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NetApp, Nvidia Team Up to Make Enterprise AI Adoption Easier

August 06, 2018 / Jeffrey Burt

The vendors are partnering to create ONTAP AI, which combines NetApp’s flash AFF A800 all-flash storage with Nvidia’s GPU-powered DGX supercomputers. NetApp and Nvidia are taking the latest steps to give enterprises the same capabilities to leverage artificial intelligence technologies that currently are primarily the domain of major cloud-based companies and the largest corporations. The two companies are bringing together Nvidia’s GPU-based DGX supercomputers and NetApp’s AFF A800 cloud-enabled all-flash storage to create what officials are calling the ONTAP AI architecture to help enterprises better manage the massive amounts of data being generated not only in the data center but in the cloud and at the network edge. It’s also designed in a modular fashion that will make implementation and scaling easier, addressing some of the key challenges enterprises face when trying to deploy such AI techniques as machine learning, deep learning and natural langua...