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Big Data: The driving force for logistics automation

December 24, 2018 / DECCAN CHRONICLE

One of the key factors in the success of global businesses has been the efficient analysis of past performance data: consumer data to improve products and increase customer satisfaction or operational data to improve efficiency and reduce cost. However, in today’s interconnected digital world with the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the advancements in operations and transport automation, we are seeing a shift towards larger and more diverse real-time data that is revolutionizing the way companies can manage their new-age supply chain networks. What is Big Data? Big Data refers to extremely large data sets, from several sources that are often available real-time and that cannot be managed by traditional data processing systems. Advanced statistical programs, machine and deep learning algorithms can process this data and generate patterns, trends and implementable business insights. This has enabled companies to not only make instant decisions to increase efficiency but ...