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To build a private cloud: How Kubernetes gets friendly with Hadoop

August 21, 2018 / Tony Baer

For all the numbers showing explosive growth of the public cloud, there remains a stubborn segment of the market where policies and regulations prohibit the moving of data into any kind of public cloud. The choices for private cloud have been one of two ends of the spectrum: build your own Open Stack implementation or opt for vendor solutions like Microsoft Azure Stack, Oracle Cloud at Customer, and IBM Cloud Private. The do it yourself side has been only for the adventurous, for the IT organizations that built their own compute grids a decade ago. Emergence of container technology, and with it, the enabling of microservices has fueled the fire. The value propositions are that containers are much lighter weight, and therefore, more nimble than VMs, and with containers, you get the construct that is tailor made for microservices. Now add Kubernetes to the mix, and there has emerged a de facto standard for orchestrating all those containers, which are likely to be delivering microservice...