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Big Data over Big Distance Zettar Moves a Petabyte over 5000 Miles in 29 Hour

October 05, 2018 / insideHPC

Today AIC announced a world-record in data transfer: one petabyte in 29 hours encrypted data transfer, with data integrity checksum unconditionally enabled, over a distance of 5000 miles. The average transfer rate is 75Gbps, or 94% utilization of the available bandwidth of 80Gbps. A wide range of industries will need to take advantage of Exascale computing, oil and gas, media and entertainment, life sciences, defense and intelligence agencies, large retail businesses, to name just a few. Newly emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles are no exceptions. The test sent data along a unique 5,000-mile loop that goes from the SLAC in Silicon Valley to El Paso to Houston to Nashville to Atlanta, and then back to SLAC in California.