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Why data lakes are important for business analytics

January 03, 2019 / Innovation Enterprise

Modern business professionals are finding themselves bombarded with claims about the importance of data lakes, but few possess the IT knowhow needed to make sense of this peculiar but fast-growing trend of their widespread adoption across the marketplace. As 2019 rapidly approaches, it's growing increasingly clear that data lakes are instrumental tools for deriving useful insights into consumer behavior and the motives and strategies of your competitors. Here's why data lakes are important for business analytics, why you'll keep hearing about them more and more in the near-future and what business owners can do to prepare themselves for the next big market disruption. Data lakes offer unrivaled access to huge sums of data. The information age is defined by data. The immense economic growth we've enjoyed over the past few years and the continued rise of digital tools in every facet of normal life is largely the consequence of businesses learning to make better use of dat...