Yugabyte Supercharges Developer Productivity While Boosting Performance with Enhancements to YugabyteDB Managed

Businesswire | March 28, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Yugabyte Supercharges Developer Productivity While Boosting

Yugabyte, the leading open source distributed SQL database company, today announced key updates to YugabyteDB Managed, including the launch of the YugabyteDB Managed Command Line Interface (CLI). The new CLI delivers a better developer experience by increasing productivity and allowing users to enjoy the benefits of automation without needing to learn new skills. Additionally, new integration with AWS PrivateLink, 2x faster scaling, and over 125 new observability metrics further enhance overall security and operations.

“At Yugabyte, we're dedicated to empowering developers to focus on building without getting bogged down by database limitations,” said Karthik Ranganathan, CTO and co-founder, Yugabyte. “The launch of the YugabyteDB Managed CLI takes automation and productivity to the next level. Developers of all levels can easily create and manage clusters from their terminal or IDE and make use of the most advanced set of tools available for optimizing database performance and driving the business forward.”

YugabyteDB Managed CLI includes support for multiple platforms, open-source availability, easy installation and upgrading through the Homebrew package manager, built-in documentation, and auto-completion for commands and flags. The update provides automation for developers while allowing them to use their trusted and familiar environments.

The enhancement to YugabyteDB Managed includes the new CLI and a series of other new innovations that together allow users to:

  • Enjoy enhanced automation with the YugabyteDB Managed CLI; Users can now create and manage clusters hosted in YugabyteDB Managed from their terminal or IDE without requiring REST API or Terraform skills. The auto-completion feature makes it easy for users to discover and use new features quickly. The YugabyteDB Managed CLI makes day-to-day tasks easier for everyone, from app developers, to database administrators and DevOps engineers, by simplifying how they interact with YugabyteDB Managed resources.
  • Leverage enterprise-ready, secure networking with AWS PrivateLink support; available now as a preview, AWS PrivateLink is the latest addition to the range of network access management options. This feature is available for dedicated clusters created in YugabyteDB Managed on AWS (as an alternative to VPC peering) for secure access to your databases over a private network.
  • Scale databases 2x faster with dynamic infrastructure resizing; YugabyteDB Managed is even more responsive with vertical scaling operations on dedicated clusters providing a 2x performance boost. Users can now rapidly adjust to dynamic business needs and always be ready for planned or unplanned spikes.
  • Enhance database performance with next level observability; The latest YugabyteDB Managed observability enhancements add over 125 new SQL and storage layer metrics. The greatly expanded set of metrics gives users deeper insights to the database performance and helps with consistent performance fine tuning. The cloud-based user interface includes new visualization options to reorder metrics for a custom dashboard and new synchronized tooltips in charts for easier troubleshooting.

“At Admiral, we deliver a leading platform that helps publishers strengthen visitor relationships and grow their revenue. In order to handle our growing customer base and expanding feature set, we needed to enhance our Visitor Data platform service with a modern, distributed database that offers high availability, speedy lookups, and flexibility across our global deployment,” said James Hartig, Co-Founder, Admiral. “We chose YugabyteDB Managed as our database backend of choice to power our deployment, which spans 5 countries and 3 continents. The continued stream of new innovations to YugabyteDB Managed helps us minimize our operational overhead, deliver end-to-end encryption, and easily monitor our geo-distributed database.”

YugabyteDB users can also now get access to YugabyteDB Managed through a free, full-featured trial. Once approved for the trial, users can access a dedicated cluster and experience the full benefits of a cloud-native, distributed SQL database for transactional applications. Join over 5000 active users across paid and free tiers, spanning over 4500 clusters in 40+ cloud regions globally. No credit card is required to sign-up.

About Yugabyte

Yugabyte is the company behind YugabyteDB, the open source, high-performance distributed SQL database for building global, cloud-native applications. YugabyteDB serves business-critical applications with SQL query flexibility, high performance and cloud-native agility, thus allowing enterprises to focus on business growth instead of complex data infrastructure management. It is trusted by companies in cybersecurity, financial markets, IoT, retail, e-commerce, and other verticals. Founded in 2016 by former Facebook and Oracle engineers, Yugabyte is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, 8VC, Dell Technologies Capital, Sapphire Ventures, and others.


