HealthBridge Financial Nets ‘Off the Charts’ Time to Business Value With Boomi Flow and Boomi Integration

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Orchestrating data, processes, and stakeholders is fundamental at HealthBridge Financial, a startup that helps employees cover out-of-pocket medical costs like deductibles and co-insurance. It’s an innovative business model that benefits all parties — healthcare providers, insurers, employers, and patients.

Employers contract with HealthBridge to pay out-of-pocket expenses that staffers owe to providers, repaid to HealthBridge over time by employees. That alleviates collection burdens for providers and financial burdens for employees. It also improves health outcomes as employees are less likely to avoid care because of high deductibles.

Founded in 2017, HealthBridge is building out scalable cloud-based IT systems to power its business, including self-service portals accessible to stakeholder groups. Boomi Integration and Boomi Flow play pivotal roles as HealthBridge strives to grow its membership 20X throughout 2021.

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