring cloud-native analytics to business data centres. Vertica and H3C, working together, enable analytically driven businesses to elastically increase capacity and performance as data volumes rise and machine learning efforts become a business need - all from inside hybrid environments.

"With this integration, data-driven leaders in the APAC region will benefit from a powerful combination of industry-leading platforms that accommodate any present and future strategic analytical and machine learning initiatives. H3C has a solid presence in this region, enabling our joint customers to run Vertica's cloud-optimized architecture with H3C's ONEStor to meet the most demanding performance and financial requirements – from enterprise data centers or private clouds."

Scott Richards, vice president and general manager of Vertica

Businesses may use Vertica and H3C ONEStor to leverage cloud innovation for analytics wherever their data is stored, even if cloud migration isn't viable due to scheduling or cost. When these 2 technologies are combined, they provide quick analytics while also simplifying data protection with features like backup and replication. Additionally, because it uses cloud technology for data storage, it ensures 99.9999999% dependability for mission-critical data.

Yili Liu, VP of Cloud and Intelligence Product Line from H3C stated that "We're delighted to offer Vertica analytics and machine learning on top of our ONEStor from H3C. The analytical performance offered by Vertica combined with the data reliability of ONEStor offer ultra-large-scale and capacity, unmatched analytical performance, and high data reliability."

The integrated solution combines high-performance analytics and machine learning with enterprise-grade object storage, allowing businesses to:

Address present and future scalability requirements - As you’re analytical and machine learning requirements change, elastically expand out to accommodate terabytes to petabytes of data and thousands of users.

Utilize computing and storage architectural separation - Administrators can scale computation and data storage resources separately to meet fluctuating dynamic workload needs.

Simplify database operations - The solution is quite dependable, as it includes several data-protection measures. Data loss is highly rare, with a dependability rating of nine out of ten.

Address all data consumer demands - Separate analytical workloads so that different types of data consumers – from business analysts to data scientists – can get what they need without fighting for resources.


Pentaho & Big Data Ecosystem – Live Seminar will be focused on the next generation of Business Intelligence & Big Data technologies such as Pentaho, Red Hat, Mongo DB, Hadoop and Vectorwise – solutions designed to extract economic value from large volumes of data.


Pentaho & Big Data Ecosystem – Live Seminar will be focused on the next generation of Business Intelligence & Big Data technologies such as Pentaho, Red Hat, Mongo DB, Hadoop and Vectorwise – solutions designed to extract economic value from large volumes of data.

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Aunalytics Introduces Alliance Partner Program to Accelerate Adoption of its Cloud Native Data Analytics Platform

Aunalytics | April 29, 2021

Aunalytics, a main data stage organization conveying Insights-as-a-Service for big business organizations, today reported its new Aunalytics Alliance™ Partner Program to speed up the appropriation of its cloud-local data analytics arrangements and administrations. The program was created to give ISV's, and technology accomplices the committed assets and backing to guarantee a good outcome and drive new repeating income openings and long haul an incentive for customers. Aunalytics gives Insights-as-a-Service to answer endeavor and average sized organizations' most significant IT and business questions. The Aunalytics® cloud-local data stage is worked for all inclusive data access, progressed analytics, and AI while binding together unique data storehouses into a solitary brilliant record of exact, noteworthy business data for digital change. The worldwide Business Intelligence market size is required to develop from USD 23.1 billion out of 2020 to USD 33.3 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.6% during the estimate time frame as indicated by driving experts. Different factors like the developing spotlight on digital change, rising interests in analytics, rising interest for dashboards for data perception, expansion in selection of cloud, and expansion in data age are required to drive the development of the business intelligence market. The Aunalytics Alliance Partner Program is a vital segment of its go-to-advertise methodology that has been intended to catch this huge market opportunity. The program gives devoted specialized preparing and backing, appealing edges for ISV accomplices, and marketing and advancements upheld by committed marketing for accomplice achievement, including co-marked and advanced missions. Aunalytics has accreditations with the accompanying technology accomplices including Cisco, Citrix Software, Microsoft, Oracle, Sophos, Veeam Software, and VMware among a vigorous rundown of accomplices offering top tier technology instruments. Through its one next to the other model, Aunalytics works with its customers to bring the best instruments, technology, and administrations to make arrangements specially custom-made to address customer issues, including the advancements of its accomplices. "Aunalytics doesn't just sell you a device and leave you to sort out some way to execute and utilize it," said Terry Gour, COO Aunalytics. "We work next to each other with our customers to accomplish business results and ROI with the correct mix of technology, data analytics, and administrations. We are satisfied to report our debut Alliance Partner Program to extend our impression into new topographies and markets and to guarantee our accomplices are very much situated to benefit from this thriving business sector opportunity for serious separation and upper hand." About Aunalytics Aunalytics is the data stage organization conveying answers for your business. Aunalytics gives Insights-as-a-Service to answer undertaking and average sized organizations' most significant IT and business questions. The Aunalytics® cloud-local data stage is worked for widespread data access, progressed analytics, and AI while binding together different data storehouses into a solitary brilliant record of precise, significant business data. Its Daybreak™ industry savvy data shop joined with the force of the Aunalytics data stage furnishes industry-explicit data models with worked in inquiries and AI to guarantee admittance to convenient, precise data and answers to basic business and IT questions. Through its one next to the other digital change model, Aunalytics gives on-request versatile admittance to technology, data science, and AI specialists to flawlessly change clients' organizations.

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