WNS Triange Powered Next-Generation Data And Analytics Solutions and Artificial Intelligence to Drive Business Growth and Innovation

WNS | February 16, 2022

Data & Analytics Solutions
WNS (Holdings) Limited, a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, announced the launch of WNS Triange, the company's new data, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) subsidiary. WNS Triange enables businesses to develop the correct information, analytics, and AI strategy and execute that plan using cloud-based platforms and solutions, resulting in enhanced outcomes, thanks to a specialized staff of over 4,000 data scientists, data engineers, and domain specialists.

WNS Triange focuses on using data and analytics to solve industry-specific problems and "co-create" data-driven transformative solutions with our clients. WNS Triange helps organizations simplify and demystify data complexities and analytical requirements by combining the domain expertise of WNS across industry verticals, co-creation laboratories, strategic partnerships, and outcome-based engagement models.

"Companies today have access to a wealth of data, but many lack the strategy that clearly articulates how the data can be leveraged. WNS Triange enables businesses through the entire data-to-insights journey, ensuring intuitive, high-impact decision-making and business growth and innovation in the long term. Close to three decades of domain-led experience across industries differentiates WNS Triange," said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS.

Three pillars support WNS Triange:

Triange Consult lays the groundwork for enterprises' data, analytics, and AI requirements. Triange Consult assists firms in defining their journey to an insight-driven company, from initial gap analysis and change management to regulating standards and practices leading to an implementation roadmap.

Triange NxT, the industry analytics-led platform suite, combines intelligent cloud-enabled data, analytics, and AI capabilities with our connections with all major cloud providers and specialty start-ups to deliver efficiently deployable assets and solutions.

Triange CoE, or Center of Excellence, is responsible for the end-to-end execution of industry-specific analytics programs, utilizing domain expertise, global delivery capabilities, functional knowledge, and technology best practices.


Meet Tredence’s ATOM.AI. Built to unlock the power of the accelerator model for true value realization, The unified AI/ML ecosystem for industries aids enterprises  to transform data into winning outcomes reducing time-to-value by 50% through its:


Meet Tredence’s ATOM.AI. Built to unlock the power of the accelerator model for true value realization, The unified AI/ML ecosystem for industries aids enterprises  to transform data into winning outcomes reducing time-to-value by 50% through its:

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Bright Data Launches Public Web Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace

Bright Data | December 05, 2022

Bright Data announced today its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and as such, the launch of its Datasets on Snowflake Marketplace. The new solution will provide joint customers with ready-to-use, pre-made datasets to help them acquire the web data they need to make critical decisions and address challenging business questions across every aspect of their organization. Snowflake Marketplace, powered by Snowflake’s ground-breaking cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid, allows companies to get direct access to raw data products and leverage data, data services and applications quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Snowflake Marketplace simplifies discovery, access, and the commercialization of data products enabling companies to unlock entirely new revenue streams and extended insights across the Data Cloud. The new solution will forward customers a unique ability to search, discover, filter through, and obtain large and complete datasets procured by the Bright Data team — containing millions of web data points from public e-Commerce & shopping, travel & tourism, as well as business information websites, refreshed at periodic intervals — to receive comprehensive coverage of entire target websites, delivered within a structured format. Furthermore, customers from across multiple market sectors will be able to request custom-made datasets and subsets of pre-made datasets to create a focus on the specific set of information that provides value to their organizations. Customers will be able to enjoy varying possibilities for data enrichment that can produce additional information on top of the web data already collected from public websites and add further value to the requested dataset. “Both tailored and pre-made datasets are becoming significantly more attractive for organizations of all sizes. “The smartest players are using a combination of both offerings, whether it is specifically tailored public datasets or ready-made to address their most essential questions and provide the immediate answers that drive their organizations further.” Bright Data CEO Or Lenchner “Bringing Bright Data’s datasets to Snowflake Marketplace will enable our joint customers to pursue innovation within their web data collection efforts,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. “As Snowflake continues to empower organizations to mobilize their data, partners like Bright Data give our customers greater flexibility around how they acquire and collect web data at scale.” About Bright Data Bright Data is the industry-leading web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve web data in the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way so they can research, monitor, and analyze it to make better and faster decisions that directly impact their business success.

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Volt Active Data Introduces Active(SD)™ for Capitalizing on Streaming Data