Unplanned downtime is one of the most significant pain points for industrial manufacturers today, costing them an estimated $50 billion each year. The risk is even greater for process manufacturing, where a critical equipment failure could result in the loss of an entire batch, environmental hazards, or safety risks. The adoption of digital technologies, such as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), promises to mitigate these threats by forecasting equipment failures and catching faults before they lead to unscheduled shutdowns. However, in practice, several challenges arise when maintenance personnel and operations leaders work to implement an IIoT solution aimed at eliminating unplanned downtime.


Unplanned downtime is one of the most significant pain points for industrial manufacturers today, costing them an estimated $50 billion each year. The risk is even greater for process manufacturing, where a critical equipment failure could result in the loss of an entire batch, environmental hazards, or safety risks. The adoption of digital technologies, such as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), promises to mitigate these threats by forecasting equipment failures and catching faults before they lead to unscheduled shutdowns. However, in practice, several challenges arise when maintenance personnel and operations leaders work to implement an IIoT solution aimed at eliminating unplanned downtime.

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Gigasheet Launches New API To Power Collaboration Between Business and Data Teams

Prnewswire | April 21, 2023

Gigasheet, the big data analytics startup, has announced the launch of its new enterprise API, enabling programmatic access to the platform's big data spreadsheets. Gigasheet's spreadsheet-like interface is second nature to most business users, and the web-based application offers many 'one click' solutions to common data problems. These capabilities can now be extended, integrated, and automated via the new enterprise API. Data Teams are using the new API to automate repetitive tasks, schedule imports and exports, and deliver large volumes of data to non-technical users for exploration in an intuitive interface. Data can be pushed into Gigasheet from databases, data warehouses, or enterprise applications. The API also enables business users to help with data preparation before running data pipelines or to inspect data quality throughout its lifecycle. "From day one we have focused on helping empower people to answer questions about big data. The existing tools used to work with enterprise data are increasingly sophisticated, but these tools require users to know SQL or Python," says Gigasheet CEO and Co-founder Jason Hines. "Data engineers know about data availability and quality, while the business users have the context. This causes a lot of back and forth, and too often it's inefficient for both teams." With more than 30,000 users on the company's platform, it's clear users love Gigasheet's data transformations and operations. The user interface is highly performant on large data sets, and the speed of complex operations far exceeds that of other tools. The usual complexity of dealing with big data is hidden from the user, allowing them to focus on analysis. Gigasheet's API helps data teams by enabling business users to contribute to the company's data preparation and analysis efforts. Their requirements can be directly embedded into data pipelines, without burdening internal IT or data teams for training and support. "Gigasheet makes it so easy to work with huge sales and marketing data sets. We're excited to see they have added an API for more seamless integration into workflows," said Mark Feldman, CEO of RevenueBase, a B2B customer intelligence company. Feldman says the company has been using the product for about a year. The company's API is also playing a role in data preparation through their partnership with Tamr. Led by seasoned data veteran Andy Palmer, Tamr's Data Mastering technology helps enterprises transform their data into an asset and a competitive advantage. Palmer says that "The Gigasheet API is a gamechanger. Gigasheet's spreadsheet interface makes it easy for any data citizen to profile and clean up raw files. With the API, we can now embed Gigasheet into pipelines to help our customers get to insights faster." About Gigasheet Gigasheet is a cloud-based big data spreadsheet that allows users to work with large and complex data sets in a simple and intuitive manner. With powerful data preparation and analysis features, Gigasheet helps businesses of all sizes make informed decisions based on data.

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Kyligence Announces the General Availability of its Intelligent Metrics Platform

