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Centris Federal Credit Union partners with OnApproach for data analytics and digital transformation

October 11, 2018 / cuinsight

OnApproach (www.onapproach.com), the leading provider of data analytics solutions for credit unions, is excited to announce Centris Federal Credit Union (Omaha, NE) is the latest to join the collaborative Credit Union Data Integration and Analytics Ecosystem after signing an agreement to implement OnApproach M360 Enterprise. “At Centris, our members’ financial well-being is our first priority,” stated Steve Swanstrom, President and CEO, Centris Federal Credit Union. “Data analytics and our partnership with OnApproach is a strategic initiative to continue to provide the best member service possible. With a growing member base, analytics provides us with an opportunity to better understand, and ultimately better serve all our members. We look forward to integrating our enterprise data and participating within the collaborative CU Analytics Ecosystem for enhanced data efficiencies and opportunities.”