How to Stay Ahead of a Crisis, and What to Do if You Can't

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How can you implement safeguards and procedures that alert you quickly to potential issues that if left unattended can explode into a full-blown crisis? With speed being so important, how do you make certain you have a strategy and team members ready to deal with such situations before they become a crisis?

Risk professionals must be prepared to assess risk and stay ahead of crisis situations so as to protect your brand’s image and reputation. Watch the webinar recording to learn:

  • How to stay ahead of brand crises and assess the levels of risk your brand faces on social media
  • Three steps you can take right away to mitigate risk
  • How to spot trouble brewing for your brand on social media before an issue rises to the level of a full-blown crisis
  • Useful lessons extracted from case studies of how brands successfully (and not so successfully) prepared themselves to deter different kinds of crisis situations.
  • Tactics for building a communications crisis response plan: what this looks like, what should be considered and which staff should be included on a crisis response team"

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