How IT and Data Leaders Can Deliver Accurate Insights


Turn to the Power of Intelligent Cloud Data Lake Management

Nearly 60% of organizations have gained a competitive advantage from data lake initiatives and nearly half have realized improved customer experience.1 In addition, best-in-class organizations with data lakes in place are seeing improvements in their bottom line, with 71% reducing IT costs for storage and data management.2

IT and data leaders are continuing to turn to cloud data lakes to drive intelligent insights and deliver data-driven business transformation — all in a cost-efficient and scalable way.

Grab our eBook, “How Data Leaders Can Deliver Accurate Insights With Intelligent Cloud Data Lake Management,” and discover: -

  • The guidance necessary for IT and data leaders to get the most out of cloud data lakes
  • Key design principles to manage cloud data lakes that deliver results, improve team productivity and accelerate decision-making
  • Different ways cloud data lakes are being used across industries and business functions to deliver real value

1Ventana Research, Unlocking the Business Value of the Data Lake, 2022
2Aberdeen Strategy & Research, How Deep is the Need for Data Lakes in Your Business?, 2018

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