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DataRobot Announces Automated Time Series Solution

August 12, 2018 / insidebigdata

DataRobot, the pioneering architects of automated machine learning, announced the general availability of DataRobot Time Series. Following an extensive collaboration with more than 75 customers and world-class data scientists, this latest breakthrough completely automates sophisticated time series modeling. Finally, front line business people can quickly build highly accurate forecasts for a diverse array of time-dependent prediction opportunities. Until now, handling time-dependency modeling required highly specialized expertise to even set up the problem correctly. Conventional modeling uses randomly selected records from a dataset to build and evaluate predictive models. For example, a representative sample of loan records and whether a customer defaulted. Each record is relatively similar. Not so with time series. Temporal relationships matter. And there are so many potential ones to consider. Do you want to predict demand for a product three days from now? What day of the week is ...