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China may be implementing "informal boycott" against Apple

January 09, 2019 / Efe Otokiti

Analysts from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch have released a research note asserting that Apple may be on the receiving end of an "informal boycott" from Chinese consumers. They claim the boycott could be a reaction to recent US trade policies and tariffs which are leading to "a general redirection of Chinese demand away from US products". The analysts think the cooling of Apple sales revenue – which recently led it to slash its 2019 sales forecast – is due to this informal boycott in the region. "According to a survey conducted by our colleagues in equity research, consumers in China and India are showing less interest in upgrading to an iPhone and more interest in upgrading to Xiaomi and Samsung," explained Ethan Harris and Aditya Bhave, economists with the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The analysts posit that Apple's high-profile nature has led to its inclusion in many political conversations revolving around the US-China trade war, ...