Volt Active Data | January 18, 2023

On January 17, 2023, Volt Active Data, an emerging provider of in-memory database platforms to support applications that require consistency, speed, and scale, announced the unveiling of Active Streaming Decisions (Active(SD)™, an ultra high-speed decision-making engine, enabling companies to use the power of the Volt Active Data Platform to issues that other Kafka ecosystem solutions cannot solve. With its foundation in the already combat-tested and proven Volt Active Data architecture, Active(SD) quickly utilize event data directly from Kafka topic areas as the data is generated and where the data is generated, leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning to reveal insights and make instantaneous, mission-critical decisions, which are then reverted back to Kafka so an action can be taken while the data (and resulting action) still remains appropriate. Volt CEO David Flower said, "This is a tremendous opportunity for companies to finally be able to easily add intelligent decisioning to Kafka data streams and thereby fully capitalize on the massive amount of valuable data that Kafka streams into systems." (Source: PR NewsWire) There are a number of ways to use data from Kafka for further processing down the line, such as loading it into a warehouse or data lake for offline processing and reporting. However, Active(SD) is the only product built specifically to optimize event-time, in-stream decisions in less than ten milliseconds to drive real-time actions consciously. This makes it the fastest way for Kafka-powered applications to go from event to action. About Volt Active Data Founded in 2009, The Volt Active Data is a developer of data platforms based in Bedford, MA. The platform lets businesses get the most out of their data and apps by allowing them to grow without compromising accuracy, speed, or consistency. Build on a simplified stack and an ingest-to-action layer that can make decisions in under ten milliseconds, Volt's unique, no-compromises foundation gives businesses the ability to maximize the return on investment (ROI) of their IoT, 5G, AI/ML, and other investments, ensure "five 9's" uptime, save on operational costs, deliver hyper-personalized customer engagement, and prevent fraud and intrusion.

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Panasas Introduces Advanced Data Insight and Data Movement Suite for HPC and AI/ML Environments

Panasas | November 11, 2022

Panasas®, the data engine for innovation, today announced new data insight and mobility products joining the company’s PanFS software suite. The PanView™ and PanMove™ software solutions bring enhanced data management and analytics tools to Panasas storage that improve visibility and portability of precious data assets at organizations deploying high-performance computing (HPC), high-performance data analytics (HPDA), and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) workloads at scale. “Volumes of unstructured data are growing rapidly today, driven by the increasing convergence of traditional HPC and AI workloads. Our customers need integrated, easy-to-use tools that help them predict and optimize data management. “The PanView and PanMove suite continues the Panasas new product trajectory and gives our customers the control they need over their data – across platforms and in the cloud – to turn data insights into mission-critical actions.” Tom Shea, Panasas President and CEO Two products resulted from a new strategic relationship between Panasas and Atempo, a leading software manufacturer for data protection and data management. Panasas PanView™ Analytics by Atempo is a data management and analytics tool that provides end-users with a simple, consolidated global view of their data across Panasas storage systems as well as comprehensive reporting on storage activity from a single dashboard. Panasas PanMove™ Advanced by Atempo is a data movement and protection tool that expands Panasas’ class-leading reliability to reach beyond a single storage cluster. PanMove enables end-users to move large volumes of data easily and reliably between different Panasas ActiveStor® systems, locally and across geographic distances. Data can also be moved between PanFS storage environments and S3 object stores, whether in public or private clouds, or on-prem solutions. When paired with Atempo’s Miria products, end-users can extend this protection, synchronization, and replication even further to backup and archive targets such as tape and tape robotics as well as Azure and Google cloud object storage. Miria's centralized admin interface tracks the status and provenance of data across all those locations, taking a significant step toward a multi-cloud strategy. "We are excited by this close collaboration between our teams to provide a joint scalable and performant storage solution that is reliable, efficient, and easily managed,” stated Louis Laszlo, VP of Product Management at Atempo. “Miria is an innovative all-in-one data portability solution designed to protect, move, and archive large volumes of data. Miria meets the growing needs of today’s customers and partners who require high performance and scalability. Our combined technologies create a very intelligent and validated data management solution.” “We’re delighted to be working with Atempo to provide our customers with the data mobility and insights they need,” said Jeff Whitaker, VP of Marketing and Product at Panasas. “These new offerings are key additions to our PanFS software suite, and they underscore our continued transformation into a multiplatform, software-first company. With an expanding family of software products and our ActiveStor® platforms – all focused squarely on reliability and high performance at scale – we are better addressing the needs of the converging HPC, HPDA, and AI/ML market. We’re excited to deliver our leading high-performance storage solutions to a broader audience.” Panasas will be demonstrating its diversified software solutions at booth #713 at SuperComputing ‘22 in Dallas, Texas on November 14th – 17th, 2022. PanView and PanMove solutions will be available to customers in Q1 2023. About Panasas Panasas builds a portfolio of data solutions that deliver exceptional performance, unlimited scalability, and unparalleled reliability – all at the best total cost of ownership and lowest administrative overhead. The Panasas data engine accelerates AI and high-performance applications in manufacturing, life sciences, energy, media, financial services, and government. The company’s flagship PanFS® data engine and ActiveStor® storage solutions uniquely combine extreme performance, scalability, and security with the reliability and simplicity of a self-managed, self-healing architecture. The Panasas data engine solves the world’s most challenging problems: curing diseases, designing the next jetliner, creating mind-blowing visual effects, and using AI to predict new possibilities. About Atempo Atempo is a leading independent European-based software vendor with an established global presence that includes thousands of prestigious customers worldwide. Atempo provides solutions to protect, store, move and recover all mission-critical data sets. With over 30 years of data protection and data management, Atempo offers a complete portfolio of solutions from physical and virtual server backup to global data management across heterogenous storage.

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