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Explosion in digital evidence coming thanks to IoT and 5G: Hancom GMD

January 01, 2019 / Cho Mu-Hyun

In late 2016, South Korea was rocked by one of its biggest political corruption scandals in history that eventually led to former President Park Guen-hye being impeached and jailed. A special prosecutor was elected to proceed with the slew of bribery charges. By law, investigators only had 60 days to investigate and prosecute. They had confiscated over 300 smartphones as evidence -- with more in the form of notebooks and desktops -- from suspects and needed to analyse tens of thousands of phone records and chat messages under a tight deadline. A single piece of evidence from any one of them could have been the smoking gun needed for a successful indictment. The prosecutors called on Hancom GMD, South Korea's largest digital forensic firm, to analyse the smartphones, and the company sent five of its top experts.