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Nikita Silaparasetty


Nikita Silaparasetty is a deep learning and machine learning author, organiser of the ‘AI for Women’ initiative, and an avid Data Scientist. She published ‘Machine Learning Concepts with Python and the Jupyter Notebook: Using TensorFlow 2.0’ to help beginners in their own machine learning journey. She started 'AI for Women' to bridge the gender gap in Artificial Intelligence, and to empower more women in the sector. She is currently pursuing an MS Degree in the UK, specialising in data science. She enjoys using her passion for data and her penchant for writing to share her knowledge with others.


AI For Women

'AI For Women'​ is an initiative to empower women in Artificial Intelligence by providing them with Training, Mentoring, Networking, and Job Opportunities. Started by Nikita Silaparasetty, a 22 Year Old Data Scientist from Bangalore, India, it now has over a 1000 Members on various Online platforms.

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