WANdisco Unveils Data Activation Platform 2.0 to Accelerate Massive Data Transfers

WANdisco | January 20, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

WANdisco Unveils Data Activation Platform 2.0 to Accelerate

On January 19, 2023, WANdisco, a data activation company, announced the launching of its Data Activation Platform 2.0 to enable faster migrations of massive datasets. Leveraging both the WANdisco Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud technologies, the updates enhance the speed and scalability of on-premises and edge data transfers through high precision control over migration throughput, prioritization, and cleanup, among other capabilities. In addition, the updates improve data movement performance from Hadoop environments and IoT sensor data to any cloud, boosting the commercial value of data regardless of where it resides.

Organizations maintain a complicated data web that spans numerous storage environments with channels that connect to multiple clouds. According to IDC, businesses store data across five primary domains, but mostly in on-premises, edge locations, and public cloud.

Furthermore, 69% of data leaders are unable to use their data due to lengthy timelines, high costs, and risk of data transfers between environments, as per the 2022 State of Data Activation report. Multi-cloud strategies, in which organizations use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics capabilities of different clouds for distinct use cases, add to this complexity.

Data Activation Platform 2.0 offers granular control over all or selective data transfers within a streamlined user interface. New automated tools optimize migration and storage resources across environments, with the goal of increasing the speed at which large-scale datasets can be migrated to any cloud.

David Richards, CEO and Founder of WANdisco, said, "Businesses face a dizzying challenge in moving massive amounts of data from a lot of sources to a lot of targets. As data continues to amass at the edge and on-premises at an unprecedented pace, solutions must improve to handle massive data transfers at incredible speeds – but also deliver a seamless experience." He further added, "Data Activation Platform 2.0 does just that. Now enterprises will have even greater control over all, or specific, data transfers happening across their business."

(Source – Cision PR Newswire)

About WANdisco

Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, WANdisco is the world's first and only data activation platform for pacing-up digital transformation at scale. The company makes unlimited data actionable in real-time across clouds and enterprises. Customers of WANdisco use the cloud to drive AI and machine learning, transform enterprises, and create new services with zero downtime, data loss, or disruption. WANdisco has over a hundred customers, substantial go-to-market collaborations with organizations such as Microsoft Azure, Databricks, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and others, as well as OEM relationships with Alibaba and IBM.


A faster and more responsive technology backbone enables data-empowered farming for the world's largest fresh multi-berry producer, Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC).


A faster and more responsive technology backbone enables data-empowered farming for the world's largest fresh multi-berry producer, Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC).

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