Globenewswire | April 11, 2023

Kyligence today announced the general availability of Kyligence Zen, a Metrics Platform that centralizes all types of metrics into a unified catalog system. With Kyligence Zen, users can build a common data language across an entire organization for trusted and consistent key metrics. It is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that simplifies the management of metrics and lowers costs by using a single platform. “Organizations struggle with inconsistent metrics, which impacts trust and slows down decision making,” said Luke Han, co-founder and CEO, Kyligence. “Kyligence Zen provides a new way to build a single source of truth based on a metrics catalog and introduces AI-augmented capabilities to automate data processing, modeling and insights.” Kyligence Zen is designed to unleash data value with unified and intelligent metrics management and services across an entire organization. The Zen Metrics Language (ZenML) simplifies onboarding metrics data from different systems. For example, it leverages existing digital assets from Business Intelligent (BI) systems or data warehouse query history. Kyligence Excel Connector empowers business users to access the trusted metrics from their BI tool of choice, without any IT involvement. According to Christopher Lecusay, co-founder and CEO at Edge to Trade, a stock market scanner focused on helping retail traders have access to institutional quality data, “Our data integration process combines data from multiple data sources, including historical data from the last fifteen years. With Kyligence Zen’s intelligent metrics system, we can easily and quickly create perspectives on data that our customers need to help them with their stock trading. We can build an entire metrics catalog in hours.” New features of Kyligence Zen include: Metrics Catalog – A central location where users can define, compute, organize, and share metrics. Users can easily organize the metrics by tagging and categorizing them and effortlessly sharing metrics with relevant teams. The graphical user interface is user-friendly and requires no technical expertise, enabling even business users to leverage the metrics catalog for their metric-driven decision-making. ZenML (Zen Metrics Language) – A YAML-based descriptive language that is used to define metrics, dimensions, and the underlying relational datasets. ZenML acts as a semantic layer that converts technical data into business metrics, a bridge that enables non-technical users to understand, explore, and get insight out of traditional data warehouses. ZenML encourages the separation of data modeling and data visualization and facilitates a central definition of business data language for all downstream data consumers. Kyligence Connector for Excel – A drag-and-drop tool that allows users to analyze metrics defined in Kyligence Zen using Excel. This easy-to-use tool offers a user-friendly experience with drag-and-drop functionality for selecting metrics and dimensions to be analyzed in a manner similar to PivotTable. The connector is compatible with all Excel versions, including Office365, Windows and MacOS. Auto Root Cause Analysis – With just one click, users can uncover concealed patterns in metrics and comprehend statistical anomalies and determine connections that are responsible for atypical value fluctuations of chosen metrics across various dimensions. Metrics Templates – With dozens of new metrics templates, customers can apply the metrics data sets quickly without the need to create the templates from scratch. About Kyligence Kyligence offers a Metrics Platform to help organizations build a common data language across multiple business units. Dual headquartered in San Jose, CA, and Shanghai, China, Kyligence is trusted by global leaders in financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries including UBS, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Pingan Bank, MetLife, Costa. Follow Kyligence on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Amperity Gets Chosen by MillerKnoll as its Customer Data Platform

Amperity | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, Amperity was selected by MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic design brands, as its enterprise customer data platform (CDP) to enhance its omnichannel data and provide personalized customer experiences. MillerKnoll possesses a vast source of customer data across its numerous design brands and various digital and offline channels, which can be utilized as a foundation for delivering exceptional customer interactions. However, with the ever-changing shopping preferences and behaviors of consumers, the company required a comprehensive solution to unite and manage its diverse data sources. By partnering with Amperity, MillerKnoll can use its customer data to reach more people and improve its advertising campaigns with data science scores, insights on cross-channel behavior, and content affinities. MillerKnoll can use Amperity's platform to easily connect its data sources, giving it a full picture of its customers and the ability to give them personalized experiences that are relevant and interesting. With the help of Amperity's 360-degree unified view, MillerKnoll can now understand and use data across all touchpoints to provide consistent and relevant shopping experiences. MillerKoll can also use Amperity's technology, which is powered by AI, to drive retargeting, lookalike, and suppression campaigns on a large scale and to resolve identities and divide audiences. Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity, said, “By improving its customer data infrastructure, MillerKnoll will be able to supercharge the rest of its tech stack, and deliver the level of excellence consumers expect from brands on a daily basis.” He also said, “We are proud to work with a forward-thinking partner to help take its customer experience to the next level.” (Source - Businesswire) Visit ShopTalk in Las Vegas, March 26–29, in booth 1674 to learn how Amperity can help brands unlock business growth with a unified customer data foundation. About Amperity Amperity is a customer data platform (CDP) provider that helps businesses use customer data to improve marketing performance, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue. The company offers tools to manage and analyze customer data and creates unified customer profiles to provide personalized experiences. Amperity works with over 100 leading global brands across various industries and is headquartered in Seattle with an office in New York City.

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