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Juniper multi-cloud strategy aimed at enterprise data centers

July 31, 2018 / Antone Gonsalves

The Juniper multi-cloud strategy is aimed at expanding the vendor's reach beyond carriers and the largest enterprises. Key to the game plan is Contrail Enterprise Multicloud. Juniper Networks, a longtime provider of network hardware for carriers and the largest enterprises, is now looking for more mainstream corporations to help pull it out of a revenue slump that recently hammered its stock price. Last week, the company's revenue and profit projections for the current quarter fell short of analyst projections, which led to an investor exodus that resulted in as much as an 11.5% drop in the company's stock price on Friday. The forecast followed a second-quarter earnings report that had revenue down 8% year over year to $1.2 billion. Net income fell 35% to $116.5 million. Despite the drops, Juniper's second-quarter results beat analyst projections, and the company said it remained confident it would return to year-over-year quarterly growth in the fourth quarter. This ti...